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Attendance Specialist Teams

Page last updated: 23/02/2024

​​The role of the Attendance Specialist Team is to support schools to fulfil their responsibilities as prescribed within the DfE guidance document September 2022  Working Together to Improve School Attendance 

As a team we aim to:

  • Encourage schools to adopt early intervention practises to avoid persistent or severe persistent absence
  • Support schools to develop strategies which reflect their attendance policy to improve whole school attendance
  • Provide information, advice and guidance
  • Offer ongoing training opportunities throughout the academic year, which focus on specific areas of absence or attendance improvement
  • Hold a range of resources for schools and settings to access which are current, legally and factually correct ​

Please make use of the full range of information and services available to you on this website. Information relating to Legal Action, the Essex Code of Conduct, Elective Home Education, Children Missing Education and Statutory Admissions and Deletions from roll can be found under the Education Compliance section.

Further information on the roles and responsibilities of the Attendance Specialist Team and Attendance Compliance Team.

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