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Schools List and Search

Page last updated: 26/02/2019

​​​​The Schools List and Schools Search facilities allow you to find a variety of information about schools in Essex including key contact details, DfE number and the school's area and status.

NEW The Excel format Schools list below now details the Academy sponsor and the numbers on roll from the last schools census. 

How do I search for schools?
To search for schools please use our Schools Search 

or the Department for Education's Get information about schools Establishment Finder.

How do I view a list of schools?
To view the latest list of Essex Schools click on the links below.

You can filter or sort data on the spreadsheets by highlighting the relevant column, clicking on the 'data' menu and clicking 'filter'. You can then use the dropdown arrows in the column headings to reorder or filter the data as you wish.  
Schools list  (Excel Format)
Includes full details of each school including contact information, status, category, age range, area and numbers on roll from last school census.
Updated: 10 January 2019 
Printer friendly version (Excel Format)
Includes DfE number, school name, Headteacher, address and telephone number only.
Updated: 10 January 2019
Numbers of schools by status (Word Format)
Includes a table showing the number of schools by status in Essex.
Updated: 10 January 2019
Recent major changes to Essex Schools (Word Format)
A list of any major changes to schools such as school openings, closures and academy conversions.
Updated: 10 January 2019
Essex Schools list abbreviations (Word Format)
A list of abbreviations used by ECC to indicate school status and sort.
Updated: 26 February 2019​​

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