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Page last updated: 01/08/2022

​​​​​​This page should provide an insight about what services are available to you.

My School Page - Accessing the Secure Area

The My School Page contains secure information. It also has extra pages that are not accessible without a username and password. 

To get login details complete the Se​cure Area Nomination Form

For queries on existing accounts email​


The Safeguarding pages will inform schools about their role in relation to safeguarding. Access to relevant information and resources is available to support them with this. There are also details of how to access support from, or make a referral to the Children and Families Hub. This includes how to report a concern about a member of staff. 

Education HR 

Education ​HR is part of Juniper Education. They offer advice and consultancy on employee relations issues. The service also provides:

  • a dedicated advice line
  • model policies
  • a range of training packages.


There are two Finance Teams supporting schools:

  • The Schools Finance Team has a statutory role. This covers calculating delegated funding for schools and also monitoring schools' budgets. It also includes challenging and supporting schools in financial difficulties.
  • The Education Finance Support Team​ is a traded service. It offering a range of professional, high quality financial management services to schools and academies. This includes:
    •  a helpdesk
    • a range of training options (including course and bespoke);
    • financial support services.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

You will find the majority of information, documents and services provided for children and young people with SEND on the Essex Local Offer website. This is for both professionals and families. There is a section on the Infolink for SEND​ which has further documents and information.  There is also a section on the SEN Infor​mation Report that details the requirements of the schools responsibilities. ​

Health and Safety

The Health & Safety service is a statutory service for Community and Voluntary controlled schools. Academy, Foundation, Voluntary ​Aided and Independent Schools can to buy into this service.

Education Essex Newsletter

Education Essex is the weekly e-newsletter sent out via email. We send it every Monday (during term time only). We send it to all Essex schools and is used as the primary communication channel. You can subscribe by completing the online form.

Critical Incidents

This page provides information on what to do if a critical incident happens at your school.

School Effectiveness Team

The School Effectiveness Team aims to work in partnership with all Essex schools. The essential task is to:

  • raise standards;
  • and narrow the achievement gap between different groups and individuals. 

A School Effectiveness Partner (SEP) list is produced to show which SEP is allocated to your school. You can find this on the School Effectiveness Team homepage.

Termly Conferences

There are Termly Conferences for Headteachers. These are with the Director of Education and Learning and staff.

Dates and details are shared in Education Essex and on Infolink. They are also published on the ASHEEPHA, and ESSET​ websites.​


If Ofsted are going to be inspecting your school, contact your SEP.

Headteacher Handover Checklist

It is very important that schools establish well planned, effective procedures and systems for handover to a new headteacher. This toolkit​ ​is offered to school governors as an example of good practice to ensure the smooth transition from one headteacher to another.  

The governing body's role in managing a smooth transition is crucial. The aim of this toolkit is to ensure that the new headteacher rapidly learns about the key documents (including financial accounts), policies and procedures of their new school and has all the necessary information required in order to fulfil their responsibilities effectively.  

Suggested Procedures:

​1.  The outgoing headteacher should ensure that all the information contained in these handover procedures are up to date, accurate and completed before the leaving date. This should be in collaboration with the Chair of Governors. The information should be organised so that it is easily accessible. 

2.  ​There should be a formal handover meeting, ideally convened by the Chair. This should take place at a mutually agreed time, before the departure of the outgoing headteacher and prior to the new headteacher taking up post. The School's Effectiveness Partner will support the school in this process, if required.

3.  At this meeting, the incoming headteacher should ensure that the checklist is complete and documents identified.  If there is anything missing or incomplete, then this should be rectified before the outgoing headteacher leaves. The Chair should ensure that this is done.

4.  A copy of the checklist should be retained by the school and a copy given to the Chair of Governors 

Possible Adjustments to the Process:

1.  It is recommended that this toolkit is used to support an interim/acting headteacher. It should also be used even if the incoming headteacher is the current deputy in the school.

2.  If a headteacher is absent from the school for a sustained period of time, possibly as a result of long term sick leave, and this then results in a change of leadership, the Chair, together with the Senior Leadership Team, should draw together the required information.

3.  Some governing bodies may well decide to choose to lengthen the period of handover and there may well be a sequence of handover meetings. The benefit of this approach is to give a good amount of time allocated to each significant element/theme.​

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