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SENCO Bulletin Archive

Page last updated: 23/05/2018

On this page you will find listed previous bulletins that have been included in Education Essex until end of March 2018.   Communications with SENCOs will be subject to review and reorganisation as part of the restructure of SEND services (April 2018).

Recent Issues:

Spring Term 2018

26 March 2018
One Planning:  Secret Life of Us;  Makaton;  Creating opportunity for all;  Brain Tumour Research – Wear a Hat Day
Autism news;  Down Syndrome awareness;  The Children’s Trust Brain Injury Community Service;  Epilepsy:  The DfE replies:  EHCP issues
MyWorld resources:  Engaging with teenage students who have autism;  Provision Guidance Toolkit extension materials;  How I see;  Children with medical needs;  The DfE replies:  SEND provision
5 March 2018 
Developing listening and talking skills (primary and secondary);  Self injury awareness;  The DfE replies - Accountability in SEND;  A place to start (Sensory Impairments);  Rare conditions

National Award for SEN Coordination 2018-19;  Essex Family Forum;  Requesting the involvement of the Specialist Teaching & Preschool Service;  SENCO news;  Get involved with Schools Autism Awareness Week;  Eating Disorders Awareness
Preparing for Adulthood from the earliest years:  Review Guide;  Emotional containment;  Annual review process – guidance and training;  Boccia taster sessions;  Preparing for Autism Awareness Week;  Why attend the next Multi-schools council meeting?
Tinnitus in children:  Seasonal mobility for children with vision impairments;  Focus on transition from preschool to school;  Managing sexualised behaviour in primary school;  Talking to parents about their child’s speech, language and communication;  Autism Insight:  Sensory processing resource;  Congenital Hearts Defects awareness
·         2018 Examination access for pupils with vision impairment;  Development of whole-school strategies to support children’s SLCN:  a case study;  Children’s mental health week;  My World resources:  Teaching girls on the autism spectrum;  Scleroderma and Raynaud’s awareness
·         Making participation work;  Access to school clubs and extra-curricular activities for pupils with PNI;  Why promote resilience in schools?;  Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) and mental health;  Preparing for Adulthood:  Routes into work
100 million minutes:   SEND IAS Service developments in working with children/young people;   Young Minds 360° Schools;   MyWorld resources:  Autism and behaviour that challenges;   Young Carers;   iSEssex Parent/carer transfer review workshops
Schools in mind research projects (secondary);  New DfE SEND contracts;  Essex Language and Communication Schools Award:  a case study;  MyWorld resources:  Autism and Communication;  ICE Sharing Day 2018​

Autumn Term 2017

18 December 2017
Schools Autism Awareness week 2018:  Speech, language and communication CPD short course;  Time to talk 2018;  Essex Short Breaks, Clubs and Activities events (Jan/Feb);  Autism Education Trust Conference
 Off the radar;  Autism and sensory issues;  SEN training Spring term 2018;  DfE announces additional funding for SEND;  Mental health
Autism and Education - a report from the All Party Parliamentary Group;  Child Bereavement;  Essex Language and Communication Schools Award;  How many children have SEND?;  #LiveSkills - live streaming and its risks for children/young people     
SEND Reflection Framework;    Child and Adolescent Mental Health – school-based interventions;   Managing medical needs in school;   Help create an Essex strapline for SEND;    Essex Year of SEND conference;    Worried about the behaviour of a child in your EYFS class?
Exclusions and pupils with SEN;  Boccia taster sessions;  Measuring Mental Health Wellbeing e-learning;  “If in doubt, circle it out”;  Autism resources:  Preparing for Christmas;  Why attend the next Multi-schools council meeting?
SLCN screening tools;  SENCO Conference 2017 workshops (10) Differentiating learning for pupils with anxiety (11) Supporting pupils with autism: scaffolding learning for independence;  Enabling music-making for the physically disabled;  National Award for SEN Coordination;  Autism in the news;  Are you a SENCO in a multi-academy trust?
Local area SEND inspections:  one year on;   SENCO Conference 2017 workshops (7)  Supporting spoken language in the primary school classroom  (8) Supporting spoken language in the secondary school classroom (9) Ensuring a curriculum that meets the needs of all learners; balancing additional interventions against whole-school curriculum design;  Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Service (EWMHS) Helpline;   Identifying SLCN website;  In your corner;  Chris Packham:  Asperger’s and me
All different, all equal … #antibullyingweek;  SENCO Conference 2017 workshops (4) Acquiring and retaining new learning  (5) The simple view of writing  (6) Funding for pupils with SEND;  ‘Using evidence on the ground’ – transforming your approach to children’s communication:  Innovation in the classroom … and beyond; Raising awareness of SLCN; Know your normal Toolkit training
Identifying and supporting SLCN in the classroom;  SENCO Conference 2017 workshops (1) Supporting children with medical needs in school (2) Developing a mentally healthy school (3) Supporting children with mild vision impairments; Improving outcomes for learners with SEND;  Standards and Testing Agency - Rochford Review recommendations;   Understanding the spectrum – introduced by Archie
Schools survey on SEND therapies;   The importance of encouraging aspirations from an early age;   Autism Insight top tips for new TAs;   Reporting on the SENCO Conference (3.10.17);   Growing your brain;   Epilepsy news;   Help!  I’m a new SENCO and I don’t know where to start;  Essex Short Breaks
Involving parents in developing the Essex Local Offer;  Emailing information to local authority services;  Contact – for families with disabled children;   Autism hour;  Introducing the topic of mental health to primary school children;  Language leaders network
Mental health awareness;  Developing effective SLCN provision using a graduated approach;  Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool (POET);  Autism diagnosis crisis campaign;   Dyslexia awareness;  No Pens Day Wednesday

18 September 2017

Multi-school council – engaging children and young people with SEND; SENCO news; Raising awareness of speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) in school.  Requests for statutory assessment;  Back to school – autism resources for primary and secondary school staff;  PDnet Pupil Competition​

Summer Term 2017

The Challenge of being a Strategic SENCO;  Secret Life of us;  Shenfield Inclusion Festival;  Know your Normal – mental health in autism;  Network Autism Webchats;  Involving children and young people with SEND toolkit​

10 July 2017 
Promoting social and emotional well-being and responding to mental health problems in schools;   Celebrating Essex achievers;   Transfer Reviews;    Essex Short Breaks, Clubs and Activities (Summer 2017)
Verbal reasoning;   Listening as a way of life:  Listening to young disabled children;   Trials to test different teaching and learning strategies;   Money skills for young people with learning difficulties;   Training for the SEND governor;   Survey on technology use in autism education
What are your SLCN professional development needs?;   Is the SEND system meeting the needs of pupils with autism?;   Impact of parental imprisonment on children and young people;   Pupil Voice;   SENCO Conference Autumn Term 2017

Early Language Intervention;  Communicating the Code for Inclusion;  Identification of pupils entitled to free school meals;  National Award for SEN Coordination;  Advanced Skills for TAs (Level 4) SEN Focus

​Join the Great Get Together; AET Schools Progression Framework Review; The MAZE Approach: Working with children with additional needs and their families; Diabetes; An Introduction to Supporting Social and Emotional Needs; The EPS Maths Intervention. 

SENCO updates (May 2017);   Nuffield Early Language Intervention in reception classes;    SENDIASS;    Transition to secondary school (SLCN);    Word Aware training opportunity (KS1 – KS5);   National Dyscalculia and Maths Learning Difficulties Conference

Book review:  Creating Autism Champions; Supporting pupils with medical needs in school;  Expressive Language (Week 6: Screen Games);  Cystic Fibrosis;   University of Essex Teacher CPD events
Nasen SEND Review – School-to-School Support;  Planning the first transition for young children who are quiet, shy or reluctant talkers:   Expressive Language (Week 5:  Narrative):   Deaf Awareness:   Multi-Sensory Training Centre
Mental Health awareness: Surviving or Thriving?;   Down Syndrome Education Online training;   Expressive Language (Week 4: Speech);   Transition Research Programme;   Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis)
Dystonia – guidance for schools;    Autism Awareness:   #Autism TMI   #LifeHack   #ThursdayThoughts;    Expressive Language (Week 3:  Spoken language);    Travel training;   Wellbeing Days;   Chatterbox 2017​

Spring Term 2017

Consultations on assessment;   Autism Awareness:  #KnowYourNormal;   Expressive Language (Week 2:  The development of expressive language);   Outdoor Learning Classroom;    Sports day and athletics - including pupils with physical disabilities;  Egress – ECC’s new secure email system
Improving attainment conference for Headteachers and SENCOs;  Autism Awareness:  Too Much Information;  Expressive Language (Week 1:  Introduction – what do we mean by expressive language?);   Practitioner’s guide to supporting offenders’ families;   Messages from Ofsted School Inspection update (March 2017);   Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) – a new description for children with long-term language difficulties
27 March 2017
Summer term SENCO updates;  Receptive language (Week 6: A summary of understanding language and how it is linked with the development of thinking and reasoning skills);  #InYourCorner – mental health campaign;  News from Essex schools;  National Dyscalculia and Maths Learning Difficulties Conference - 29 June 2017
Personalised planning for pupils with PNI;   Receptive language (Week 5: Understanding language for social interaction in and out of the classroom);   Challenger Troop;   Autism Awareness Week
Writing outcomes with confidence – webinar;  EHCP Helpline;  Get it Write!;  Receptive language (Week 4: Understanding reading -  the child reading text himself/herself or listening to text being read);  Essex SEND IASS coproduction project;  National SEN Awards


Inspecting Safeguarding (Ofsted webinar);  Shine a Light Awards;  Essex SENCOs’ reflections on One Planning;  Receptive language (Week 3: Vocabulary: learning and understanding concepts);  Young people with autism ask “what is normal?”;  Disabled Access Day​

27 February 2017

The Communication Trust Workforce Development Report;   Access to tests for children with autism;   Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool;    Inclusive Technology Information Days;   Receptive language (Week 2:  Vocabulary: learning, understanding, remembering and using new words)
Free training on person centred approach; SENCO update meetings (Spring 2017); The importance of mental health for children with SEND; Receptive language (Week 1: What do we mean by the term ‘receptive language’ and why is it important?); Autism Progression Framework
Making your voice heard;  Autism Champions;  Listening and Attention Week 5: Increasingly individualised provision;  Young carers;  Prevalence of language difficulties in secondary schools;  Books to support children/young people’s mental health and well-being.​

30 January 2017
SENCO news;  Using technology to support children with their language development;  Extending and enhancing your good autism practice;  Listening and Attention Week 4: Targeted support - developing active listening skills;  Essex Local Offer accessibility features;  Bercow 10 years on
Disability Matters in Britain 2016: Enablers and Challenges to inclusion;  Using a Gym Trail in primary school;  Listening and Attention Week 3:  Universal strategies;  Teaching for Neurodiversity;  Essex Book Festival


16 January 2017

Effective deployment and use of teaching assistants;  Ability;  Listening and Attention (Week 2: The development of attention and listening); ‘Go orange’ for muscular dystrophy;  England Talent Day (Football)

Travel Training;  Person Centred Planning – Independent Support Essex workshops;  Listening and Attention (Week 1: What are listening and attention skills?);  A whole school framework for emotional well-being and mental health;  E-books;   Is language-use an issue for pupils in your school? ​

Autumn Term 2016

19 December 2016

Keep Talking!  Structured Communication Activities for fun and learning:  Play, language and learning (Week 8: A summary):  Big White Wall:  Talking Mats in action

12 December 2016

Preparing autistic children for Christmas;  NHS Consultation for young people on CAMHS Tier 4 services;  Play, language and learning (Week 7: Developing social play);  Vision Training Clinic (update);  Changing perceptions of people with Down syndrome

Schools in Mind;  Play, Language and Learning - Week 6:  Role play;  SEND:  experiences of schools and colleges (DfE 2016);  Disabled learners make the transition to internships and paid employment;   Speech and language cupcake​​

 28 November 2016

Too Much Information – Needing extra time to process information;  Play, Language and Learning - Week 5: Imaginative play;  Changing Places;  SENCO Conference workshop:   Using the Brilliant Box/Book as a learning journal;  “Strive ever for the best” motivational sessions for CYP
21 November 2016:
Too Much Information Talking Heads;   Play, Language and Learning - Week 4: Exploratory play;   SENCO Conference ‘You asked, we answered’ (LDD);   Dyspraxia Classroom Guidelines for primary and secondary schools;  SENCO Conference workshop - Gathering views using the Positive Eye Easy/Easier box;   Soccability in Essex
Participation - #MyPlanMySay;  Play, Language and Learning - Week 3: Different types of play;  SENCO Conference ‘You asked, we answered’ (PNI);  Autism and girls;  SENCO Conference workshop:  Gathering the views of non-verbal children
Online Working Memory week;  Focus on cerebral palsy;  “Power for Good” – Anti-bullying Week 2016;  Play, Language and Learning (Week 2 - Follow the child’s lead);  SENCO Conference ‘You asked, we answered’ (SEMH);  SENCO Conference workshop - A ‘hands on’ approach (Talking mats and graphic facilitation)​

SEN Transfer Review team; Report on SENCO updates (October 2016); Play, Language and Learning - Week 1: Introduction; SENCO Conference workshop - Gaining the views and feelings of pupils with autism; Strategies for working with children with ADHD

17 October 2016

The links between language and literacy:  Supporting the Essex Autism-friendly libraries project:  Exploring Pupils' Views - Observations and Adult-child interaction: Wearing dots in Essex schools:  Together is Better conference​

10 October 2016
Voices of Selective Mutism awareness 2016;  Exploring Pupils’ Views: workshops;   A World without Down Syndrome;  Peer to peer support for pupils with autism;  Nominations for Essex Teaching Awards 2017
SEND reforms 2 years on - where are we now?;   #HelloYellow;   Exploring Pupils' views - initial feedback from the Primary SENCO conference;   Concealing disability;   Local Area Review - The Essex Self Evaluation;  Body image and the media​

23 September 2016
EHCP Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool (POET);  Transition for pupils with autism and social communication needs;   Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants programme (MITA) cohort 4;   Worried about behaviour - where to start;  The Panathlon Challenge;  Communication Supporting Classroom Observation Tool
The Individual Pupil Resourcing Agreement (IPRA);   Transition;   Paralympics:  Be inspired;     Attention Autism;  Maths - Tricky and Stressful?
Requesting an education, health and care (EHC) needs assessment; National Autistic Society School Report 2016; Reflecting on the Paralympics and Inclusive PE in schools; Preparing for 'No Pens Day Wednesday'
CPD opportunity for teaching assistants working in Essex; SEND Review Guide; “I find it hard to understand people”; Online training for SENCOs on person centred thinking; Regional Innovation in Education (CAMHS) event​

Summer Term 2016

18 July 2016 Bulletin

 National Voice Box Joke Competition for Schools;   Autism Education Trust in Essex;   Preparing for the 2016 Wear Dots campaign;   Communicating Phonics;  Inclusive Communication Essex teams up with Photosymbols;   Specialist Teacher job opportunities

11 July 2016 Bulletin  

Putting children first (DfE July 2016);   Autism accredited training:  Big Friendly Read;   Max card;  Classroom Comedy Competition

27 June 2016 Bulletin


23 May 2016 Bulletin

Spring Term 2016

Autumn Term 2015

7 December 2015 Bulletin

​​Siblings Matter too; SEND Innovations Project; SEN INSET News; Opportunities to develop Resilience through the English Curriculum; Word for word​

30 November 2015 Bulletin

 Joining the dots (Driver Youth Trust); Apps for mindfulness and relaxation; Schools Autism Awareness Week 2016; SEND Information, Advice and Support website for parents; Commission for Assessment without levels: Final report; Football Association Disability Talent Survey.

 ​SEND Vision 2020 Conference Feedback; Pupils' and families' contributions to POET; Book Review: Happiness by Design; Beyond Measure Survey.

 ​​Anti-Bullying week; Teaching children to be share aware; Moving from statement led systems to person-centered support; Survey for parents of children with autism; Gateway Level 3 Award in supporting children with autism; Disability Talent Day.

Teaching about Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing in Schools; Transfer Reviews; Wear dots for the RNIB; Working memory online training; EPS Maths intervention.

19 October 2015 Bulletin

 Schools SEND Reforms - one year on; Interact Person Centered Training; Information for Parents of Year 6 pupils; Review: Universally Speaking; Additional dates for outcomes training
AFASIC; Mental health update; more about Outcomes; Review - Speaking of Speech; Speech, Language and Communication online training 
No Pens Wednesday: Tricky little things called outcomes; Soccability Youth Festival; Sex and Relationship Education for pupils with SEND; Dyslexia Awareness; Advanced courses for TAs

28 September 2015 Bulletin
INSET News; EPS Maths Intervention; Multi-Sensory Storytelling; Children affected by Parental Imprisonment (CAPI) Service
21 September 2015 Bulletin
What teachers need to know about children's communication skills; Autism ... the challenges for transition; Developing outcomes; Autism Education Trust training update; an opportunity to contribute to doctoral research
Update on Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs; Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool (POET); Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD); Beyond Measure (The Communication Trust); ADHD+ Support
Schools' feedback on the SENCO Bulletin; Training on developing outcomes; NASEN event for Essex SENCOs; Advanced courses for TAs and SENCOs; Children and young people with cancer; First anniversary of the Essex Local Offer website.

Summer Term 2015

13 July 2015 Bulletin

Looking after our own well-being; Essex SEND Reforms update; INSET news; Mindfulness techniques for children; Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC); Large print books; Autism accredited training
Summer Talk; Essex Language and Communication award; Simplifying ICT for pupils with SEND; No Pens Day Wednesday; See and Learn Numbers; Selective Mutism survey report​

29 June 2015 Bulletin​

Primary SENCO Conference; SEND legislation online course; A Generation Adrift; Supporting the Transfer Review process;Book Review - Attachment in the Classroom; EPS Maths Intervention
Asthma Awareness; Autism Education Trust Training; National Literacy Trust; Book Review: A Volcano in my Tummy; Employment is Everybody's Business
Supporting the Transfer Review process; Mindfulness (Part 2) – techniques; Maths Intervention; Using graphics in One Planning; Contact a Family resource library

Transfer Reviews; Communicating the Code; Developing Fine Motor skills; Language is Hear to Say
Therapeutic support in Essex schools (School views); Essex Super SENCO Award; Information from SENCO updates (May 2015); Children and young people with diabetes; Messages from NAPLIC Conference (May 2015); Life Skills for high-needs pupils with learning difficulties

18 May 2015 Bulletin
SEN INSET news; Finished at School guide; Importance of patching and wearing glasses (EYFS/KS1); Ensuring the successful inclusion of hearing impaired children; One Planning and Transfer Reviews; Supporting young people with mental health problems into employment
Update on iSEssex; Transfer reviews; Equality Act duties; Essex STEPS; Dyslexia: SEN INSET news
My CAMHS Choices; Mindfulness – an introduction; Making technology communication friendly; “What is your online reputation?”; Deaf awareness week; SEN INSET news; Peer support and mediation

Spring Term 2015

27 April 2015 Bulletin

Exam stress: supporting pupils and understanding pressures, Reading: the next steps, Clicker Regional Training Day, Effects of television on children learning speech, the SEN Masters Suite for Essex SENCOs
Supported internships, Person centred planning – what’s working/not working?, Putting children and young people at the centre of planning, Talk Gym, Choices for the future, Primary SENCO Conference

Preparing for transfer reviews, Essex SEND Reforms Newsletter (March 2015), Celebrate communication milestones, Emotional health and wellbeing, Forthcoming training events​

23 March 2015 Bulletin

Assessment without levels, “I will not keep calm and carry on - until autism is heard”, Changes to Ofsted, Top 10 questions parents ask about dyslexia, Autism Education Trust Training
Therapies survey, Autism Education Trust training for Essex schools, Down Syndrome Awareness Week, Talk about Talk (Secondary)Elklan training
The Communication Trust Progression Tools, INSET news, Training videos for Clicker apps, I CAN Speech and Language Therapy Enquiry Service, SLCN Progress checker (EY and Primary)

Children’s Mental Health Week, EHCCO – a new role in the Statutory Assessment Service, Helping children who need palliative care to access education, updated criteria for statutory assessment (Feb 2015)

23 February 2015 Bulletin

February Newsletter from DfE for schools on the SEND reforms, Preparing for Adulthood (PfA) resources to support Y11 transfer reviews. SEND Information, Advice and Support Service, Feedback from SENCO update meetings (Spring 2015), Playleader training pack for primary schools
The updated SEND Code of Practice (January 2015), The Preparing for Adulthood Review: a Good Practice Toolkit, Autism Education Trust schools training programme, Inclusive Communication Essex Sharing Day 2015, Launch of SENDirect portal for families
SLCN jargon busting, Clicker 6 Free Breakfast Seminar, What parents ask about autism, Myth-buster -“if my child learns Makaton he won’t learn to talk”, Communication Station

26 January 2015 Bulletin
Level 5 Certificate in Teaching Learners with Dyslexia, Communication Connects Conference report, Barriers and Bridges to effective communication with parents, EES CPD portal
Autism Education Trust schools’ training programme, NSPCC Share Aware campaign, Specialist Teachers on Pinterest, Action Research (Level 4 SEN focus)
INSET news, Dyslexia accreditation pilot, Increasing Parent Confidence: Schools and EPs, Inclusive Technology Online Professional Development, Toolkit for assessing young people’s oracy, SEND Drop-in sessions

Autumn Term 2014

 15 December 2014 Bulletin

Autism Education Trust, Person centred planning for pupils with autism, Better Communication Research Programme, INSET news
Update on SEND reforms in Essex, Dyslexia ‘Drive for literacy’, ‘Full spectrum awareness’ toolkit for secondary students, Selective Mutism or the silent phase of EAL?, involving pupils with autism in their EHC needs assessment and review

EAL … or EAL and SEN?, INSET news, supporting students through understanding attachment, using e-books and e-audio, PANTS, making school plays ‘deaf friendly’​

24 November 2014 Bulletin

      Selective Mutism, Contact a Family Factsheets, Anti-bullying and autism, One Planning, SEND Ambassadors initiative, Essex updates the DfE on implementation of the SEND reforms
Conversion of statements to EHC Plans, Anti-bullying, Provision Guidance, INSET news, Disability Conference for Year 12/13 and teachers, Essex Teaching Awards, Requests for support from Specialist Teachers
DfE consultation on Teacher Assistant Standards, Dyslexia Awareness, Makaton, Glue ear, Anti-bullying Week

      Undertaking an education, health and care (EHC) assessment, Transfer of statements to EHC plans, Essex Local Offer, SEN Information Report and SEND Policy, Ofsted Compliant Provision Review, One Planning, Provision Guidance materials

20 October 2014 Bulletin

Essex Local Offer, Mental Health, Language interventions, Parent Helpline, Parent Workshops, Maximising the Impact of Teacher Assistants
Dyspraxia Awareness, Person centred Annual Reviews, One Page Profiles, updated Provision Guidance Toolkit, Numicon

Essex Transition Plan; developing 'One Planning' practice; SEN INSET news; the importance of Resilience; preparing for Dyspraxia Awareness Week; Reasonable Adjustments; Speech and Language support for secondary school pupils

29 September 2014 Bulletin

Secondary SENCO Conference; developing Speech and Language Skills; Communication Connects Conference; Independent Support (iSEssex)
Informing parents about the SEND changes; SEN INSET news; SEN Information Report and school SEN policy; new contact details for the Specialist Teaching and Preschool Service
Essex guidance on assessment and planning for CYP with SEND; the One Planning environment; Schools guide to the SEND Code of Practice; new National Curriculum and assessment; P scales; new Ofsted framework and School Inspection handbook
SEN Inset Training programme 2014-15; Essex Provision Guidance document; Essex Parent Partnership Service update; New Schools Request for Support Form (Specialist Teacher team)

Summer Term 2014

Spring Term 2014

Autumn Term 2013