Roll notifications

Notifications for admission or deletion, to or from roll.

All schools and academies, including Independent and Free Schools, are legally required to notify their local authority of every new entry to the school admission register. Notification must be given within five days of the pupil being enrolled.

Every deletion from the school register must also be notified to the local authority, as soon as one of the statutory grounds for deletion has been satisfied. This can be no later than the date on which the pupil is removed from roll.

For mainstream schools and academies, this requirement only covers those admissions and deletions that take place after the first day of the academic year and before the last day of the academic year. For example, mid-year admissions and deletions from roll.


To help all Essex schools and academies fulfil these statutory duties, online notification forms are available:

Addition to roll notification

The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 stipulates the grounds under which a school may remove a pupil from roll.

If you have a legitimate ground to remove a pupil from roll please click the below link.

Deletion from roll notification

If a pupil is being removed from roll following a parental decision to home educate, visit the Elective Home Education webpage to complete the notification.

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