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Page last updated: 10/10/2023

​​The Essex Education Inclusion Strategy; Equity and Excellence for All, sets out the Local Authority's vision for an inclusive education for all children, with a spotlight on children with SEND and/or who may be disadvantaged.  The strategy focuses on the commitments of:

  1. Supporting schools to plan, implement, and review inclusion strategies that are evidence-informed and tailored to their cohorts and contexts.

  2. Reviewing and supporting:

    1. ​the promotion of positive, mutually respectful relationships and children's* wellbeing

    2. children's* attendance and participation

    3. children's* achievement and the extent to which they move-on to appropriate next steps

*all children, with a spotlight on disadvantaged and SEN.

The full strategy, along with an overview of the resources to support schools with their inclusive provision and practice can be found below.  

Inclusion Reviews 

A supportive review which incorporates working with school leaders to evaluate practice, celebrate strengths, and identify opportunities for further development. The review will provide school leaders with clear recommendations, accompanied (where appropriate) with signposts to further support. Reviews focus both on general inclusion related themes (for example, values, vision, and culture), along with three specific pillars of:

  • Wellbeing and Relationships

  • Attending and Participating

  • Achieving and Moving-on 

Inclusion Framework 

The Essex approach to supporting early intervention and inclusion in mainstream schools, following the principle of Lives without Labels. The proactive approach supports the identification of barriers that are preventing an individual or group of children/ young people from accessing education or making good progress. The ongoing process enables timely and creative intervention, without the need for a label, diagnosis or protracted statutory process, where appropriate.

All resources and forms needed are available via the online booklet.

​For any support around inclusion, please contact your Inclusion Partner.