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Banding Descriptors

Page last updated: 26/01/2018

Please find below information about The Essex Banding Descriptors Matrix introduced in 2017 

The document titled Essex Banding Descriptors Matrix Explained provides information about what the descriptors are, why we have them, how they were created and how Essex will use them.  Read this document first if you are new to Banding Descriptors and the matrix. Please note the Banding Descriptors should be completed as part of an Education Health Care Needs Assessment  (EHCNA).  They are not designed to be used as part of a request for an EHCNA.  ​

The document titled Essex Banding Descriptors Matrix - A guide for settings provides information for settings about how to use the actual Excel Matrix​ 

The Banding Descriptors Matrix Summary Form​ is a word document which can be used instead of the summary page on the Excel Matrix to indicate the settings views 
The Banding Descriptors Matrix 2017 Settings​​​​​​ is the Excel spreadsheet for settings that has the matrix and an excel summary form tab.  This is where you will find the descriptors of need.  The spreadsheet will work out the suggested band based on the needs identified.