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Admissions and Deletion from the School Register

Page last updated: 23/05/2018

In June 2015 OFSTED inspectors reported national findings of inconsistent practices for recording and reporting cases where children are removed from schools.  This raised serious concerns about safeguarding issues with children potentially exposed to the risk of harm, exploitation or radicalisation. Her Majesty‚Äôs Chief Inspector, therefore, recommended that the Government strengthen regulations to ensure that schools provide regular and accurate information to their Local Authority about children as they are added to or removed from school admissions registers. 
During Spring 2016 the DfE consulted on Improving Information in Identifying Children Missing Education, which set out to improve communication and co-ordination between schools, including independent schools, and Local Authorities.
The outcome of the consultation lead to amendments to the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 being made on 22nd July 2016 which came into effect on 1st September 2016.  The amendments can be viewed via this link. Regulations 5 and 12 are of particular significance.
Under Regulation 12 schools are now legally required to notify their Local Authority of every new entry to the admission register within five days of the pupil being enrolled. In addition to this, every deletion from the school register must also be notified to the Local Authority, as soon as one of the statutory grounds for deletion has been satisfied and not later than the date on which the pupil is removed from roll.
To enable schools to fulfil these new statutory duties, an online form has been devised for completion. This can be accessed via the link below (Statutory Notification of Admission/Deletion to/from Essex School Roll). The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 provide the original regulations, including regulation 8 which stipulates the grounds under which a school may remove a pupil from roll. The 2006 Regulations may be accessed via this link.
Should you have any questions regarding this new process please contact your local MECES area office.
For pupils who have been absent from school for 10 continuous days and contact cannot be made with the parent/carer to establish the reason for the absence, please see Children Missing from Education.