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Page last updated: 26/08/2020



Every child in care between 3 years and one term and 18 years must have a PEP. This is part of the care plan that is reviewed through the statutory review process by the Independent Review Officer. 

The Virtual School recommend that the PEP1 is completed in the first three to four weeks of the term. This will be an essential element of planning and assessment for children in care.

The designated teacher should add new targets to the PEP1 following a gap analysis. This will enable progress to be measured at the end of the term.


Please remember that the targets should be:

  • Challenging and reflect targets for the whole term. 

  • Include short and long term targets set by the school that support the child to make the next steps in learning.

  • The proposed spend of the Pupil Premium Plus is set within PEP1 and it should demonstrate a clear link between those interventions that will additionally be provided and an outcome of accelerated progress and raised attainment.


The Early Years PEP1 is now available to all settings online. Please contact  if you need support with the PEP process.


Each term the review should include a discussion with the child or young person (if appropriate). 

  • To ensure that the young person understands their targets along with the use of the Pupil Premium Plus.

 It is important that schools take the most recent PEP 1 and plan for spending to the PEP meeting.

  • To ensure that carers and social workers understand the child's targets and the plans to support the child's learning.


When completing the review of the previous targets please include the impact of PP+ funding.



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