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Is this an emergency?

Page last updated: 28/11/2017

A mental health crisis often means that a young person may no longer feel able to cope or be in control of their immediate situation. This might present as great emotional distress or anxiety, thinking about suicide or self-harm and/or experiencing hallucinations and hearing voices.  A crisis can also be the result of an underlying medical condition, such as confusion or delusions caused by an infection, overdose, illicit drugs or intoxication with alcohol. NHS - Dealing with a Mental Health Crisis or Emergency 

  • Book an emergency GP appointment
    Contact the relevant GP practice and ask for an emergency appointment.  The practice should be able to offer an appointment in a crisis with the first available doctor.
  • Visit A & E or call 999
    A mental health emergency should be taken as seriously as a medical emergency.

Call 999 if someone you know experiences an acute life-threatening medical or mental health emergency.

You can go to A & E directly if you need immediate help and are worried about the young person’s safety. They may be close to acting on suicidal thoughts or have seriously harmed.  
Consultation and Advice:

Emotional wellbeing and mental health service(EWMHS) - If you would like to speak to someone about what support might be available for a child/young person please call our Single Point of Access team (SPA) on 0300 300 1600  (9 am- 5 pm, Monday – Friday) to be put through to the three SPAs and seven Locality teams across Southend, Essex and Thurrock. Schools can also contact EWMHS via email at