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Essex Speech and Language Portal

Page last updated: 05/12/2023

​​​​​Welcome to the Essex Speech and Language Portal.

The purpose of the portal is to support school/setting staff and other practitioners, to support children and young people (CYP) who have speech, language and communication needs. The portal provides a range of advice, guidance, resources, and training opportunities that we hope you will find useful.

We value your feedback and welcome any ideas and additional resources you think may be helpful for other users. To provide feedback, submit requests for new content and to offer any other helpful contributions (e.g., links to training, services and resources), please submit by emailing

SLCN Strategy Team

This portal is managed by the SLCN Strategy Team (part of Essex County Council's Education SEND Strategy and Innovation Team).

  • Lisa Gridley – SEND Strategy Lead – Language and Communication

  • Joanne Grace – EY Language and Communication Strategy Officer

If there is anything you come across that is helpful that you'd like to share let us know by email​


Please note: Essex County Council cannot take responsibility for the content on the resource links provided. These are regulated by external sources not mandated by the Local Authority.

What is SLCN?

Speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) is the term given to describe the extensive range of needs related to all aspects of communication from understanding others to forming sounds, words and sentences to expressing ideas and emotions and using language socially.

It is estimated that 10% of all children have long term or persistent speech, language and communication needs (SLCN), that’s approximately 2-3 in every classroom and the most prevalent special educational need identified by primary schools.

Children with SLCN may have difficulty with only one speech, language or communication skill, or with several. Each child also has a unique combination of strengths. This means that every child with SLCN is different. Take a look at the YouTube​ video on Identifying SLCN and Creating a Quality Communication Environment.