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Page last updated: 29/01/2020

​​It is a legal requirement for every Local Authority to convene a SACRE (Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education). The Essex SACRE, which meets once a term, comprises four statutory groups and co-opted members. 

  • Group A - representing non-Anglican Christian denominations and other religions and religious denominations.
  • Group B - representing the Church of England.
  • Group C - representing various teachers' associations.
  • Group D - representing the Local Authority.

The Local Authority works with SACRE to monitor and review the provision of RE and collective worship, considering with SACRE any action that needs to be taken in respect of support offered to schools. SACRE produces an Agreed Syllabus which is reviewed every five years. SACRE also produces advice, particularly on methods of teaching, the choice of resources and the provision of training for teachers.

SACRE considers any application from a school for a 'determination' to lift the requirement for the majority of acts of collective worship in that school to be 'wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character'.

Useful Resources

Bringing Sikhism Alive! Visit a Gurdwara (Temple) or Invite a Sikh to your school

The Karamsar Gurdwara in Ilford welcomes visits from school parties (of primary or secondary aged children), with follow up workshops in school (under teacher supervision) available. For more information visit the Karamsar Gurdwara website. 

To arrange a visit, or to invite a member of the Sikh community to your school to give a talk or run a practical session on Sikhism, email 

Please use the same email address if you would like to arrange for a member of the Sikh community to come to your school and give a talk or run a practical session on Sikhism.