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Alternative Provision Directory

Page last updated: 18/05/2020

​A professional directory of alternative education for young people across Essex.

Important information to schools when considering using Alternative Providers

Please see the guidance 'Alternative Provision – Statutory guidance for local authorities – January 2013' (links to external site) for full details of what to look for in good alternative provision.

Unless the Alternative Provider is a registered school with a DfE number they are not able to offer full time or the majority of the education for more than 4 pupils and they are not able to offer full time or the majority of the education for any pupils who have an EHCP or statement of special educational needs or are in the care of the Local Authority. They are not able to take pupils on roll unless they have Independent School status and a DfE number.

If a student is not one of the categories that Alternative Providers cannot provide full time education for they could legally provide all of the education if they do not provide it for more than 3 other students of statutory school age. The student will remain on the school roll. This would be funded by the referring school if they choose to enter into such an arrangement.

If a student is in one of those exempt categories Alternative Providers could provide part of the education i.e. 2 days a week or a 6-12 week programme and reintegration back into school, these patterns of provision would keep them within the law. The student will still remain on the school roll, the school would then need to provide the rest of the education for the week or academic year and pay the fees, again if they choose to enter into such an arrangement.

Please note - Motorvations has closed.

Essex LA staff have visited and reviewed self-assessment forms for a number of alternative education providers, a blank copy of this form can be found below:

ECC monitoring Education Access (Word Document)

These providers were initially recommended by schools and/or pupil referral units. This directory contains a brief outline of those providers, contact details and a link to their websites where further information and referral forms can be found. Commissioning schools remain responsible for the monitoring and tracking of progress of individual pupils, for confirming that the provision given is of good quality, value for money and meets the pupil's needs. They should also ensure that they check the indemnities, safeguarding and health and safety policies of any alternative providers they commission as ultimate responsibility remains with the home school.

Please note that most of the providers on the Essex Directory are now linked to the EVOLVE system and you can enter your risk assessments there and view their supporting documentation. Any that you cannot find listed you can add them and ECC will chase them for the required information.

Please let providers know that you obtained their information from this directory.

If any schools knows of other providers who they feel could be added to this directory or they have information that could result in providers being removed from the directory please contact Julie Keating by emailing

Directory of Providers

The AP Matrix spreadsheet below provides a summary of providers with contact names and telephone numbers, a printable version of the directory with all providers information, a list of courses and website information on each provider.

AP Matrix (Excel)

Astral Tuition Services

​​Website -​​

Age Range of Learners: EYFS – KS3 

Tuition times:  8.30am – 3.30pm 

Subjects Taught:  English, Maths and other subjects as the need arises 

Maximum number of hours of tuition per student per day:  3 hours 

Areas Covered:  South Essex – Basildon, Wickford, Rayleigh

                         Other areas will be considered including Thurrock.

Cost of Tuition:  £60 per hour per student 

Outline of Provision:

Astral Tuition Services provide alternative education to learners outside of mainstream schools.  It is a small service accepting no more than 2/3 students in a morning or afternoon at present.  Astral Tuition Services works with learners that have been: excluded from school and may or may not have an EHCP; are LAC children who do not yet have a school place or have been excluded from school; and SEND children who are working significantly below ARE.  Astral Tuition Services is based in Basildon, where tuition takes place in the proprietor's home, but can also extend to parent/carer's homes and public spaces such as libraries.

Astral Tuition Services understand that attending the service may be a last resort for many learners placing a great deal of emphasis on its success.  To this end the service will carefully assess the referral form provided by the referrer and decide how it can help the learner to reintegrate back into mainstream school as soon as possible.  Astral Tuition Services engage students in various discussions, times for reflection and relaxation with the aim of encouraging students to think about their place in their communities, and their impact on their communities and the wider world.  The service will attempt to combine a therapeutic environment where there is the space to find and centre oneself and regulate ones behaviour, with the rigours of school, where daily learning objectives are skills based.

Astral Tuition Services acknowledge that parents/carers are central to the development of learners.  To this end it will endeavour to develop a partnership with parents/carers, for the time that the learner is attending the service.  In addition, Astral Tuition Services will maintain close liaisons with the referrer while the learner is attending the service.  This will be mainly by email, but where urgency is required, by phone.  Reports will be submitted to the referrer weekly, although this can be upgraded if deemed necessary.

Academy21 and InterHigh



Tel: 01438 535001



Tel: +44 (0)1873 813 900

Academy21 and InterHigh are part of the Wey Education group, the largest provider of live, online teaching and learning in the UK.

Academy21 is an online education service that helps schools and local authorities to meet the challenge of delivering quality, cost effective alternative provision for pupils with a broad range of needs throughout the academic year.

Academy21 currently work in over 250 schools supporting them to deliver effective, academically focused online tutoring and learning provision. We have been awarded over 30 local authority framework agreements for alternative provision. Each framework is reviewed annually, and quality assured every year by each individual authority.

InterHigh is a complete interactive Primary School, Secondary School and Sixth Form College. We welcome pupils from across the UK and Internationally. InterHigh work more specifically with EHE, although we do accept referrals made by schools and LAs if they feel that the full school experience of InterHigh will be more suitable to their student than the alternative provision offered by Academy21.

Pupils enrolled at either school can follow our academically focused curriculum, taught by highly qualified teachers, from any suitable location where there is a broadband connection and computer. The online classroom itself is easy to navigate and use and provides the opportunity for pupils to manage their level of interaction with their teacher, peers and lesson activities and content.

Our services are commissioned with two working days notice on a short-term basis such as to provide interim or day 6 provision, medium term in support of less complex medical issues or where re-integration is feasible through to longer term provision for young people with complex medical and mental health needs. There is no minimum purchase, no block booking and we do not ask schools to purchase credits in advance.

Pupils remain on school roll and our courses can be attended from home, school or learning centre to support reintegration work or provide an academically focused alternative to support young people who may be disrupting their classes or who may be refusing or unable to attend their existing school.

Day 6 and short stay - Our short stay provision at KS3 and KS4 ensures that schools and local authorities can always meet their legal obligation to provide education by day 6 of any fixed term or permanent exclusion. This is a fixed timetable of lessons providing 21.25 hours of learning per week at KS3 and 26.25 hours of learning at KS4. It is also used by local authorities to deliver interim services for young people awaiting placement or where they are experiencing capacity issues with local provision. We provide a rapid referral process which ensures pupils can be enrolled immediately. The service is commissioned on a fixed price weekly basis and can be extended week to week if needed with the minimum term of enrolment being one week.

Pilot - Schools and local authorities can pilot our provision by selecting preferred subjects to assess its suitability for the learners in their care. A pilot lasts for four weeks and subjects can be selected individually, rather than purchasing a timetable as with our Day 6 provision.

Termly – Schools and local authorities can choose our termly option by selecting preferred subjects at any point in the school year, with costs calculated on a pro-rata basis to the end of the academic term ahead. If a learner leaves the provision early, the service can be transferred to another pupil and tailored to meet their individual need including changing subjects, timetable and Key Stage.

Annual - Our annual commissioning option can be calculated on a pro-rata basis to the end of the academic year. The service can also be transferred throughout the year to other pupils, changing the subjects, Key Stage and timetable. As with the Pilot and Termly option, schools and local authorities can select preferred subjects with no minimum requirement on the number selected.

BEP Alternative Education - Registered Independent school DfE No 311/6002

Registered Independent School DfE no 311/6002

Telephone: 01708 436 440

Fax: 01708 7660900


For 14-16 year old students: Offer a full Foundation Learning Programme which includes functional skills, a vocational qualification and Personal, Social Development Courses.

Foundation Learning Programmes can offer progression to Further Educations, work-based learning and apprenticeships.

Through 'BEP Training' students are able to access a range of Entry Level (1, 2 & 3), Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications and awards, including:

  • GCSE English Language (9-1)
  • GCSE Maths (9-1)
  • Functional Skills in English (EL1, EL2, EL3, L1, L2)
  • Functional Skills in Maths (EL1, EL2, EL3, L1, L2)
  • Functional Skills in ICT (EL1, EL2, EL3, L1, L2)
  • ASDAN PSD Level 1 Award
  • GCSE Art & Design
  • GCSE Home Economics: Child Development
  • BTEC Health and Social Care L1 (Award, Certificate)
  • BTEC Construction L1 (Award, Certificate, Extended Certificate, Diploma)
  • BTEC Sport and Active Leisure L1 (Award)

Students also access life skills delivered through Humanities, Music and Employability sessions.

Equine Assisted Qualifications (Audley End, Ingatestone & Messing)

Education Through Horses

EAQ offers experiential equine assisted learning for children and young people to engage with horses and other animals in the natural outdoor environment. There is no riding involved. All the sessions take place from the ground.

Sessions run all year round, including school holidays, with the days, times and number of hours negotiated to meet the needs of each individual. We have warm indoor spaces for when the weather is poor.

Each EAQ centre has a team of qualified staff and volunteers who are skilled at working with children and young people who are looked-after, on the autism spectrum or who have  ADHD, social, emotional or behavioural difficulties, attachment and trauma issues or mental ill-health.


Horse-based activities include grooming and feeding the horses or taking a horse for a walk. Learners might work with a horse 'at liberty' (without using a halter or lead rope) and find out how their body language and energy impacts on the horse's behaviour. The horse doesn't see the learner's baggage, EHCP or past behaviour, they simply respond in a non-judgmental way to the learner in that moment.

As well as horse-based activities, there are more unusual activities with the horses such as designing an edible collage for a horse, building an obstacle course, apple bobbing with horses or making fruit kebabs! Other activities include arts and crafts, using clay, den building, gardening, cooking and woodwork.

The person-centred sessions are delivered using specialist communication techniques in a non-judgmental way. This enables learners to feel safe within the setting, develop trusting relationships with staff, increase their self esteem and gain in confidence.

Learning happens through themes that are of interest to the learner and different curriculum areas can be included in these themes. For example, one learner was interested in ducks. He used maths skills to plan and build a duck house from pallets, learnt how to use tools including hammer, nails and saws, measured the area for a pen, researched breeds of ducks and wrote a sign for the fence which is on display to visitors. During this project he gathered evidence for two nationally-accredited units, 'Using Tools for a Practical Activity' and 'Health and Safety in a Practical Environment'. He has since returned to full-time education.

Taster Sessions

Outdoor learning is not suited to everyone, so we offer a Taster Session for potential learners to come along, meet the animals and the staff and decide whether this might be for them. The Taster Session aims to reduce anxiety for the learner and provide an opportunity for the learner, parent, carer or support worker to familiarise themselves with the setting and ask any questions.

10 Hour Initial Assessment

The 10 Hour Initial Assessment provides an opportunity for us to undertake a baseline assessment on a 1:1 basis and find out what the learner can do in a range of areas. The hours are available in a flexible way to meet the needs of each learner and provides an opportunity for the learner to take the lead, to be heard and for there to be no expectation of achievement. Learners are able to reflect on their experiences in their own way and in their own time without fear of judgment or criticism. We have found that this release of pressure very quickly empowers learners, enabling them to increase their self esteem and self confidence and think about their goals and aspirations. On completion, learners will have a plan for further courses or qualifications.

Topics for the sessions include:

  • Staying safe
  • Healthy eating
  • How we learn
  • Feelings and relationships
  • Sending and receiving messages
  • Handling life's difficulties
  • Labels and being me
  • Behaviour.

Bespoke Alternative Education

We offer a bespoke programme of individualised learning which can be designed to meet the needs of each learner and cover areas of the curriculum through practical outdoor themes. Hours, days and times can be negotiated to meet the needs of the learner. The majority of learners require 1:1 and we have a maximum ratio of 1:4.

Our 'Maths in the Meadow' programme was designed specifically for those who are struggling to achieve their full potential in maths at school and is relevant for learners of all ages (as well as those at pre-GCSE level).

Accredited Qualifications

Nationally-accredited qualifications are available for learners aged 10 and over. Topics include developing confidence, managing behaviour in conflict, working with animals, health and safety, horticulture, ecology and conservation. We are accredited by OCN London and can offer Functional Skills in English, maths and ICT as well as longer courses including the popular 'Level 1 Certificate in Skills for Professions in Animal Care '(250+ hours).

Supported Return to Education

We can offer support for learners to return to traditional education if that is appropriate by accompanying learners on visits or attending sessions with them if applicable.

Centres in Essex

We are looking to increase the number of centres in Essex and are currently able to offer sessions from two centres at Audley End and Ingatestone.

Please contact Tricia Day for more details: 01747 828150 / 07724 039358


Fletchers Farm - Fordham, Colchester



Colchester – 01206 242210

Main contacts:

Helen Hill – Manager

Jackie Colbert – Lead Coach

Cecile Devaux – Coach (Offers French speaking sessions also)

Age range – 5 years old and upwards

Five-star council rated horse riding school, with British Horse Society, Association of British Riding Schools and Pony Club approval status. Able to provide a range of group or individual sessions which can cover horse riding, horse care or qualification routes.

Can cater for beginners or those who have experience already.

We offer the BHS Changing Lives through Horses Program which uses horses as the inspiration for change and provides an alternative learning environment to mainstream education. With the horse at the core of the learning environment, young people develop a variety of life skills ranging from everyday communication through to teamwork and understanding responsibility. The program aims to develop vital life skills required by the young person to succeed in education, employment and adult life. The young person's development is monitored through an individual tracker and wellbeing survey. With nearly one in ten 16-18 year olds not in education, employment or training (NEET), and one in four young people struggling with low self-esteem, wellbeing and mental health problems, the use of horses (through understanding their behaviours and our effect on them and the importance of care routines transferring into life skills) and the stimuli of being out of a class room situation can really provide outstanding personal development results.

Please contact us for the different options available (and pricing) or a referral form.

Cambridge Online Education


Admin and Admittance Dept Tel: 020 8720 7316

Main School Tel: 01223 637 029

Online college of Art and Design:


Admin and Admittance Dept Tel: +44 (0) 020 8720 7316

Tuition times:  9.00am – 2.30pm Monday to Friday during normal term times

Top Teachers + Top Grades = a Top University and a Great Life!

Register with us today – Places are limited

Cambridge Online School is an online school which is a registered provider on the UK's register of learning providers UKLRP Number is 10033485 .

It offers an unrivalled British education that will enable students to progress to any university in the world including Cambridge, Oxford, and the top Universities in the USA.   

The school offers a full and balanced British curriculum (including Art & Design and Music). 

We offer Lower School, Upper School (Cambridge International IGCSEs) and a Sixth Form (A Levels) to students in the UK

The school lessons are interactive live sessions, within an online timetabled classroom environment.   

Our teaching staff are highly qualified (5 PhDs including Cambridge University Lecturers, 3 national examiners, 4 Oxbridge), providing unlimited support, the combined teaching experience is over 200 years.

Our Art college is the UK most established, offering one to one expert tuition across a wide range of recreational and exam board or Ofqual accredited courses, designed to get students to universities and develop creative careers

We are also Specialists in supporting students with Autism, Asperger's, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, bullying, Anxiety, and any student who struggles with conventional school class environment.

Our friendly, highly qualified, specialist teachers are dedicated to building students' confidence and skills.

Our online classrooms, are video recorded so that students who struggle to understand and remember everything our teachers saying, can watch the lessons back as often as they need to.

Parents, carers, and other interested officials can see at any time day or night how well the students are progressing through our online reports system. ​

Catch 22 - Bespoke Services / Counselling Services

Contact Name: Glen Winterbourne

Contact Details: / 07764 810732  
Catch22 (Essex) Chester House Chester Hall Lane Basildon Essex SS14 3BG
Status - Charity

Bespoke Services

A range of bespoke, tailored interventions and support programmes available across Essex and East London. Find out what we're currently delivering and where - and get in touch to commission us:  Catch22 Bespoke Services


Catch22 has been developing and delivering a wide range of bespoke services for over 30 years. Services are commissioned by schools, academies, local authorities and partner organisations on a one-off or long-term basis, and are co-designed with commissioning organisations.


Delivery and costs are tailored to the specific needs and budget requirements of the commissioning organisation. Through this approach we are able to ensure that the cost for each service is a direct reflection of the work that will be needed to achieve the best outcomes for the children, young people and families we work with.


We are currently delivering the following bespoke services, which can be commissioned as standalone programmes, or combined as needed:


    Behaviour and Attendance Support

    Counselling and Therapeutic Support

    Family Support and Parent Liaison

    Peer Listening and Mentoring

    Mediation and Restorative Interventions

    Wishes and Feelings Work

    Half-Term Activity Programmes

    Assessment of Support Needs

    Group Work

    Peer Education


Behaviour and attendance support / Family and Parenting Support: Approx £3200 per term (@1 day per week x 14 weeks)  with up to six students/families // Spot purchase: £600 per student/family for up to eight support sessions.
Peer education / Healthy Choices Programme:  £4000 (inc NCFE Level 1 Substance Misuse, Sexual Health with up to 15 Year 11 students, and Year 11 led workshops with year 9/10/11 groups re: healthy relationships and healthy choices)
Clinical Supervision for Teaching and Pastoral Approx £60 per hour
(1:1, therapeutic and family support)
Counselling: Approx £3200 per term (@1 day per week x 14 weeks)
Staffing Structure

Glen Winterbourne - Service Manager

Kathryn Parker - Bespoke Practitioner (1:1, accredited learning, peer education, therapeutic and family support) & Counsellor

Alex Flook - Bespoke Practitioner (1:1 and family support)

Ann Lindsay - Bespoke Practitioner (1:1, therapeutic and family support)

Chloe Bennington - Bespoke Practitioner (1:1, accredited learning / peer education)

Hannah Power - Counselling Service Coordinator

Jane Swan - Counsellor

Yvonne Coombs - Counsellor

Sarah Jane Archer - Counsellor

Jessica Bevan - Administrator

Geographic areas covered - Essex, Southend, Thurrock, Barking and Dagenham

Age range: Any

Outline of provision offer

Bespoke Services:

A range of bespoke, tailored interventions and support programmes available across Essex and East London, including targetted 1:1 support with children, young people and families focussed on behaviour, attendance, peer and family relationships (including intergenerational family mediation) conflict management, accredited and non-accredited learning, peer education and peer mentoring. Find out what we're currently delivering and where - and get in touch to commission us.

Counselling Services:

A variety of therapeutic interventions including counselling and clinical supervision available from BACP-registered counsellors for young children, young people, parents and professionals, either as individuals or in groups.

Referral Process

Contact Glen Winterbourne in the first instance.  Programmes and costs will be discussed and agreed, after which Catch22 will send a signed SLA (with costs) to the commissioner to be signed and returned.  Once signed SLA is received, work will commence as agreed.

Reporting Process

For individual spot purchases (behaviour/family support), through an initial agreement and end review meeting (attended by student, parent where appropriate, and school staff member or other relevant professional), the corresponding agreement/review document will be collated and shared with involved parties.  Agreement doc's will capture current concerns, strengths and targets.  Review doc's will capture what has been achieved, any ongoing concerns and a scale/score of progress by everyone involved.  Examples available on request.

Larger scale commissions (i.e 1 day per week termly) will include a termly report including numbers of students worked with, overall impact / outcomes, feedback, case study and summary (examples available on request).

Counselling Services, in accordance with BACP guidelines, will collect anonymous emotional health and well being scaling data with students at the start and end of interventions, with reports detailing this progress, numbers of sessions attended/not attended and numbers of students worked with.  Also to include at least 1 case study and summary.  Examples available on request.

Fresh Start in Education

Fresh Start in Education Ltd


Castle House, Castle Hill Avenue, Folkestone, Kent. CT20 3SA.

Contact name:

Jenny Blackwell – Referrals Lead

Telephone number: 0203 409 6410

E – Mail:

Age range of learner/key stage:

4 – 18+ years (up to and including 25yrs old with an EHCP).


Due to the nature of our work being 1:1 with students in local community settings, there is no limit to the numbers of students we are able to accommodate.

Students we work with:

  • NEET
  • SEND
  • SEMH
  • LAC
  • Permanently Excluded
  • At risk of exclusion
  • Medical
  • PMLD
  • Offenders
  • Victims of offence
  • School refusers
  • CSE
  • Unaccompanied Minors

Fresh Start in Education is able to work with any student who is unable to access a permanent place of education. Our aim is to support the student in the interim period whilst a new school place is identified and help prepare them for the transition both in terms of engagement and education.

We can support students who demonstrate significant risk behaviours, requiring a higher staffing level. Our Education Specialists are MAPA (Management of Actual and Potential Aggression) trained, and skilled in de-escalating challenging behaviours.

We offer Accompanied Work Placements for students who require support to get into meaningful employment. Students who have had gaps in their education, for a variety of reason, can often struggle to find a good job that they will enjoy. We provide support in filling the gaps in numeracy and literacy, alongside teaching relevant employability skills. With support from a full time Work Place Mentor we will help the student identify an Employer best suited to their interests and aspirations.

For students who are willing and able to engage in education, we offer online learning. Sessions are provided via a secure platform, where students will meet face to face with their tutor for academic tuition.

Brief description of curriculum offered: (GCSE's/A Levels/Short courses etc.) 

Fresh Start are able to deliver any subject that a student needs including:

  • Core curriculum subjects
  • GCSEs (registration for exams to be arranged by referrer)
  • A Levels (registration for exams to be arranged by referrer)
  • Functional Skills
  • ASDAN Short Courses: Academic & Vocational
  • Accompanied Work Placements (16yrs +)
  • Online learning

Each student receives their own bespoke Personal Learning Plan which will identify the targets for the provision.

Expected outcomes for Students:

Each student receives a Personal Learning Plan with targets created to their own current learning and behaviour needs, generally covering the following areas:

  • Communication
  • Social, Emotional and Behavioural Development
  • Life Skills
  • Numeracy
  • Literacy
  • Sciences/Arts/Humanities

The following outcomes can be expected for all students:

  • Successful preparation for reintegration to a permanent education provision
  • Completion of courses/qualifications offered to the student
  • Improved attendance
  • Improved levels of engagement with education
  • Development of life skills enabling the student to progress towards their future goals
  • Skills to overcome the previous barriers and challenges to accessing education
  • Increased self-esteem and motivation
  • Skills to make a positive contribution to the local community & wider community
  • Reduction in anti-social behaviour
  • Strategies to manage known challenges, i.e. anxiety, ADHD.

Pastoral Support on Offer:

  • 1:1 support for students
  • Individual packages for each student, taking into consideration their social and emotional needs
  • Close liaison with the family/carers and commissioners to work in partnership with each other
  • All Education Specialists matched on the basis of relevant experience, qualifications, interests and ability
  • Regular reporting on engagement and education progress, including attendance
  • High level of Safeguarding
  • Access to additional support within the Company
  • Staff are MAPA trained (Management of Actual or Potential Aggression) and skilled in de-escalation techniques
  • Person Centred Intervention plans created for each student, identifying the needs and strategies suited to them as an individual.

Referral process / Specific intake period:

Referrals can be made by using our referral form at any point during the year.

Initial enquiries can be made by contacting the office on:

0203 409 6410

Noise Solution

Noise Solution


Phone: 01284 771156, 01284 771340

Mobile: 07949977750

Area covered; East of England

Age range 11+

Noise Solution delivers 'one to one' music mentoring programs with people facing challenging circumstances. Often focused on electronic music and beat making, each session is enhanced, supported, and reinforced through the use of our own bespoke social media platform. Our strengths-based approach safely shares participants' weekly music session highlights, via this platform, with their family and professional key-workers.

By making people feel in control, good at something, and sharing that experience we fulfil a number of known psychological needs required for well-being to flourish. In turn, improved well-being is proven to lead to better engagement, health, and educational outcomes. Noise Solution has been independently found to be highly statistically significant in positively impacting upon well-being.

Time after time parents, professionals and participants tell us that we act as a catalyst for positive change.

Our standard approach provides ten two-hour sessions across ten weeks. For the first five weeks, the Musician will go to the home or school with a mini studio setup. The Musician will work alongside the participant to use music technology to create music which is culturally authentic and responsive to the interests of the individual. Our focus is on creating 'quick wins', to make the participant feel good at something quickly. Musician and participant create tracks using freely available music software, in the genre(s) chosen by the participant. Typically, the music created is grime, drill, drum 'n' bass and the like or acoustic singer/songwriter material.

Our Musicians are intentionally not necessarily experienced in every genre of music, but they are experienced in using the music software to create music. Extensive evidence shows how democratic relationships are key to successful engagement with this population, rather than top down traditional educational models. To model progression, musician and participant move to a geographically appropriate commercial recording studio for the second five weeks. It is important that we use commercial rather than community venues, to maintain the sense of competency and achievement.

Noise Solution tutors are musicians first and foremost. Our tutors are musical mentors not music therapists; real world professional musicians helping people make the music that they relate to, whatever it might be. Our Board are professionals ranging from mental health consultants to committed and experienced social enterprise managers, making sure we retain and deliver the focus on positive social outcomes, helping as many of those who need it as possible

Cost £1,827.50

Ten two-hour sessions (5 at home or school, 5 in a geographically appropriate commercial recording studio).

Access to the private community group for friends, family, professionals.

Weekly session by session communication/reporting.

Arts Award qualification moderation (if desired by the participant).

End of session synopsis report detailing impacts and progression.

CF Education

​Service overview

CF Education provides a range of educational services for children and young people who have specific academic needs in Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk. We provide specialist individualised support for children who are currently out of education (or on part time timetables), with the goal of helping them make a seamless and successful transition into their next placement. Safeguarding is at the very centre of everything that we do, and this is reflected in all our policies and procedures.

When supporting a young person, we create and implement individualised holistic education programmes facilitated by a highly experienced and skilled team – consisting of Senior Leaders, Teachers, HLTA's, Social Workers, Youth Mentors, Police officers, Thrive practitioners and Therapeutic Practitioners.

We cater for all young people who may be displaying a varied range of complex barriers to education, our provision has a range of tailored programmes which are targeted at young people who fall into high risk groups.

At present we educate students who are:

  • At risk of gangs and exploitation.
  • Students excluded or at risk of being excluded.
  • Social, emotional and/or mental health needs (SEMH)
  • Special educational needs (SEN).

Following a request for tuition for a student, CF Education will liaise with the referrer to complete our initial assessment that will outline what will be required and what the timetable will look like depending on the package.

A risk assessment will be produced -by a senior member of staff - based on the completed initial assessment and all other relevant paperwork (EHCP/IP).

Areas covered: North, East and South Essex.

Prices for individual or group packages are available on request and are tailored to the individual need and budget.

For further information on how we can help, please contact us:

CF Education Ltd

Delta 1, West Rd




Tel: 01473 725794, 07957222727


A detailed Education handbook and all policies are available upon request.

Therapeutic Teaching


Outline of provision offer:

Bespoke reintegration planning with short-term tuition including specialist assessment and provision planning for mainstream settings. Teaching methods are person-centred and therapeutic in approach for children and young people who are experiencing difficulties attending school due to anxiety. This might be related to trauma, social anxiety, school phobia, communication need e.g. Selective Mutism/Language needs/Autism. Direct work with parents to support child's engagement in learning.

Referral process: Schools Request for Involvement

Reporting: Session report completed and shared with student, parent and liaison with school on a sessional basis.  Attendance records and chronology of support.  Specialist assessment reports available at additional cost upon request (e.g. statutory assessment etc.). 

8.30am – 5pm term time

Training provider: SEMH (SEND); Engagement and Behaviour in School

Age range: Key Stages 2 and 3

Areas covered: NE: Colchester and north to Suffolk border, Tendring

Full extent of Mid Essex, South Essex: Wickford, Billericay and Brentwood

Status: Sole Trader

Enhanced DBS; Designated Safeguarding Lead – trained Feb 2019. BEd (Hons) QTS, MA SEN and Inclusive Education (Open);PGC Speech and Language Needs; Neuro-linguistic Programming in SEN Education. Previously ECC Specialist Teacher (Lead) SEMH and SLCN (2004-2018)

Example of costs:  No charge for initial visit to school/ referral agency.

£60 1 ½ hours - 60 minutes direct teaching followed by 30 minutes reflection and planning with learner, parent and liaison with school. Additional teaching time/ meetings £45 per hour.  Travel costs 45p per mile (and any parking costs)

Challenger Troop CIC


Challenger troop is a Community Interest Company that provides military ethos programmes for pupils aged 7 to 19. Programmes are designed to engage pupils to fulfil their academic potential. This is achieved by developing each individuals personal learning and employability skills to help them become confident individuals, effective communicators in class, successful learners and responsible citizens. Pupils work with ex-military service personnel in groups of no more than ten at a variety of military venues.​

Chiltern Music Therapy

Contact Name: Emily White

Contact Details:


Telephone: 07805 465650
Status: Community Interest Company
Examples of costs
Full Day Service: £250.00 (7 hours)
Half Day Service: £135.00 (3.5 hours)
Group Sessions: £70.00 (1 hour)
Staffing Structure
Managing Director - Rosie Axon
Clinical Services Director - Rebecca Atkinson              
Geographic areas covered: Essex, London, Bucks, Oxford, Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Lancashire, Kent,Hertfordshire
Age range: 0-99
Music Therapy offers both functional and psychological support to children and young people of any age, helping to develop learning skills and improve emotional well-being. Early meaningful therapeutic intervention can help support the young person at risk of exclusion, assisting management of challenging behaviours and providing a forum to work on a range of areas, including emotional needs. It can also help support education goals. Music Therapy can be provided in any setting, allowing the young person’s needs to be met where they are, as well as moving with the young person to support transitions.
Music can express emotion in a way that words cannot, which can be a life-line where someone has difficulty expressing themselves verbally. For those who don’t want to access traditional talking therapies, Music Therapy can be an engaging and less-formal method of dealing with particular difficulties or emotions, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of communication skills.  The physiological and emotional responses to music, combined with a supportive, therapeutic input, can be used to meet the needs of those a wide variety of issues including:
  • Emotional difficulties and those who have suffered trauma or bereavement
  • Behavioural difficulties, including students at risk of exclusion
  • Child and adolescent mental health difficulties, including depression, eating disorders or self-harm
  • Learning Disabilities, including children with ASD and Asperger Syndrome
  • Children with additional needs for speech, communication, motor skills, visual or hearing impairments or those with ADHD
Music Therapy can be provided 1:1 or as a group. A service provided by Chiltern Music Therapy costs £135 for a half day and £250 for a full day. This can be a mixture of 1:1 and group sessions. Costings can also be provided for single sessions and groups. Music Therapy can be an effective way to work with education providers to help develop confidence in the young person alongside increasing engagement in educational work, whilst receiving much-needed emotional and psychological support.
Outline of provision offer
We provide full and half day Music Therapy services in pre-school settings, mainstream schools, ARP’s, SEN schools and pupil referral units. Within these services we offer weekly one to one, small group and larger group sessions and staff training. Music Therapy offers both functional and psychological support to a wide range of children and young people, helping to develop learning skills and improve emotional well-being. We support students with a variety of needs including those with:
  • Learning Disabilities, including children with ASD and Asperger Syndrome
  • Emotional difficulties and those who have suffered trauma or bereavement
  • Behavioural difficulties, including students at risk of exclusion
  • Children on the Child Protection Register and looked after children
  • Child and adolescent mental health difficulties, including depression,   eating disorders or self-harm
  • Social difficulties, including those who are socially isolated or victims of bullying
  • Children with additional needs for speech, communication, motor skills, visual or hearing impairments or those with ADHD
Referral Process
Referral for Music therapy can be through school professionals such as LSA's, teachers, SENCO's, or Deputy and Headteachers. Other health professionals can refer as well as parents, carers or relatives and clients can also self refer.
Reporting Process
All Music Therapy referrals initial undergo an 6 week assessment, after which a full assessment report is provided for the parent or carer, school and other health professionals. Progress reports are also provided for pupils at stages of Annual Review or EHC revision meetings. Schools receive annual summary reports of the Music Therapy provision, which includes statistical data from the services throughout the year, as well as Return on Investment data, and up to date Ofsted guidance about SEN, and EBD support services which tie in with Music Therapy.



Circles Farm: based upon 75 acres of farm and woodland the circles team re-engage young people in learning, primarily focusing on building self-esteem and confidence through accredited vocational training and team work. Learners work towards a Level 1 BTEC in Work Skills (Employ-ability Skills) whilst also developing literacy & numeracy skills that have been embedded into circles everyday life. Staff are qualified in their vocation/industry and all have the relevant safeguarding, first aid and positive handling training to support the needs of challenging young people.
Circles Salon; working in a mock salon environment with experienced industry professionals we deliver practical workshops to engage and train young people in a Hair & Beauty BTEC. Staff are qualified in their vocation/industry and all have the relevant safeguarding, first aid and positive handling training to support the needs of challenging young people.
Circles Sport: focusing upon team based sports, staff deliver theory & practical lessons working towards a Level 1 BTEC in Sport & Active Leisure.
Staff are qualified in their vocation/industry and all have the relevant safeguarding, first aid and positive handling training to support the needs of challenging young people.
Circles Trades: a multi trades BTEC qualification encompassing bricklaying, joinery, electrics, plumbing, tiling, health & safety and much more. Delivered in a workshop environment, students work with industry professionals to develop the necessary skills and understanding of the construction sector to continue on to an apprenticeship, further training or employment.
Circles Study: focused on functional skills, our qualified teaching staff deliver engaging lessons in both English & Maths, preparing learners for assessments ranging from entry level to level 2. GCSE support and tuition is also available upon request.
Circles Early Years Intervention: focused on those at risk of exclusion from a Junior or Primary provision, we help support the variety of needs of those in younger year settings. Different programmes have been developed to help support the range of needs. For example, our transition programme aims to bridge the gap between the expected/appropriate behaviour from junior to senior school.
Who the service provides for: Learners aged 8-18 years.
Operational Locations: Essex
Phone Number: Farm & Trades 01277 280396 / Salon, Sport & Study 01268 727759

Colchester Institute FE College DfE No 881/8006

Contact name: Janet Ireland


Tel: 01206 712411

New Approach programme:

This exciting full-time programme offers compulsory education to students in year 11. Attendance is full-time and matches the pattern of the school year. Students are offered a mixture of formal and informal education in a variety of settings.  In addition, students study Functional Skills in English and maths as part of their main programme. Programmes are tailored to suit individual needs and provide pathways to further study, Apprenticeships and employment.  The programme has succeeded in achieving high levels of positive progression over a sustained period of years.

All applicants to the programme must have the approval of the Local Education Authority (information and guidance on this procedure must be sought from the Area Education Office) or from schools.

All learners will complete an initial six week short programme from September to half-term. Successful completion of a short programme secures progression to the main New Approach programme. This course is a Study Programme, which includes Functional Skills, WorkSkills and activity based learning and enrichment.

Key components of the New Approach programme may include:

  • Sports and Leisure
  • Media and Photography
  • ICT
  • Community Engagement
  • Practical Projects
  • Wide Range of Enrichment Activities
  • Basic Food Hygiene
  • First Aid

Commando Joe's

Contact Name: Mike Hamilton

Contact Details: 07908050722 / 08448003212
Address: Unit 5 Meadowcroft Way, Leigh WN7 3XZ
Examples of costs:
Whole year programme - £2,995
Box of equipment
Full training
Online resources
Online judgement tracker for life skills
Status: Limited Company
DBS Checked: YES
Safeguarding trained: YES
Geographic areas covered: Nationwide
Age range: 5-18
Outline of provision offer:
Established in 2009 Commando Joe’s is the leading provider of character and resilience training in the UK. Developing well-rounded, resilient young people is integral to the provision we offer schools. We currently employ 100 veterans including wounded and sick as instructors/mentors using service core values such as leadership, self-discipline, resilience and teamwork to improve engagement, behaviour and educational attainment outcomes for young people. In recognition of our work, we have been awarded the highly-commended Character Award from the DfE and the Silver Award for the Armed Forces Covenant (AFC).
Commando Joe’s is one of the DfE’s former Military Ethos Alternative Provision (MEAP) programme providers.
The programme focused on raising educational attainment and improving the factors that support those outcomes, such as good behaviour and good attendance. It used service leavers employed as instructors and mentors to help instil certain aspects of military ethos, such as leadership, self-discipline and teamwork to help improve engagement, behaviour and educational attainment. Out of all the organisations the Department funded during the four-year programme, Commando Joe’s has produced the most evidence to demonstrate significantly improved educational attainment and engagement of primary and secondary school pupils.
PhDs at Swansea University were commissioned to undertake a three-year independent evaluation of impact. “Investigating the effectiveness on educational attainment and behaviour of Commando Joe’s: a school-based, military-ethos intervention” was published internationally at Over the evaluation period, Swansea University found a 95% increase in pupils’ attitude towards school, 58% reduction in problem behaviour, 52% increase in attendance, and supported over 4000 disadvantaged or disengaged pupils across 97 schools. Commando Joe’s now works across 360 schools. Integral to the success of the whole-school approach delivered by Commando Joe’s is the partnership working and bespoke training package provided to the senior leadership teams (SLT) within all its schools. Building on the success of their MEAP provision, Commando Joe’s now offers a number of different whole-school approach and school-led programmes designed to up-skill school leaders, classroom teachers and pupils.
CJ’s have developed a ground breaking school led programme, the school receives:
  • Top secret box of equipment
  • Full days training for the whole school
  • Online resources KS2 KS1
  • Online Judgment tool
All from £725 on year 1
Referral Process:
Schools currently buying the provision:
Wise Owl Trust
West Horndon Primary school
Finham Primary School


​Contact name - Josh Drake

Contact details –

Website –

Examples of costs:

SLA for a full academic year
1-3 learners: £67 per day
4-6 learners: £65 per day
7 and over: £60 per day
SLA for rolling contracts per term
£80 per day
We specialise in providing alternative education for 14-16 year old students from secondary schools, post 16 training for school leavers that are not ready for mainstream college environment or just prefer the smaller, friendlier atmosphere. CTP has been specially set up to assist those students who would find the normal learning environment a challenge, or those who find the hands on approach to learning much more beneficial.
CTP offer a range of level 1 City & guilds courses in Bricklaying, Carpentry, Paint & Decorating and Motor Vehicle. In addition to this we also offer level 1 progress 8 qualifications in construction and motor vehicle for students starting in year 9 or 10.
We offer level one Gateway qualifications in the hair and beauty sector, this qualification ranges from award to diploma.
We also deliver functional skills classes from entry 3 to level 2, GCSE Math’s and English

Easton & Otley College - DfE No 926/138670


Ipswich 01473 785543

Aimed at students on Key Stage 4 learning programmes, these courses lead to nationally recognised qualifications.


The College offers new opportunities for students to try different types of courses and other career options. The College has new teaching facilities, lots of natural space and new resources offering a variety of hands-on experience.​

EM Skills Limited

Contact Name: Lisa Berry

Contact Details: 01992677373 / 07954223639
Address: 7 Parkside Business Centre, Plumpton Rd, Hoddesdon EN11 0ES
Status: Training Provider
Staffing Structure:
Helen Georgiou - Director
Maureen Emmett - Director
Lisa Berry - Student Engagement Consultant
Danielle Cracknell - Course Co-ordinator
GeorginaLewington - Lead Tutor
Geographic areas covered: Essex
Age range: 15+
Outline of provision offer:
Fully funded (FREE) training programme aimed at learners aged 15+. EM SKills are currently running two Fully Funded programmes aimed at 15+ year olds.  We offer qualifications in a variety of trades as well as gaining employability, customer services, First Aid, Functional Skills maths and English.  Learners who choose the construction route and are aged 16+ will also have an opportunity of gaining their CSCS card, which is a licence to work in the construction industry.
Referral Process:
Contact Lisa Berry on 01992 677373 / 07954 223639 or Danielle Cracknell on 01992 677373
Reporting Process:
Helen Georgiou/Maureen Emmett - Directors
Lisa Berry / Danielle Cracknell
Services currently buying the provision:
Pets Corner

Essex Youth Service


Telephone: 03330 139557

Essex Youth Service Raising Attainment Team uses Youth Workers and youth work methods to deliver a range of educational programmes.

We work with Year 6's to Year 11's. to deliver a variety of programmes that meet school needs.

Outcomes are based on the curriculum programmes and include confidence building, accreditations, increased awareness of a variety of issues, personal and social development and life skills.

We are able to deliver:

  • Two day complementary education programmes
  • Prevention work
  • 1-1 support
  • One off  workshops or short programmes delivery covering topics such as Managing Emotions and Healthy Relationships etc
  • Bespoke programmes which are responsive to the needs of the individuals or school
  • Transitional support for year 6 / 7 and post 16

Our costs depend on the project, ranging from £150 for half day workshops to £4,800 for a 2 day per week complementary education placement for an academic year.

For more information and to make referrals on or contact Melissa Brooker on 03330 139557 or email

Essex Youth Service is an informal education, social and personal development service targeted at the most vulnerable young people from those communities that need our support the most. The service works together with a number of organisations to help young people. Youth workers have the skills, knowledge and significant experience to work in schools and other educational establishments. The main aim of this work is to successfully re-engage young people in positive learning experiences and to enable them to take responsibility for their learning and boundaries.

Essex Youthbuild

Contact Name: Jane Cosh

Contact Details
Address: 6 Grafton Place,Montrose Road  Chelmsford, CM2 6TG
Status ( i.e. Charity/Sole Trader): Charity
Staffing Structure:
2 Administrators
4 Instructors

For 14-19 year olds in Essex

Prices start at £68 per day

Essex Youthbuild offers very practical, hands-on training in construction skills leading to City & Guilds' Level 1 qualifications (Award, Certificate, Extended Certificate and Diploma) in brickwork, carpentry and maintenance (wall tiling, floor tiling, plumbing, painting, guttering and plastering).  Courses are roll-on/roll-off so young people can join at any time providing there is a space.  Students can mix and match units from different disciplines and make up their own qualification from the modules on offer.

We work with small groups of young people (typically no more than six in one area) and each student receives one-to-one tuition and works at their own pace, on their own projects and modules.  We also provide training in first aid, working at height awareness, and health and safety.  For those who turn 16 whilst with us, there is an opportunity to prepare for the CITB Health & Safety Test and we will provide them with a CSCS card if they pass the test and gain the health and safety qualification.  English and maths functional skills tuition is available on certain days of the week leading to qualifications from Entry Level 3 to Level 2.

Over the years, we have had many students referred to us who have been considered unlikely to achieve many or any qualifications who have gone on to succeed and achieve a City & Guilds' Certificate through the practical assessment of their skills and knowledge.

We are an approved Centre for both City & Guilds and Gateway Qualifications, with direct claim status.  We have our own Internal Quality Assurer and receive external quality assurance visits from both Gateway and City & Guilds annually.

We help young people with applications for apprenticeships and college and in 2017, 70% of our Year 11s went on to college to continue their studies.  Students completing the course leave with a portfolio of evidence and a CV.

We are happy to work with other providers to ensure that the young person's  curriculum needs are met, including putting our training room at the disposal of other professionals working with our young people.

Work Experience: Increasingly, we are involving our young people in work experience projects and aim continue to send teams of young people with their instructors out into the community to complete real-life projects.  Such a project recently involved the fitting and tiling of a kitchen for a newly constructed Scouts hut.  Work experience has been hugely beneficial to our young people's confidence and a great thing to put on their CV.

Referral Process

A referral form is available to download from our website or on application to Essex Youthbuild.

Evolve Intervention

Contact Name: Emma Prince

Contact Details: 01245 526069 International House, 776-778 Barking Road, BARKING, London E13 9PJ. (This is not where the service is delivered)

Examples of costs:

Under the introductory offer Mentoring and Coaching starts at £60 per hour and Group Work begins at £80 per hour.

Status: Private Ltd company

Staffing Structure:

A team of practitioners based across Essex led by Company Director Emma Prince.

DBS Checked

Safeguarding trained

All of Essex covered

Age range: 8-18 years old

Outline of provision offer:


Can address issues such as Self Esteem, Anger Management, Self-Harm, Social and Communication Skills, Coping with Bereavement, Identity, Managing Friendships, Overcoming Bullying, Dealing with Anxiety, Engaging in Risky Behaviour.

Coaching – Academic and/or Emotion

Could be focused on any of the following as examples: Academic - Motivation, Time Management Skills, Study Skills, Working through a particular problem area in terms of key skills e.g. numeracy, literacy; Emotion – Building Resilience, Developing emotional literacy, Passive, aggressive and assertive communication, Becoming solution focused, Coping strategies.

Group Work

Can be designed to meet the needs of a particular group, covering areas such as: Healthy Relationships, Risk Taking, Managing Behaviour, Self Esteem, Health, Managing Stress, Mindfulness, Coping with Transitions.

We can also offer academic tuition in English and Literacy across KS2, KS3 and KS4 for individuals or small groups. 

All interventions to take place at the setting of the referring organisation.

Referral Process:

Via referral form – available on request or from website

Reporting Process:

Direct liaison with referrers for each referral – pre and post evaluation data given.

Figure of Eight

Contact Names - Nick Sweeney and Simone Isaacs

Telephone- 01702 567078 and 07733 366533
415, Westborough
Road, Westcliff on Sea,
Essex. SS0 9TN
Status - Private Limited Staffing Structure
Staffing structure
Proprietor- Nick Sweeney
Headteacher- Simone Isaacs
Tutors- English Literature, Maths, English Language, Art, PHSE
outreach tutors- home tutoring and support workers
Geographic areas covered Southend/ Essex
Age range: 11-16
An alternative education service that offers students a fresh and modern approach to learning, which in turn, maximises potential and builds confidence. They can offer core subject education in a welcoming centre, outreach tutoring in the home or community and also bespoke support packages for those young people in need of a multi faceted programme including education, vocational experiences and confidence building. They aim to work in partnership with local secondary schools, with the end goal being reintegration into a mainstream educational placement.
Referral process – schools and the LA can refer direct
Reporting process
Every session the teaching staff are required to report on behaviour, attitude to learning and willingness to learn. Attendance is reported directly to the referring schools daily.
Schools currently buying the provision:
Castle View                   
Seabrook College          
Southend Virtual School  
St Thomas Moore             
Futures Community College

Find Your Spark

Find Your Spark delivers one to one and group coaching and trainings to 11-25 year olds, their parents and the professionals who work with them.

YOUNG PEOPLE: If the young person expresses interest, they can be signed up to a 'Resilience and Wellbeing' group programme, run over a half term to a maximum of ten young people. Following this, the young people can have between six one to one coaching sessions.

The group coaching costs £20 per person per week for six weeks and the subsequent one to one coaching costs £60 pp. The maximum cost per young person would be £840 which can be taken out of the Pupil Premium budget, which is £935 pp.

The project will have a significant impact on the young people's thoughts, feelings and therefore behaviour which will raise their mental wellbeing. It will also impact their relationships with others including family, friends and those in their community.

Contact Name: Michelle Shavdia

Contact Details: / 07834 552 514


Address: Parson's Hill House, Beech Hill, Colchester, CO3 4DU

Age range: 11-25 year olds, parents and professionals

Status: Social Enterprise

Staffing Structure:

Managing Director - Michelle Shavdia

Mindfulness Practitioner - Jamie Shavdia

Secretary Cris Gedo

Committee Members - Geraldine Colclough & Chris Pullen

PROFESSIONALS/PARENTS: 'Developing your Resilience' one day training and Mental Health Awareness training (one day)  Can be delivered individually/standalone or in combination.

Aim: To provide professionals with resilience and wellbeing skills and strategies and mental health awareness.

Useful for: Senior leaders, teachers, middle leaders, support staff, pastoral staff, teaching assistants and NQTs.

Principal Activities:

  1. Strengths/values card
  2. Coaching questions to build resilience
  3. Gratitude 
  4. Acceptance

Principal Outcomes:

  1. Increased positive emotion/mental wellbeing
  2. Development of resilience levels/skills
  3. Increased motivation
  4. Increased kindness
  5. Calmer behaviour
  6. Identification and recognition of strengths
  7. Identification and recognition of purpose and meaning to lives
  8. Improved relationships

Cost: £120 per person

Contact: to find out more and book.

Additional trainings available:

Coaching and mentoring training for staff and young people: £120 per person.

Fleet Tutors

Contact Name: Henna Bhatti

Contact Details: 07973 867 460 or 0208 994 1263
251/253 Chiswick High Road
W4 4PU
Examples of costs
Alternative Provision weekly charge rate example:
10 hours/week = £715
15 hours/week = £895
20 hours/week = £1100
25 hours/week = £1200
Status ( i.e. Charity/Sole Trader)   Private Limited Company
Staffing Structure
Head office of 30 staff
Tutors across the country – around 3,000 registered tutors
All tutors are enhanced DBS checked    Safeguarding trained
All tutors must read and sign our Safeguarding Policy and receive safeguarding training
Geographic areas covered: Nationwide
Age range: KS1 – KS5
Outline of provision offer
Fleet Tutors has a specialist Alternative Provision department dedicated to providing intensive one to one programmes for those learners who are not in mainstream education. The types of needs and difficulties of the young people we work with in this provision include:
  • SEMH Diagnosis
  • Medical Needs
  • New arrivals in the UK
  • Children Looked After
All aspects of our Alternative Provision programmes support learners to:
  • Achieve their academic potential
  • Re-integrate successfully back into a group educational provision most suited to their needs
The management team support carers’ learners in doing this in the shortest time possible so that as soon as appropriate, the learner has had a positive educational experience which has allowed them the opportunity to progress enough to return to the best provision for the learner.
Referral Process
Referral form to be completed and sent to Henna at Fleet Tutors
Reporting Process
For Alternative Provision, weekly reports are sent. These outline attendance, progress and engagement. Sample report outline attached               
Schools currently buying the provision:
Thurrock Virtual School
Mayflower School

Forest School for all

Contact Name: Jeanette Alexander

Contact Details:
Tel: 07788529505
Address: 32 Button Road, Grays, Essex RM17 5HE
Examples of costs - both sessions include all resources and insurance
£50 p.p  full day, 9-3 p.m. includes hot lunch
£18 p.p. two hour sessions on school site
Status - Sole Trader
Staffing Structure:
Jeanette Alexander - Lead Practioner
Spencer Cole - Assistant
Chris Savage - Assistant (staff depending upon ratios required for young people)
Geographic areas covered: Thurrock/Brentwood and Essex for on school sites
Age range: all ages
Forest School is an inspirational child-led process, that offers ALL learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hand-on practical learning experiences in a woodland setting. This means that group work and 1:1 work can have a major impact on pupils, giving them time and space to learn about themselves and their place in society and their community.    These sessions can be for any duration either a shorter 2 hour sessions or full days, either for whole classes or for targeted preventative primary provision.
Project objective/outcomes:
  • To encourage curiosity and problem solving, including risk assessment
  • To encourage exploration and use of all the senses
  • To empower children in the natural environment
  • To increase cooperation with peers
  • To encourage spatial awareness and motor development
  • Reviewing and recognition of own achievements
Ideally Forest School is a long-term process of regular sessions.  A programme can be tailored to suit your schools needs including direct curriculum emphasis.  A scheme of work would be produced ideally between 6 and 12 weeks to cover any topics that the school may be discovering.   This would also give the pupils the opportunity to gain other skills such as team building, independence, leadership and self-confidence.  Sessions can be undertaken on site or at one of sites across Essex.
Forest School sessions can be tailored to ALL age groups and abilities.  Typically a session for one instructor (4 students) is £30 per hour.
Outline of provision offer
A full day or half day provision where the students will learn new outdoor skills, bushcraft, games and time to reflect on their daily lives. The opportunity for the young people to prepare and cook their own lunch.  Learn about the environment and how to care for it.  Led by experienced practitioners who will be able to provide a safe environment for the students to gain confidence and self-esteem.  We currently use a secure site in Purfleet where the young people will be given the space to explore and to find themselves.  It is also possible to provide Forest School sessions for nurturing groups and preventative primary provision on your school site where we can provide support and advice on how to set this up.  The scheme of work can mirror the curriculum and learning themes the school is following.
Referral Process                      
Completion of referral form                          
Meeting between the school, student and family
Reporting Process
Daily report to school on attendance and behaviour
Positive calls home to family daily

Future Gateways

Contact details:

Debbie Wilson - Teaching & Learning Manager:

Tel: 07545 864660 Email:

Julie Welham - Development Manager:

Tel: 07557 734542 Email:


Address: 80 Western Road, Brentwood, Essex CM14 4SS                     

Status - Charity

Geographic area covered: Essex                                    

Age range:13 - 18 years


Future Gateways offer young people opportunities to achieve both academic and vocational qualifications. We are continuously looking to extend the curriculum to excite and inspire young people to make choices and achieve recognised worthwhile qualifications. We aim to combine qualifications and work experience to assist in their progression to either further education and training or work. Testimonials received for this new provider are based on previous experience with another company.​     

Gateway FM


Tel: 01268 833978


Gateway 97.8 is the local community radio station for the Basildon and East Thurrock areas of South Essex, providing news, sport and information to the local population, they offer opportunities for young people to improve in confidence by working as part of the radio production team and obtain a relevant qualification.


Award In Radio Production

Learn how to produce and edit programmes for radio.


Radio Production - Level 2

Turn theory into practice with this very ‘hands on’ course.


Extended Certificate In Radio Production - Level 2

This course provides you with a substantial portfolio of work and information in addition to demonstrating your ability to combine good practice with sound theory.



Entry Level 3 Award In Preparation For Event Volunteering

An entry level award to prepare volunteers for work at various events.


Level 2 Award In Volunteering

This course considers the various factors that must be taken into account by those managing events. Risk analysis, crowd control, health & safety, scheduling and coordinating team activities.​

Harwich Horse Rangers Association - HHRA

Status: Charity

Contact: Sioux Thorpe on: 07798 898 702

HRA Harwich has a unique ability to teach transferable life and workplace skills to young people who face challenges in formal educational settings. The full 'yard' experience allows children to: grow in confidence; measure risks effectively; learn to take responsibility and regulate their emotions while developing communication skills and building positive relationships.

What do our sessions consist of?


Our sessions include stable management, equine theory and horse-riding lessons.

The stable management section of our sessions focus on how to care for our ponies and horses. This includes: how to stay safe when working with the animals; mucking out and bedding down stables; feeding and how to groom.

Equine theory lessons help the children learn more about horses in general. This includes: the anatomy of horses; types of behaviour; different colours and breeds; habits and lifestyles of horses.

In the horse riding lessons, children will learn the essential pieces of tack and how to put them on safely. The students will then learn to ride. The content of the riding lessons will vary depending on ability and confidence of the children we are working with. Lessons will be differentiated and planned for each individual pupil.


1.5hr session *Mon-Fri 10- 14:30*
1 pupil £40 pp
2 pupils £35 pp
3 + pupils £30 pp

2hr session * Mon – Fri 10.30-12:30 OR 12:30 – 14:30*
1 pupil £50pp

2 pupils £45 pp 
3 + pupils £40pp

 2.5hr session *Mon – Fri 10-12:30 OR 12:30-15:00*
1 pupil £60pp  
2 pupils £50pp
3 + pupils £45pp

If you have any further questions or you would like information on how to book a session, please contact Sioux Thorpe on: 07798 898 702 or alternatively you can email us at: or

Havering College - DfE No 311/130444

Hornchurch - Schools Liaison 01708 462893

Julie Surridge -

Havering College offers a range of courses and taster days on subjects and courses including: Hair & Beauty, Performing Arts, Engineering, Motor vehicle, Childcare, the taster days activities are free.​ Our vocational courses for 14-16 also include functional skills English and Maths.

Inspire Learning

Contact Name: Hannah Harris

Contact Details:


Tel: 07717683471

Address: 66, Hobleythick Lane, Westcliff on Sea, Essex SS0 0RH


Status: Sole Trader

Staffing Structure: Lead Teacher and Director: Hannah Harris

DBS Checked and Safeguarding trained

Geographic areas covered: Rayleigh, Wickford, Southend, Basildon, Benfleet, Canvey, Chelmsford and surrounding areas

Age range: KS1 and KS2

Outline of provision offer: Qualified teacher with a dedicated classroom for KS1 and KS2 pupils who are unable to access full time, mainstream education. Inspire Learning will work closely with schools to ensure the pupil makes good progress, their attainment and confidence improves and (where appropriate) will assist with the transition back to school. We aim to place a student with a tutor within 48 hours of receiving the referral and tuition can be provided at home or at school if required.

We work with:

  • Young people in hospital or with health problems
  • Temporarily or permanently excluded pupils
  • Pupils with SEN needs
  • Looked after children
  • Children not engaging at school/anxious/ school refusers
  • Children with complex social and emotional needs

Costs: 1:1 tuition- £35 per hour (maximum 15 hours per pupil, per week) Small group tuition (up to 3 students): prices available on request.

Referral Process: Direct from Schools and LA

Reporting Process: Daily reporting to the referring school in regard to attendance, behaviour and lesson reports.

Lambourne End Centre for Outdoor Learning

Contact Name: Sarah Ferguson      

Contact Details
Tel: 020 85003047
Address: Lambourne End Centre, Manor Road, Lambourne End, Essex, RM4 1NB.
Examples of costs: Regular programmes such as Hands On, Food for Thought and Transition are £75/person/day.
Status: Charity
DBS Checked
Safeguarding trained
Geographic areas covered Essex and London
Age range
Qualifications for age 13 and above.
Practical learning programmes for all ages.
Adventurous activities age 8 and above.
Outline of provision offer
Lambourne End offers a range of outdoor learning programmes to young people of all ages and abilities.  These can be short term interventions for individuals or groups or longer term programmes.  At KS2 and 3, our programmes offer young people the opportunity to experience the full range of adventurous activities, forest activities, gardening and animal care.  At KS 4 and 5, students can focus on one area and work towards qualifications at Levels 1, 2 or 3.
Referral process; Phone the centre on 020 85003047 to discuss a suitable package or arrange a visit.

Learning Academies Ltd - iAspire

Contact Name: Matthew Brakenbury, Education Director

Contact Details: 01206 252152 / 07957 932407      


Address: Academy House, 39 Hazel Close, Thorrington, CO7 8HJ


iAspire Page: 

Status: Limited Company

Staffing Structure and Qualifications:

CEO, Education Director, Lead Tutor Team, Tutors, Finance Manager, Administrative Officer.

Senior Leadership Team are experienced head teachers and education directors – with significant experience of special educational needs and working creatively and effectively in the alternative provision sector. All tutors hold cleared, enhanced DBS checks and are highly experienced and qualified in their roles. All team members hold a minimum of a Level 2 Safeguarding Qualification with those in the role of Designated Safeguarding Leads are qualified to Level 3.

Geographic Coverage

Geographic areas covered: Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk.

Age range: 4-16 years

Outline of provision offered:

iAspire Programme. A highly effective, bespoke 1:1 education programme for vulnerable children and young people. The iAspire Programme is delivered on a 1:1 basis in the students home, a neutral venue or within school.

iAspire aims to provide a high quality, bespoke provision either as a pathway back to mainstream education or on a long term basis to secure key qualifications such as functional skills, GCSE's. Similarly, iAspire can support students towards the SATs at primary level.  iAspire can offer a short term, respite placement when current provision has faltered or can offer a long-term solution for those for whom mainstream education is just not possible.

Referral Process and Programme Outline

Telephone Call or email to the Education Director in the first instance to discuss.  Referral Form completed. An iAspire Assessment Meeting will then be arranged to meet, not just with the young person, but also with key individuals/organisations involved in the education of the student.

The Assessment Meetings provide an excellent opportunity for Learning Academies to really understand the obstacles and challenges as well as providing an opportunity to recognise strengths and areas for positive development. Learning Academies will offer an honest and realistic 'Plan of Action' for all those it considers suitable for the programme. This can be tailored as required. Tuition is continually monitored and the programme remains highly reflective with the ability to be flexible to meet the complex needs of the students with whom it works.

Following agreement of the Action Plan, students are then carefully matched to an experienced tutor who will look to 'meet them where they are' and to 'start afresh'. The tutors work alongside their students to mentor and educate, offering a programme that challenges and offers a chance to succeed.

iAspire offers a refreshing approach to education. Creative, challenging, personalised and productive. A range of subjects are currently offered, including maths, English, MFL, IT skills, geography, history, life skills qualifications (first aid, fire safety etc), social and cultural experiences and sports. For some students the initial focus may simply be to 'build relationships' and a 'purposeful recreational programme' can be offered as a stepping stone to securing engagement.


iAspire Assessment Meeting: £90 + VAT

iAspire Tuition: £45+VAT per hour – minimum of two hours in any one session.

(Tutor travel is payable for journeys over 15 miles at 45p per mile).

Students study for between 2 and 25 hours per week.

For further information:

Please contact Learning Academies, 01206 252152. Or download a referral form from

Local Tuition Limited

Contact Name
Debbie Smith
Contact Details
Tel: 01268 778825
24c Eastwood Road
Private Limited Company
Staffing Structure
LA & Schools Co-ordinator - Elizabeth Bonnett
DBS Checked and Safeguarding trained
Geographic areas covered
Rayleigh, Wickford, Southend, Basildon, Benfleet, Canvey and surrounding areas
Age range
KS1 - KS4 4-16
Outline of provision offer
Specialist teaching within a dedicated tuition centre for pupils who have been temporarily or permanently excluded as well as those pupils that have had long periods of time out of education.
Local Tuition work with the referring school to develop and progress the pupils education plan and to ensure their attainment improves and they remain on target. Half or whole day sessions available.
In certain circumstances the tuition can be provided at home or at school if required.
Referral Process
Direct from Schools and LA
Reporting Process
Daily reporting to the referring school in regard to attendance, behaviour and lesson reports.

LOOP (formerly Langham Oaks Outreach Provision

Helen English – Head

Direct line: 07585 379759

School Road



CO4 5PA &

Status: part of the SEAX Trust

Age range: support for Reception to post-16

LOOP is a specialist SEMH provider able to support schools and Local Authorities in successfully meeting the needs of pupils and young adults with (SEND) difficulties across Essex.  The service will work in liaison with schools and Local Authorities to both enhance the achievement of pupils and the ability of staff in educational settings to meet the needs of pupils in the most appropriate and flexible ways.

Initial referral visit to school/agency: FREE

Pre-provision home visit (where applicable): £70 + mileage (at 45p p/m from Langham)

Attendance at meetings/reviews: £70 per hour, per member of staff

For 1:1 support: £70 per hour (including mileage)

AQA Unit Award Scheme

Additional Provision

  • 1:1 pupil tutoring
  • Specialist Teacher support
  • Whole school (bespoke) training

Who the service provides for

LOOP aims to provide a comprehensive EYFS to post-16 service which will support the LEA and colleagues in all types of schools.

Contact LOOP via:


Tel: 01206 271571 ext 228

Hours of operation

Tutoring: 0900-1530

Office: 0800-1700

Moore Teachers LTD

​Contact Name: Tina Moore

Contact Details: 01992 611902

31 Western Road, Nazeing, Essex, EN9 2QH

Provision Offer

Moore Teachers is a specialist primary teaching and tutor provision covering the districts of Essex from Uttlesford to Epping Forest and the districts of East Hertfordshire. 

We are a credible provision with many years of experience in education and special educational needs.  We hold REC Audited Education Status.

Moore Teachers offer 1 to 1 education sessions for vulnerable children and young people who are not in education - we are passionate about supporting pupils to return to the classroom. We can provide support to pupils from KS1 to KS4.  Tutoring sessions can be arranged at pupils' homes or alternative venues to suit each pupil's needs. 

All tutors are qualified, experienced teachers with QTS.  Teaching sessions are planned with reference to EHCPs, targets provided or PLPs.  Tutors are skilled to adapt/differentiate their teaching to meet the needs of pupils. Meetings are arranged with parties involved as part of an induction process, so all are fully informed as to expectations. 

All staff have an enhanced DBS with barred list check and have met all checks under KCSIE.  They all have safeguarding, prevent, lone-worker and e-safety accredited training as standard and have access to a range of additional CPD to ensure the needs of individual pupils are met.

Reporting Process

Reports are submitted weekly to Moore Teachers.  These provide information regarding learning covered, assessment, progress, engagement and attendance.  Termly reports will be provided to all relevant parties


£45 – £55 per hour. Minimum of 2 hour sessions

Referral Process

Contact Tina Moore


Sole Trader – Private Limited Company

My Space Solutions

Contact Name: Olyn Jemedze

Contact Details: 07960746415
Address: 320 South Road, South Ockendon, Essex. RM15 6EB
Age range: Key Stage 2- 4 Students
Examples of costs:
£40 per hour - K/Stage 4      
£35 per hour - K/Stage 3
£30 per hour - K/Stage 2
Status: Limited Company
Staffing Structure: Managing Director and 2 teachers, still recruiting.
Geographic areas covered: Essex/Thurrock.
My Space Solutions is a private company committed to offering Alternative Education to mainstream pupils who cannot access education for various reasons. The reasons could range from learning, social, emotional, behavioural and health-related needs. Some of the pupils could fall into the following categories:
  • Temporarily or permanently excluded pupils.
  • Young people in hospital or with health problems.
  • Pupils with SEN needs.
  • Looked after children.
  • Pregnant or parent teenagers.
  • Children not engaging at school/anxious/ school refusers
  • Children with complex social and emotional needs
My Space Solutions provides child-centered, high quality education programs to children, 5-18 years on 1 to 1 basis moulding them into successful individuals. The tuition may be offered in the children’s homes, school, libraries or tuition centres. All our staff is well qualified and goes through rigorous checks of DBS, work history and references.

National Teaching and Advisory Service Ltd NTAS

Contact Name: Alison O’Brien

Contact Details: 07866751571 /
Address: NT&AS, Dean Row Court, Dean Row Road, Wilmslow, SK9 2TB
Examples of costs: £62.50 per hour
Status: Sole trader
All staff have a current Enhanced DBS and are Safeguarding trained. Safeguarding training is part of induction; training is updated annually.
Geographic areas covered: Essex and all out of borough placements nationally.
Age range: 4 - Post 16
Outline of provision offer:
1:1 education sessions for young people in KS1,2,3,4 and Post 16  who are not in education or those facing challenges in maintaining educational placements; attendance and academic progress is raised and measured via personal learning plan.
AQA registered centre for Functional Skills, GSCE A level
ASDAN, Entry Level Certificates
Referral Process:
Contact Alison O'Brien.
Reporting Process:
Progress reports including attendance data provided termly or more frequently on request.
Schools currently buying the provision:
St Theresa’s Catholic Primary
The Boswell School
Winter Garden Academy
Heybridge School
Mildway Junior School
Potter Street Academy
St James Primary School

Noo Yu CIC Life Skills and Boxing Programme

Contact Name: Nicole Redgwell

Contact Details: 07903 775327 /
Address: 44 Rowan Way Great Dunmow Essex CM6 1PW        
Examples of costs: £1650 Per programme. Max 12 participants
Status: Private limited company
DBS Checked: Yes
Safeguarding trained: Yes
Geographic areas covered: Essex
Age range: 7-24
Outline of provision offer:
An ASDAN accredited life skills and boxing programme run once a week. 10 session of 90 mins, plus a presentation for certificates. Each week we look at a different life skill; decision making and consequence, emotion regulation, healthy eating, self-esteem and resilience. All sessions include group discussion, a media clip, completing an evidence work sheet and boxing lesson.
Noo Yu CIC also offer programmes around Youth Violence and Criminal Exploitation.

Referral Process:

Referral form to be sent to

Open Box Education - Independent School DfE No 881/6069

Contact: Alison Dolan

Tel: 01992 577300
Address: Open Box Education Centre, Registered Independent School DfE No 881/6069, St John’s Road, Epping, Essex, CM16 5DN.
Cost: £200 per week
Area Covered:Epping Forest & Harlow
Age Range: 14-16
Outline of Provision Offer - 2017-2018
Open Box Education Centre  offer between 20 and 25 hours a week of education to students and an offer that includes:
  • A five day a week programme of between 4-5 hours of education a day for up to 20 students in Years 10 and 11, taught in groups of 4
  • Dual roll until January of Year 11 and then removed from the referring school roll
  • All exam costs and exam administration included
  • Places available to students on an EHCP or LAC
The curriculum offer:
  • Maths, English, Science, PSE up to GCSE level and ASDAN as core subjects, with a weekly fitness session and a daily SMSC focus
  • Option subjects to include: Business Studies, ICT, Horticulture, Food Studies, Art & Design, Photography, PE, some up to GCSE level.
  • Enrichment to include: optional one-to-one music tuition, personal gym training, sign language course, outdoor maintenance and gardening, indoor maintenance and DIY skills, driving theory, food hygiene certificate
  • Emotional support through weekly professional counselling
  • Careers support package and work experience options
Referral Process:
Referrals are accepted following completion of our referral form (available on our website) and an interview with student, parent & link referrer. Please contact for further details.
Reporting Process:
Half termly reports are issued to parents and students and are used to inform target setting at termly parent/student review meetings. These are shared with the referring agency. Attendance and punctuality are reported every week to the referrer and more frequently if requested.
Legal Status:
Company Limited by Guarantee

Prospero Teaching

Contact Name: Kealeigh Stenning

Contact Details: 02074046383 /
Address: Prospero Teaching, Floor 3, 15 Worship Street, London EC2A 2DT
Examples of costs: Hourly booking ranges from £52 - £58.
Cancellation fee is not applied if notified 24 hours in advance.
Status ( i.e. Charity/Sole Trader): Private Limited Company
Staffing Structure: 2016 (current) – Staff = 145 MD’s =2
DBS Checked
Safeguarding trained
All candidates are required to sign the Prospero Teaching child protection policy upon registration and agree to work in accordance to the safeguarding regulations set out by the government.
Prospero Teaching is100% Gold REC Audit.
Geographic areas covered: Nationwide
Age range: 3-25
Outline of provision offer:
Prospero Teaching provide a service that is fast and of higher quality than can be matched by any other organisation nationally. With specialist consultants in the team, who have been trained in providing a considerate service to meet the sensitive requirements of finding staff for LAC pupils and AP pupils, we are able to maintain a quality service and offer the following with ease:
  • Tutors to be placed and organised within 24 hours of receiving a tuition referral
  • Tuition Reports to be completed weekly and sent to you at your request
  • Quality and specialist staff that are able to tutor at Primary, Secondary and SEN level. (Including post 16)
  • Immediate response to confirm receipt of referral
  • Nationwide tutor coverage
  • Variety of academically, vocationally and social developmentally skilled tutors available at request
Referral Process:
Referral form is emailed to the VSH Team once a referral is made by VS. This document outlines key information needed to ensure suitable allocation of tutor, including: the date of referral, location, child age, ability, statement, start date, subject, time of day, ideal day, school contact, carer name and contact and additional information. Once complete, Prospero Teaching will confirm the tutor, tuition start date, day and time of the week.
Schools currently buying the provision:
Majority virtual schools in London Boroughs
  • Havering
  • Redbridge
  • Barnet
  • Tower Hamlets
  • Bromley
  • Hackney
  • Hammersmith and Fulham
  • Kingston Upon Thames
  • Hounslow
  • Kensington and Chelsea
  • Lewisham
  • Westminster
  • Sutton

Rainbow Rural

Contact Name: Carol Monk and Julie Collins

Contact Details:
Tel: 01371 874803
Status: Community Interest Company                  
Address:Parkers Croft, Sallets Green, High Easter Road, CM6 1ND
Examples of costs:
Club day 11 - 3  £25 per student , carers free
Group booking 11 - 3  £250 for up to 10 students
Staffing Structure:
2 staff on payroll
4 part time staff self employed
Plus volunteers
Geographic areas covered: East Anglia
Age range: pre-school to adult
Outline of provision offer:
Organic family farm, lots of farm animals, wildlife and garden area. The aim is to teach skills to abled, disabled and disadvantaged people of any age.
Referral Process: Direct to Rainbow Rural from schools, colleges and individuals
Reporting Process: As required by individual users
Schools currently buying the provision:
Edith Borthwick
Chelmsford College
St Elizabeth Centre



Wickford - 01268 728076

Colchester – 01206 615590


The Rallysport Engineering Academy is an alternative education provision, specialising in the teaching of motor vehicle mechanics, to learners, from all backgrounds. They have been specifically set up to assist those students who would find the normal learning environment a challenge, or to those who find the hands on approach to learning more beneficial. Students can join any time during the academic year and start working towards completing a level one qualification.​

Randstad Education

Contact Name: Carla Ryan


Tel: 01245 260100 / 07971872547

Address: 2nd Floor Ford House, 31-34 Railway St, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1QS


Geographic areas covered: Essex

Age range: 3-18

Outline of provision offer: 1:1 support Teachers 

Schools currently buying the provision:

Brinkley Grove

Oakfield Primary

Walton-on-the-Naze Primary

Raw Learning

Contact name:  Rachel King, BA (QTS)

Contact details: 07709 348 256  or


4 Merilies Close,





Reach Essex

Contact name: Gemma Quantrill


Contact number:07720805658

Address: Waring Room, The Street, Heybridge, CM9 4NB


We believe in investing in people. As professionals in the helping profession, we believe and aspire to offer a better future to those children, young people and families we work with. Success for us means unleashing the potential of each individual we engage with, so they can grow and develop each day, to be better versions of themselves. Our values are grounded in our determination to be the change we want to see in the world, through passion, commitment and integrity. We want to plant a seed of kindness and compassion in a generation that will produce resilience & hope and enable them to fulfil their own destinies. Our success therefore will be measured in the lives we changed through REACH.

Reach runs 2 services:

Turnaround Project

Programme is intended for students that are on the verge of permanent exclusion due to numerous behavioral and emotional issues. Students would normally have issues with resilience,  emotional regulation, poor social communication and self esteem and confidence issues who attend the programme. The programme also work with students that are getting involved in unsafe behaviour within the community and putting themselves at risk.

Our highly skilled staff team offers a holistic approach to enabling students to reflect and re-engage in education over 6-12 week period. This programme is open to students with or without an EHCP. We will work closely with both students and families to ensure that the system around the child supports and encourages successful reintegration.

Turnaround includes:

  • Full time provision for 6- 12 weeks with a tailored, movement based curriculum that helps improve resilience, motivation and attitude.
  • Therapeutic intervention tailored to students' specific needs from counselor, play therapist and social workers
  • Emotional regulation intervention
  • Family support and intervention
  • Weekly feedback to referring school
  • Collection and drop off points
  • Reintegration support package back into referring school
  • Class size of no more than 6 students with a 2 adults supporting minimum


1:1 service, mentoring, direct work and therapeutic intervention is used to help engage students into learning. Our family intervention team will work closely with the family using different approaches such as non-violent resistance (NVR) to help promote positive and healthy relationships within the family home. This service can be used for anxious school refusers, mentoring of challenging students, students that have been out of education due to high level behaviour and haven't yet got an education placement or to assist with managed moves.
There is no entry level criteria into either services, the service work with the students where they are at and uses a strength based approach to help reengage them and the family with the education system. An intervention plan is then drawn up and shared with school, parents and students and revisited throughout the period of time we are commissioned to work with the student.

Outreach £45 - £65 per session
Outreach packages for managed moves set price discussed upon referral dependent on the length of time required.
Turnaround programme £4000 for 6-12 weeks full time provision, including pickups and drop offs, student kit and breakfast and lunch

Red Balloon Air

Contact: Phil White, Provision Manager for Essex

Tel: 07913 842186
Red Balloon of the Air (RBAir) provides an innovative, blended online and face-to-face academic and therapeutic programme for students aged 9-18.  The common factors for our students are trauma and difficulty attending school, often rooted in bullying, anxiety or mental health issues, illness or a variety of other causes.  Our provision comprises three interwoven strands of Education, Wellbeing and Community, with the aim of students’ overall recovery, reintegration and successful transition to the next stage of their lives.
Students admitted will have expressed a desire to be at Red Balloon and make progress. They commit to behaving with respect and consideration.
All RBAir students in Essex receive:
      a bespoke timetable.
      live on-line sessions with teachers, therapists and mentors.
      initial 1:1 sessions that generally develop into pair and small group learning.
      visits by a mentor.
      community visits, enrichment and group sessions based at our ‘Satellite Centre’ in a rural village setting.
      Maths, English, ICT, Science, ASDAN, work experience and further learning/engagement opportunities as appropriate depending on identified needs.
      a computer, along with induction and support provided by RBAir.
      support with transition back to school or to college.
RBAir students:
·         focus on recovery, re-engagement with learning and ultimately reintegration into an appropriate mainstream school/college or training setting. A mentor supports this process and liaises with relevant professionals (e.g. at the commissioning school).
·         often work towards GCSEs and/or other appropriate qualifications(timescale depending on situation).
·         can take exams at a Red Balloon of the Air or other registered exam centre.


Please contact the office below on 01621 888 or or Richard Titchener Skipper and Executive Officer on 07895 063838 or to discuss your requirements.


SEA-CHANGE SAILING TRUST DofE Approved Activity Provider, RYA Training & Sailability Foundation Centre, ASTO member.


Sea-Change Sailing Trust

Downs Road Boatyard





Tel: 01621 840982


Sea-Change Projects Ltd. A not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, registered in England no. 6163852 Charity no. 1125958


The Sea-Change Sailing Trust, based at Maldon, offers those working with hard-to-reach young people an opportunity to engage them in shared positive activity living and working together aboard a large traditional sailing vessel. This challenging, yet safe, environment provides structure and boundaries that make sense to everyday life. In a group totalling up to twelve and accompanied by support staff who understand their needs, they work watches so as to play a full part in the running of the ship on deck as well as domestic tasks. It is a week in the natural world where people who struggle in a normal classroom situation learn through activity, and gives staff the chance to review what people can achieve. For students needing high ratio support or individual attention, we can tailor a residential package for small numbers.


We also welcome students over 14 years from accompanied trips, whose needs we understand, to return independently in our Youth Sailing Scheme during school holidays, and we will discuss referrals with benefit/risk assessments for new people.​

South Essex College - DfE No 882/130672


Tel: 01268 461604

South Essex College offers a School Programme to 14-16 year olds covering a variety of vocational courses throughout the academic year. Our programmes have practical elements providing a taste of industry and offer students valuable life skills. All our courses aid with progression to Post-16 education.

14-16 Transition Pathways programmes aim to:

  • enhance student's self-belief through teambuilding activities
  • promote active collaborative learning that fosters relationships
  • provide an educational experience that is challenging and enriching
  • offer an environment where students feel accepted and affirmed

Teaching Personnel

Contact Name: Stacey Folkard

Contact Details: / 01245 206760

Address: Elizabeth House, 28 Baddow Rd, Chelmsford, CM2 0DG


Examples of costs:

£40.75 per/hr. Minimum of 2 hours.

121 or small group tuition.

DBS Checked

Safeguarding trained

Geographic areas covered: England and Wales

Age range 0-25 years old

Outline of provision offer:

Provide temporary education staff for tuition on school site, at home or other suitable settings. Candidates will complete feedback forms and/or Essex education monitoring forms as and when asked to.


Contact Name: Simon Barnes (CEO) / Josh Blackburn (Sales Manager)

Contact Details: 01279 657193
Address: 2 Ducketts Wharf, South Street, Bishop's Stortford, Herts, CM23 3AR
Examples of costs:
1 student £38+VAT per hour
2 students £38+VAT per hour
3 students £57+VAT per hour
Status: Limited Company
Staffing Structure:
Simon Barnes: CEO and Founder
Manda Barnes: Education Director and Founder           
Josh Blackburn: Sales Manager
Liz Kingseller: Online Manager
Emily Warrington: Operations Assistant
Geographic areas covered: Global (require PC or Laptop and internet connection)
Age range: Age 6 up to GCSE including post 16.
Outline of provision offer:
TLC LIVE delivers online tuition for students aged 6 up to GCSE across English, maths and science. TLC LIVE also delivers EAL lessons for students including adults. TLC LIVE’s online lessons take place at a time to suit the student with lessons running for up to 3 students working with 1 tutor. Each student works individually with the tutor, allowing different abilities and ages to work at the same time each student targeting their own skill gaps helping boost attainment as well as confidence. All TLC LIVE tutors are fully qualified,  UK based teachers who are fully DBS checked by ourselves. They are not self employed and are on the payroll of the company.
TLC LIVE has worked with a wide range of students from Gifted and Talented through to school refusers,  students missing school for health reasons and students who have been temporarily or permanently excluded. All that is required is a PC with a good internet connection and a headset with microphone in order to speak with the tutor is all that is required for lessons to take place.
TLC LIVE lessons can run for as long as the school, virtual school or parent see fit.  This can be a few days due to sickness or behaviour or regular lessons for the whole year.  TLC LIVE does not require a school or virtual school to sign a contract or give any written commitment of how long they would require lessons.
TLC LIVE has the capacity to run lessons for as many students as required with tutors available to run lessons any time of the week. TLC LIVE is used a way to fill individual students skill gaps, with each lesson run individualised to that particular student. We find that not only do students increase in attainment (with one school measuring an average 2.4 pts progress in 5 lessons) but also with student’s confidence and behaviour in class.
Referral Process:
Please contact TLC LIVE either via email at or on 01279 657193. We have a brief referral form which can be completed for each student  being referred and then TLC LIVE will organise the sessions with the most relevant contact also helping with IT support to make sure the sessions start in a positive way.
Reporting Process:
In the first TLC LIVE lesson an assessment is run to identify skill gaps,  TLC LIVE will then periodically assess again across a school term to monitor progress.  Assessment data is sent through to the school termly or at the end of a booking.   After each lesson the tutor completes a feedback form highlighting the areas worked on, how the student engaged, attendance and a lesson plan for the next lesson.
Schools currently buying the provision:
Southend on Sea Virtual School
Bromfords School
Ghyllgrove Junior School
Great Baddow High School
Hamford Primary Academy          
St Johns Green Primary School
We are currently working with around 45 councils across the country for their Virtual Schools and working with in excess of 50 schools across the country.

TLG Chelmsford 881/6066 and TENDRING 881/6070- Independent Schools

Daniel Lawrence - Chelmsford  - 01245 358855

Ben Pratt - Tendring - 01255 679585
TLG Chelmsford, Life Church, Hall Street, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 0HG
DfE 881/6066
TLG Tendring, Frinton Free Church, Connaught Avenue, Frinton-on-Sea, Essex,CO13 9PW
DfE 881/6070
Examples of costs:
Daily Rate (Full): £104
90%:  £94
80%: £83
75%: £78
TLG Chelmsford and Tendring are registered independent schools inspected by Ofsted under the common inspection framework.  We aim to focus on the needs of those who are struggling in school.  We engage young people on pathways to learning, addressing the individual, social and emotional learning needs of young people, whilst also developing self-esteem.  We have a nurturing environment where we offer one-to-one personal development sessions; a school timetable with a range of subjects and enrichment activities.
At TLG Chelmsford we deliver Reset, TLG’s tailor-made programme. The Reset programme is specifically designed to help students reflect on past examples, consider alternatives and be empowered to act on what they have learnt and reset.  The programme also challenges and helps to modify difficult behaviour, teaching young people to make appropriate choices. 
Reset is a programme offered to KS3 and KS4 students as a form of early intervention where students have exhausted their opportunities in a school, but before any external move has taken place such as a managed move or short term placement at a PRU.  The purpose of students’ time with us is to give the student a break from the mainstream environment and give the school a chance to look at appropriate strategies for their return.  During students time with us the focus is to identify issues that cause conflict both at school and at home, work on emotional literacy and developing coping strategies to manage their behaviour.
Age range: Year 7 - 11                                                    
Outline of provision offer
TLG Chelmsford offer flexible programmes of study for KS3 and KS4 pupils.  These range from short, one term focused placements designed for KS3 reintegration back into mainstream to longer full time placements leading to nationally recognised qualifications. As part of a national network of independent schools we focus on the core elements of the national curriculum with English and maths lessons taught each day. The number of days a pupil attends and their curriculum offer can be tailored to suit the needs of the individual and the school.
TLG Tendring is owned and operated by Frinton Free Church
TLG Tendring is run is run as a partnership between Frinton Free Church and TLG The Education Charity, focusing on the needs of those who are struggling in school. It is one of a growing national network of schools supported by TLG
Our priority is to offer significant qualifications and life skills that can help bring about real change, equipping young people to re-engage in education.
Our core curriculum includes a clear focus on English, maths, ICT and personal, social development learning, which are accredited through Functional Skills and AIM Awards PSD, Employability and Vocational Pathway qualifications.
The KS3 Reset model is a form of early intervention which gives the pupil a break from the mainstream environment and gives the school a chance to look at appropriate strategies for their return.  During the term with us the focus is to identify issues that cause conflict both at school and at home, work on emotional literacy and developing coping strategies to manage their behaviour.
All TLG Centres are working towards offering GCSE’s in English and Maths.
Single subject GCSE’s and BTECs are already part of the extended curriculum in some TLG Centres.
Along with non-accredited programmes such as TLG’s Life Leadership programme, music, media, sport and art, we are able to offer a broad curriculum that can be tailored to individual needs and interests.
Referral Process
Referrals can be made directly to the school by individual schools or by groups of schools working together.  The shortest placement is for a term.  A referring school is expected to pay for a terms placement but there is flexibility to swap pupils if the placement breaks down for any reason.
Reporting Process
Referring schools receive automatic attendance data for their pupils each morning via email. Weekly contact with the family and referring school via email and telephone to update on progress. Referring schools receive a copy of the ILP and baseline data during the first 2 weeks of a programme that includes targets for the pupil during their time at TLG. The referring school and parents get a formal report each term to update them on progress against their targets and academic progress in the core curriculum. Both parents and referrers can request weekly behaviour reports via our electronic system.

TUTE Education

Early interventions from Tute

Tute Education is a BETT award-winning service, associated with pupil premium (PP) award-winning schools. The impact of our interventions has been praised by OfSTED as an effective use of PP funding, the Welsh Government have published their recommendation of our interventions to support pupils entitled to the pupil deprivation grant.
Tute delivers the additional capacity required in schools to further personalise curriculum delivery. Pupils who are becoming disengaged or would benefit from additional support to help close gaps in attainment, can benefit from the support delivered by our small group learning online. Tute’s research based interventions and proven pedagogy can empower schools to offer a more inclusive learning environment and to overcome some of the barriers to learning faced by vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.
By enabling schools to avoid the need to send pupils off-site to receive alternative provision, Tute can also help to keep costs down:
Tute Go!
Our Tute Go! programmes deliver short sequences of lessons that focus on catch-up and intervention, enrichment and revision from Yr7 – Yr11. Lessons cost £90 each but can be shared by up to 12 learners, therefore reducing the cost to just £7.50 per pupil.
Tute on Demand
Day-to-day inclusion needs can be hard to predict. The ability to intervene quickly and remove a pupil from class can de-escalate a problem, prevent wider disruption and enable individuals to recover before they lose their focus on learning. Lessons can be booked in Tute’s on-demand timetable at an hours’ notice at a cost of £10 per seat for Yr7-Yr11.
Tute at Home
Originally established to enable parents to purchase home tuition at an affordable cost, Tute at Home has become popular with schools using PP to extend their school day for vulnerable learners. The additional support provided by our after-school lessons can enhance and consolidate learning delivered in school at a cost of £10 per seat from Yr7 – Yr11. Secure, locked devices to access education from home can also be provided.
Virtual School
For students on fixed-term exclusion or placed in internal inclusion centres, Tute’s Virtual School provides daily access to lessons with our qualified teachers. Our fixed timetable offers a choice of differentiated programmes that can help support code B attendance for pupils learning off-site and help avoid resorting to permanent exclusion. Seats cost £11 each for KS2, KS3 and KS4.
Functional Skills
Our fixed timetable of functional skills Courses in English and maths can help schools broaden their curriculum offering for students needing an alternative to GCSEs. The annual cost of a seat in a Tute Course is £995.
Concentrated Courses
Yr11 can be a stressful time for students. Those in need of a final chance to make up for time lost to absence from school and achieve essential GCSE qualifications can join our Concentrated Courses in English, maths and science. These intense Courses squeeze our standard 2yr GCSEs into one year of study. Seats cost £1,990.                           
Tute is the leading provider of small group, online teaching to schools, having supported over 250,000 pupils and hundreds of schools in its first two years of operation alone. We are commissioned directly by the DfE, have received positive recognition from OfSTED, are associated with Pupil Premium award winning schools and are recommended by the Welsh Government. We deliver live and interactive lessons online. Our lessons are not pre-recorded, they are delivered in real time by experienced UK qualified teachers.
Contact Name: Kate McCombe                    
Contact Details:
Address: Unit 3, Cheseney Court, Wrexham Technology Park, Wrexham LL13 7YP
Status - Limited company
Staffing Structure
Sean Gardner - CEO
Vanessa Brown - Director of Teaching & Learning
James Fawcett - Financial Director
Rachel Devine - Head of Curriculum
Kate McCombe - Head of English
Katy Johnson - Head of Science
Llifon Williams - Head of Maths
Dedicated tech support team
Admin team
Geographic areas covered UK
Age range: KS2 - KS5
Tute work with schools, academies, PRUs, virtual schools, charities, hospital and outreach services and others with an interest in improving education outcomes for vulnerable or disadvantaged groups.
The Virtual School provides access to a pre-set differentiated core subject timetable and with a minimum commitment of one student and one subject for just half a term, offers an immediate inclusion solution at KS3 and KS4.
Individual referrals can also be made to our pre-set GCSE groups. Courses commence in September and can be joined throughout the year.
For those requiring solutions for groups rather than individuals our GCSE courses and bespoke programmes can be commissioned to blend with your existing school timetable.
SaaS subscription plans place schools in control of their own customised learning cloud. A selection of plans offer various levels of service from intervention and enrichment to your very own virtual school.
Referral Process
Tute can be contacted via the website or by calling: 0844 870 7651 A member of the Tute team will then discuss your needs with you in detail. Tute are available to visit and demonstrate available provision and work closely with those who commission services to ensure they clearly understand the purpose of intervention and the desired outcomes are made clear. To engage with lessons, students just need access to a computer with broadband connection and a headset and a simple IT check will be scheduled by the tech team in advance of lessons commencing to make sure everything runs smoothly.
Reporting Process
Reports are generated as standard at the end of each lesson, information about progress and attainment is given further context by observations of social, emotional and behavioural responses. More fulsome reporting is delivered at the end of each half-term period. Detailed case studies of the impact and outcomes of Tute working partnerships can also be produced. Pre and post assessment is also available upon request for commissioned courses.

Wellies-on (Butterfly Lodge)

Website –

Contact – Emma Lowery, Centre Manager 01206 735453

Who are we?

Wellies-On Community Interest Company (CIC) is a 40 acre social farm based in Abberton just outside of Colchester. It is a working farm producing goats milk, goats milk ice cream and meat. As well as the goats we also have sheep, chickens, pigs, pygmy goats, horses and Shetland ponies. Our social farm opens its door to anyone who can benefit from being out in the countryside and enjoy taking part in the daily life of a working farm. At 'Wellies-on' our philosophy is… “Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I might remember, involve me and I'll understand."

What are our aims?

To nurture wellbeing - We recognise the importance of connecting with the natural world in order to maintain good physical and emotional health. Co-farmers (Service users) can increase their wellbeing through participation in the real and meaningful tasks involved in the everyday running of the farm.

Sow the seeds of resilience (coping skills) - We recognise that life presents many challenges and that sometimes our ability to cope is stretched. We provide a supportive environment for Co-farmers to explore their own sense of identity and self-belief through one to one and small group activities. Positive risk taking is supported in a real working environment full of challenges, surprises and learning opportunities.

Plough the way forward - We passionately believe that everybody, regardless of their starting point, should be given the opportunity to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to move forward in a positive direction. Co-farmers are supported to physically and emotionally develop a relationship with the land, the people and the work. This experience and the skills acquired can be taken forward into their lives beyond the farm.

Who can we work with?

  • Children and young people experiencing mental health issues
  • Children and young people who have learning disabilities / difficulties
  • Children and young people who have sensory and / or mobility issues
  • Disaffected or disadvantaged young people
  • Children and young people at risk of permanent exclusion from both primary and secondary education

We can work with children as young as 5.

For children / young people – Social farming can offer a way to reintegrate back into a mainstream educational environment. We can offer therapeutic interventions to those at risk of permanent exclusion. We can act as a stepping stone onto further learning (Writtle, Otley etc). We can offer the chance for young people to achieve and experience academic success within a more hands on setting.

Qualified and Experienced Staff Team

Our core team is made up of qualified teachers all of whom have had experience within mainstream schools and colleges (PGCE and DTTLS). We also have qualified mental health professionals who are registered with BACP and are practitioners of CBT, EMDR and Equine Assisted Psycotherapy. All of our core team have had many years of experience supporting young people in schools, colleges, in the community and within care settings. The Managing Director is a third-generation farmer with a great deal of experience and expertise in livestock, farming, dairy production and management.

Measuring Progress

At Wellies-on CIC we are licensed to use the 'Outcome Star' as a tool to measure the progress of those we support. All of our staff have been trained to use this tool effectively. The Outcomes Star is a unique suite of tools for supporting and measuring change when working with children and young people.

We also work with Co-farmers to set goals at the start of their time with us and support them to measure their progress through tutorials across the year.

What do we offer?

Social Farming Days

A recent survey carried out by Barnardo's states that “Almost half of all children aged from 12 to 16 in England feel sad or anxious at least once a week."

Many young people find themselves struggling with low mood, social anxiety, feeling isolated and subsequently become disengaged from everyday life. With mental health services struggling to meet an ever-increasing demand social farming can play a vital role in supporting these young people to reconnect by:

  • Enhancing self esteem
  • Improving self confidence
  • Improving social skills
  • Building emotional resilience
  • Improving physical fitness
  • Providing opportunities to work within and alongside a team
  • Promoting independent working
  • Encouraging problem solving

This is achieved through guided social interaction alongside meaningful and purposeful activities involving animals and nature.

Some accreditation can be gained on the social farming programme (through Gateway Qualifications) please enquire for further details.

Social Farming groups run throughout the year, Tuesday to Friday 10am -3pm. These sessions are designed to be attended on a regular basis, for 1 or 2 days per week, in conjunction with school, college, tutoring or other alternative provision.

Primary early intervention sessions

Working with children at risk of exclusion. These sessions aim to build bridges between the young person at risk of exclusion, their peers and those supporting them during this difficult time. How does it work? The young person attends the farm along with 2 or 3 peers in addition to the staff members that support them when things are difficult within school. The session would offer the opportunity to work together away from the classroom to complete a series of tasks that need the group to pull together as a team, to listen to each other and support each other in order to succeed. Fun, interesting and innovative ways are used to encourage group participants to take their new found 'skills' from the farm into the school and share them with others. The idea of this intervention is to help the young person to realise that they can achieve, they can have positive interactions, they are be valued by their peers and more importantly that they can make positive changes to their own lives.

These sessions are delivered with input from a mental health professional and all planning will be done in partnership with the school to ensure optimum impact. Typically, 4-6 sessions would be recommended. Each session would last for around 1 ½ hours.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is a collaborative effort between a mental health professional and an equine professional working with clients and horses to address treatment goals. EAP…

  • Is challenging and non-threatening
  • Rapidly breaks down unhelpful defences
  • Provides immediate cause and effect situations
  • Captivates and holds attention
  • Promotes change from dysfunctional patterns to successful ones

We offer Equine Assisted Learning and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy to individuals, couples and groups who want to make significant and lasting changes in their lives. Sessions are facilitated by our team of EAGALA qualified equine and mental health professionals and our herd of horses.

Bespoke packages are available upon request.

Wilderness Foundation

Chatham Green – 03001233073

Farming and nature for a sustainable future


Our youth projects and programmes have been developed to meet the needs of young people who are facing a number of challenges in their lives.   These can be within a school, family or other social setting, resulting in them putting themselves at risk.
The content of our projects and programmes aims to equip and enable these young people to acquire the skills from within themselves to navigate their futures safely and successfully.   Our use of nature and the outdoors enhances these outcomes in the form of increased resilience, self-esteem and social skills.
One-to-One Bespoke Programmes
“Participants evidence significant improvement in self-esteem, mood, hopefulness and self-efficacy in correlation to an increase in connection with nature.”
University of Essex
Age range: 5 - 25 years
Location: Essex
Programme outline:
Tailor made for individuals who require a more intensive programme of one-to-one engagement and those who find it particularly difficult to engage in a group, or have complex issues.
Primarily nature based and can include: fishing, nature photography and art activities, bush craft and conservation.  These all interface with our personal development and resilience facilitation methods.
Most work is delivered on the 400 acre Hyde Hall Farm surrounding our offices including woodland, meadows, streams, and agricultural fields.
We make use of a small wilderness camp that supports our work and provides a base for our activities.
Specialist outdoor therapists are available once assessment is made.
Programmes are developed on a bespoke basis to meet the agreed objectives and desired outcomes for the participant. A full proposal is provided after initial assessment. Prices start from £55 p/h for 1-2-1 sessions.

The Chatham Green Project is a conservation and education initiative on 400 acres of farmland in the heart of Essex. Focused on sustainable land use, the project investigates how we can utilise the land more effectively to better balance the 21st century needs of farming, nature and communities. Through this initiative, we aim to educate over 3,000 school aged pupils each year.​

Winchmore Tutors Ltd

Contact Name: Laura Hunter - Director

Laura Douglass - LA referrals
Contact Details:
Tel: 01628 617 004
Address: James House, Dedmere Road, Marlow, Sl7 1FJ
Examples of costs:
1:1 tuition - £40/hr + VAT
2:1 group tuition - £45/hr + VAT
1:2 tuition - £75/hr + VAT
Status ( i.e. Charity/Sole Trader):  Ltd
Staffing Structure:
Laura Hunter - Director - oversees contract/provision        
Laura Douglass - LA contract administrator - oversees and processes all referrals
Martha Carr - Schools account manager - Essex - School referrals
Laura Robinson - Tutor Admin - LA - overseas QC of tutors and lesson summaries                        
Geographic areas covered All UK including all of Essex
Age range: 4-16
Outline of provision offer:
Winchmore Tutors offers highly specialist teaching on a 1:1 basis for children reception to KS4. Our tutors can work with children that have been temporarily or permanently excluded as well as those at risk of exclusion. All of our teachers are qualified, trained and we can match teachers to students with particular needs. For example teachers with EBD experience, team teach training, a background working in PRU's or YO institutes. We also have a large number of SEN and EAL specialists. We can also set up tuition on a 2:1 basis with an additional team teach trained TA for students with extreme behaviour or additional needs. We can cover a wide range of subjects, and levels.
Our key strengths are our ability to source and place a specialist tutor anywhere across the county within 48 hours of receiving a referral. Our service is extremely flexible and can take place at home or at a suitable venue such as a library or a partner school site. We can work with students on a short or long term basis with no minimum hours per week.
We held the DfE quality mark for one-to-one tuition and were audited by the DfE in 2012.
Referral Process:
Send referral form to LA or Schools account manager. Tutor allocated within 48 hours. CV sent to client for approval.

1st Staff teaching agency

Contact details 1st Staff 01992 610870 - email

Status: Social Enterprise, Limited Company

DBS Checked and Safeguarding trained  

Geographic areas covered: Nationwide


Our Services

Early intervention work in mainstream for pupils at risk of permanent exclusion.


Interventions for pupils who are refusing or unable to attend a school setting.


Engagement and education of pupils who do not have a school place or are permanently excluded with accompanying input and support within a re-integration programme.


Work with other professionals by contributing to EHCPs and other individual diagnoses that a pupil may need.



Our Mission

To re-engage children who have not been able to access education due to the nature and complexity of their needs through individualised and group learning.


Early intervention work in mainstream for pupils at risk of permanent exclusion.

Interventions for pupils who are refusing or unable to attend a school setting.

Engagement and education of pupils who do not have a school place or are permanently excluded with accompanying input and support within a re-integration programme.


Our Vision

As an Alternative Learning provider our aim is to ensure excellent outcomes for the children and young people in our service.


We provide specialist education for pupils aged 4-19 either on short or long – term programmes, focusing on attendance, re-introduction into learning, engagement and an experience of success.


Most of our pupils have complex and additional needs, some with EHCPs, who have often been unable to flourish in mainstream education.


Our educating system enables positive opportunities using informed interventions that remove barriers to learning.





Positive Outcomes for Pupils

Assessment data is used to develop an individual learning programme which raises

achievements, inspires expectations and supports pupils in their learning.


Quality of Teaching Learning  and Assessment

The curriculum focuses on delivering academic, social and emotional learning which enables learners to become successful and proud of achieving.


All delivery is monitored by the Headteacher and specialist teachers who focus on curriculum content and delivery, every lesson has a planned learning objective.


Marking and feedback is done with the pupil to give an understanding of what has been achieved and what the next steps are.


Personal Development,  Behaviour and Welfare

Attendance is monitored, encouraged and rewarded with certificates. Behaviour expectations are high and made clear to pupils.


Pastoral support is given to complement the academic curriculum using the nurturing techniques within the Boxall Profile and THRIVE.



Sports Mentoring & Crime Prevention

Our Sport, Emotional Wellbeing, Healthy Mind and Body Mentoring Programme which includes Boxing, Crime and Gang Prevention is an additional service that supports our alternative learning that we offer

The key aim is on achieving long-lasting positive outcomes for pupils refusing or not being able to manage educational tuition when they start working with us.

We have a holistic mentoring approach that is designed for prevention and intervention to re-engage pupils to educational learning and to reach their goals developing strategies for children and young people who are excluded or maybe at risk and help those who are exposed to crime and gang Involvement.



We can provide the following qualifications:

  • Core curriculum subjects
  • Arts Award
  • GCSEs (registration for exams to be arranged by referrer)
  • Functional Skills
  • Short Courses: Academic & Vocational (such as City & Guilds & ASDAN)
  • Accompanied Work Placements (16yrs +)
  • Online learning​

Youth Build  01245 264177

Contact Name: Jane Cosh      

Unit 8, Hoffmanns Way, Chelmsford, CM1 1GU