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Elkan 3-5 Years

Page last updated: 07/12/2021

​​Elklan’s evidence based Speech and Language Support for 3-5s is a highly successful externally accredited training course which equips staff to develop these key communication skills in children proved to ensure later success in school. This is the only accredited training in speech, language and communication that is aimed specifically at those working with 3-5s.

The course will:

  • Build your confidence and skills to support the communication and language development of ALL children aged 3-5s years but especially those with speech and language difficulties.
  • Give you practical advice and strategies to support parents and families with whom you work.
  • Provide settings with a highly skilled workforce to help narrow the gap and improve the life chances of young children.
  • Give you an externally verified and accredited level 2 or 3 award.



Length: 10 half days across a term.


Who is this course for?


This practical training course is for all practitioners working with children aged 3-5


What does it cost?



How do I book?


Booking form

If you have checked the Education Essex booking system and cannot find a date for this training, please complete this expression of interest