Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews

Guidance on when CSPRs may be undertaken, and related resources.

Sadly, children sometimes suffer serious injury or death as a result of abuse or neglect. It’s important to consider and understand such events to identify any learning and help improve future practice.

For more information about Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews (CSPR) and the circumstances in which these may be undertaken, visit DfE’s Working together to safeguard children statutory guidance.

For more information about carrying out CSPRs in Essex, visit Essex Safeguarding Children Board’s (ESCB) Child safeguarding practice review process.

To learn and find out about CSPRs from other local authorities visit NSPCC Learning’s online Case reviews.

Learning from CSPRs

We bring the learning from CSPRs into the materials and resources we produce and share it at our safeguarding forums.

It’s important to think about how this learning is reflected in practice within your own settings. For example, you may wish to use these resources to support Level 2 staff training. ​

ESCB has produced an online section containing information about how we can all learn from the reviews carried out in Essex. To find out more visit the ESCB website’s Reviews & Learning - Working Together Better.