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Primary School Sector

Page last updated: 23/05/2018

The service comprises a range of specialist teaching teams based in each quadrant.  Specialist advice and support is available to primary schools on supporting children with low incidence special educational needs, particularly (but not exclusively) those pupils with high needs who have an Education Health and Care Plan.  Some direct work is undertaken with families of children where appropriate.

Specialist Teaching service advice and consultancy is accessed via telephone, drop-in sessions or negotiated school visits.  Consultations (telephone/visit) are arranged by contact with the appropriate area office/manager using the School Request for Involvement form (below). 

School Request for Involvement Form (Specialist Teaching and Preschool Service)

Guidance on completing the Request for Involvement Form

Information for parents on the school Request for Involvement

The main focus for the service is building capacity within the mainstream primary schools’ workforce to meet the needs of children with SEN and disabilities. 

To this end, the teams provide:

  • assessment, advice on effective teaching techniques and strategies, classroom management, and curriculum materials; support for curriculum development, direct teaching and practical support for class teachers
  • a range of formal and informal staff training and development opportunities, including professional networks and a comprehensive SEN INSET programme.

For the Autism Education Trust training programme for Essex schools, please complete the request form below and email to our mailbox:

School Request for Autism Education Trust training (Schools training programme)

For schools who have already undertaken the Tier 1 Making Sense of Autism awareness raising training, there is an opportunity for staff working in EYFS to access, free of charge, the Early Years version of this training. This may be useful to support the successful transition of children with autism from preschool into school.

School Request for EYFS Autism Education Trust training (Early Years training programme)

Please visit the Quadrant Team Contact Information page to contact the Specialist Teaching and Preschool Service.