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Speech and Language Resources

Page last updated: 23/05/2018

Overview of Speech and Language Framework (SALF)

The SALF is a booklet which provides a common language to talk about speech and language difficulties.  There are sets of descriptors of children’s language across the phases from Foundation Stage to Key Stages 3 & 4. These are used to provide a profile of a child’s abilities across a number of key areas of speech and language. This profile can then be used to suggest a package of support, selected from a range of options which help schools in meeting children’s needs. The SALF is intended to be used by schools in collaboration with speech and language therapists, educational psychologists, specialist teachers, LA officers and parents. 

Overview of Speech and Language Audit Tool (SPLAT)

The SPLAT is intended to enable school staff to explore and enhance their current knowledge base of speech, language and communication difficulties. This is done through ideas, information and advice offered at two levels: a basic level and then more specific detail. As a folder the SPLAT is divided into sections to reflect these levels – the focus is on curriculum issues, processes of communication and assessment. Through the use of SPLAT, school staff are helped with the management of SLCN in the classroom whilst being encouraged to self-review their understanding of speech and language issues.

The Ultimate Guide to Phonological Awareness 

The purpose of this resources pack is to help school staff to better understand the stages of phonological awareness and to provide structured activities and materials that can be used to teach early phonological awareness skills, paving the way for the systematic teaching of phonics as described in Phase two of the Letters and Sounds document.

It can also be used to support children who have not made the expected progress in literacy because of identified difficulties with phonological awareness, as well as with children who have difficulties with speech production, who may be working in similar areas, possibly supported by a Speech and Language Therapist.