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Support from other agencies

Page last updated: 17/12/2020


Online Safety

Useful online resources for children and online safety resources for parents and carers


Coram Voice

 As we continue to face the challenges and restrictions of lockdown, we want you to know our Always Heard helpline service continues to remain open and is delivering the same level of support as always.

Our helpline is free and available to all children in care, care leavers or the adults referring them, that live in England. We can answer any questions about the services children are entitled to and offer information on how to get an advocate who will help to guide them through the social care system.

We feel that now it is more important than ever to ensure that children and young people in care and care leavers can easily and quickly get an Advocate. We want to ensure that they can still rely on our helpline as the place where their voice is Always Heard.

Thank you for sharing our helpline with any children, young people or adults who may need it.


Freephone helpline: 0808 800 5792


Text & WhatsApp: 07758 670369




Beacon House

Beacon House Therapeutic Services has made available a number of free​ resources and drawn together a list of supporting websites on one page.

Britannica Digital Learning

Marc Rowland

Essex County Council, Essex Police and Coram launch partnership to support children in care


  • Essex Police​,  with Essex County Council and the national charity Coram Voice to promote advocacy for children and young people in care through a new partnership.​ 

​​Trauma Informed Education partnerships links

Trauma informed education 

Theraplay UK


DDP connects uk


The Cirdan Sailing Trust.

Please see the documents belopw, which might be of interest when you are considering the needs of specific Children in Care, especially where you are looking for an activity to boost self-esteem, increase confidence, build resilience, enhance social skills and gain accreditation.

We appreciate there is a significant cost involved but the project could be something students fund raise for.

As a charity we work with Schools, other Charities, Youth Clubs and support services etc who use our service to provide their young people with an opportunity to develop life skills, increase self-confidence and self-esteem, improve communication and team work skills and generally enhance their well-being.  We do this through a residential experience aboard our large off-shore sailing vessels where everyone becomes part of the crew both above and below deck to face the challenge and adventure of life at sea. 

These opportunities are not endorsed by Essex County Council or Essex Virtual School. S​chools and setttings should undertake due dilligence before purchasing goods or services.​


Essex County Council Employability & Skills Team

If you are aged 16 – 18 (or aged 19 – 24 with Special Education Needs), live in Essex and are looking for a job, education or training, you can contact Essex County Council's Employability & Skills Team to discuss the options that are available to you."

Whats Next?

Useful Flyer

Essex Youth Service

The Essex Youth Service run a variety of services for both schools and young people ranging from supporting with work experience, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Youth Groups and an education programme for 16-24 year olds looking to gain skills for apprenticeships or employment.