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Elective Home Education Notifications

Page last updated: 06/04/2023

​All parents have a right to home educate their child. Some parents may choose to remove their child from a school roll, in favour of home education. Where such decisions are taken by parents/carers, schools have a legal responsibility to notify the local authority, without delay, that a pupil is being removed from their roll to be home educated.

In Essex, a dedicated form has been devised for this purpose. It enables school staff to share relevant information which will assist the Education Compliance team to assess whether the decision to home educate is in the best interests of the child concerned. School-based colleagues are advised to have a copy of the parent/carer written request to remove their child from roll in favour of home education ready to upload to the notification form. Please find a link to the relevant form below:

Notification of Parental Decision to Electively Home Educate


Please note: Where a pupil is on the roll of a special school and their parent/carer indicates their wish to home educate, special schools may not remove the pupil from roll until they have first been given permission to do so by the local authority SEND Operations team.  

The Education Compliance – EH​E Policy and Practice Guidance​​ document ​sets out the process that is followed by the Education Compliance team when the local authority is in receipt of an elective home education notification. Contact details for individuals within the team may be found within Section 4 (page 11) of the document. Alternatively you may contact the team using the generic contact details below:

​Telephone: 03330 322 962