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Provision Guidance Toolkit

Page last updated: 23/05/2018

​NOTE: The Provision Guidance Toolkit is a working document and we will continue to update it regularly.  As a result, please check back regularly as hyperlinks are populated and supporting documentation is added.  Updates will be highlighted in the Education Essex newsletter and the current version date noted here.

Current Version: Provision Guidance V3 (uploaded 8 November 2016)

​How is the Toolkit structured?

We recognise that to support pupils well the foundations need to be secure.  As such each area is divided into three levels of need:

  • High Quality Teaching (HQT) – This is the foundation of all teaching, assessment and intervention for all pupils.
  • Additional School Intervention and Support (ASI) - Building on quality first teaching where a pupil may need more input and advice may be sought from professionals to support individual assessment interventions
  • High Needs (HN) – for pupils with more complex or enduring needs, whose effective access to the curriculum and learning require coordinated and highly personalised advice and support
​How to use the Provision Guidance Toolkit

The Provision Guidance Toolkit has been designed to be used online.  The navigation begins at the home page and has direct links to the different areas of need and different levels within  these areas.  The starting point for exploring the guidance should be the Introduction section followed by the section for All Essex PupilsThere are navigation buttons on each section to return you to the home page if required. 

The Provision Guidance can be used to combine categories of need for children with more complex needs, for instance if you have a child with a sensory need and experiencing emotional difficulties advice can be sought from each section.  Relevant sections from the Provision Guidance Toolkit (or the complete document) can also be printed and used to support training, staff sharing events, etc.

The Early Years Provision Guidance document takes a similar approach but references relevant material for the Early Years as supporting documentation

Extension materials for each section of the Provision Guidance continue to be developed by the Specialist Teaching & Preschool Service for each section of the Provision Guidance.

To contact the Provision Guidance Project Team

We are currently gathering feedback on what works well, suggestions for improvement and instances where you have found the guidance useful, and as such welcome your input.

In addition we will continue to update assessments, interventions and strategies as research moves forward.  As such we welcome suggestions of evidence based interventions or assessments you feel may have been overlooked. Suggestions will be reviewed by the Project Team for evidence of effectiveness deriving from rigorous research and may be included in future updates.

Email suggestions to the Project Team at: