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Occupational Health

Page last updated: 04/02/2020

We specialise in keeping employees both physically and mentally well whilst at work. We can support both the employee and line manager where the employee​ has an​ existing health condition. Our aim is to provide objective advice to enable both the employee and line manager to manage the effects of work on employee health.

The Occupational Health Service will help you manage any workplace risk that may arise to prevent injury or illness, support the return to work for employees who are currently absent and recommend appropriate adjustments.

Occupational Health Referrals

An Occupational Health referral is recommended as early as possible, if you have concerns about an employees health and the impact it is having on their ability to undertake their role. 

It is important an employee understands what to expect from an Occupational Health referral. Therefore please ensure you discuss the reasons for referral with the employee and take them through what they can expect at the appointment. 

Please take a look at the 'How to make a Referral' page which includes details on how an Occupational Health appointment is conducted before making the referral. 

  • Referral Consent Form -  Consent form if you wish to share a copy of an employee's OH referral form with an HR Consultant​​

Ill Health Referrals

An Occupational Health Referral can be used to establish whether an application for Ill Health Retirement could be considered as a last resort where an employee may be permanently incapable of undertaking their role. 

To be eligible for Ill Health Retirement consideration, the employee must have paid into the Local Government Pension Scheme for a minimum of 2 years. To find out more, please see the guidance available​. ​


Pre-employment health screening is to establish an Applicant's fitness for employment taking into account:

  • The job description, tasks required within the role and any significant risks

  • Legislative fitness standards.

  • Relevant current and pre-existing health conditions

  • To consider if  any of the duties of the job may have an adverse effect on any pre-existing or current health conditions the Applicant has declare.

  • Work adjustments that may be required for Applicants with a disability or long-term health condition taking into account the provisions of the Equality Act 2010.

It is important that this process is completed prior to the Applicant starting work.

Health Surveillance

Health surveillance is systematically watching out for early signs of work-related ill health in employees exposed to certain health risks e.g. vibration, noise or chemicals so preventative actions can be taken to ensure the health of employees is maintained. It means putting in place certain procedures to achieve this. Take a look at the Health Surveillance Guide​ for further information.​​

Egress Emailing

Essex County Council is now using a secure email solution called Egress allowing us to send official-sensitive information securely without having to password protect a document. ​This is also used when sending large file attachments that exceed 20mb. Further information on this can be found on the Essex County Council website.  

Frequently Asked Questions​

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions document.​​​

Mini Bus Health Questionnaires

Drivers of Mini Buses for vocational reasons are required to meet the minimum standards of fitness as set out in the DVLA guidance. Our health assessment establishes whether your employee is fit to undertake the mini-bus drivers test.