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The Education Access Team

Page last updated: 16/01/2024

The Education Access Team has responsibility, under Section 19 of The Education Act 1996 (as amended by the Children and Families Act 2010) for commissioning suitable education for pupils who are unable to attend school.

​Removing a child from their mainstream school and placing them on an alternative education package is a significant decision. The Education Access Team need to carefully consider all the evidence that is presented to them to ensure that the decision is made in the best interests of the child and reflects the statutory duty relating to the referral.

At times it may seem that the team are asking unnecessary questions or seeking information that is not always easy to obtain. We fully appreciate the pressures our partners are experiencing but would like to reassure colleagues that the team will only seek information that is pertinent to making the correct decision for the child. Your understanding and cooperation would be much appreciated. 

The Education Access Team commissions support for the following:

  • ​pupils who have been permanently excluded from school

  • where illness prevents attendance at school,

  • where pregnancy prevents attendance at school.

  • pupils unable to attend school due to emotionally based school avoidance,

  • pupils who are not in school due to other exceptional circumstances.

The wider functions of the Education Access Team include:

  • The provision of training and advice to schools on exclusion matters; including specific Governor training.

  • Attending Governing Body Meetings where pupil exclusions are considered.

  • Advice and guidance to other professionals and parents / carers on the exclusion process

  • Advice and guidance to parents where pupils on school rolls are not receiving appropriate education due to medical or other needs. 

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Making a decision to place a child on an alternative education pathway is a significant decision

Education Access have worked with the Essex Schools Safeguarding Team to produce the following PageTiger document​ that provides information and guiding principles that should be followed to help ensure that children who attend an alternative education setting receive a good quality education, which is safe, secure and meets their needs​


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