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Welfare Call

Page last updated: 26/08/2020


The Virtual School track children in cares attainment and progress through Welfare Call and the completion of PEP 1.  

Each school or education setting has its own username and password.

Welfare Call is internet based so the database is accessible from any modern internet browser. The records held on Welfare Call are secure and confidential.

Education settings will be able to view:

1. Information relating to all children in care in your school setting.

2. Details of the social worker and IRO allocated to the child.

3.Previous PEP1s.

4. Social Care PEPs (PEP 2).

5. Prior attainment and the information we hold on the child's current attendance.​

The responsibility for the Pupil Premium Plus Grant (PP+) for children in care is with the Essex Virtual School. PP+ requests are made on the PEP within Welfare Call.

If you have forgotten your password , click on the 'forgotten username or password' link on the home screen and enter your username. An email for you to reset your password will be sent.

If the designated teacher details have changed please contact us at for guidance.



Supporting documentation

Further information is available on our Personal Education Plan​ page