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Education Essex Online Booking System

Page last updated: 22/09/2021

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​​Please read instructions below on how to set up an account.

Your school will have access to online courses, resources, evaluations and certificates in one place. Follow these steps:

1. Allocate a training manager

Your school will need to choose one person to become the training manager. They will be responsible for:

  • Creating accounts for employees
  • Booking courses
  • Managing invoices
  • Viewing employees’ training records

If you would like to become a training manager for your school, please speak to your line manager.

2. Register your school and your employees

Once you have chosen a training manager for your school, they can proceed to set up an account and add employees.

To register your educational school or log in to your account, visit our booking system Education Essex.

Watch our video guides on YouTube to learn how to use our online booking system. To ensure you get the best experience, we recommend you using Chrome or Firefox as your internet browser.

Training manager video guides:

3. Support your employees to use Education Essex

Once you have registered your school and added your employees, they will receive an email with their log in details. Once logged in, they will be able to browse courses and view bookings.

Training managers will be responsible for booking employees onto courses and paying invoices. Employees will receive an email booking confirmation once payment has been made.

These guides can be shared with your employees:

If you need and help, email the Workforce Development team at or call 0333 013 9891.

We aim to help you learn and develop at every stage of your career in your school. Please also email us if you would like to provide feedback on our courses.

View our accessibility statement for Education Essex Online Booking System.