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Disadvantage Champion Sign Up for 2023 to 2024


We will continue to offer schools support related to outcomes for disadvantaged pupils, via our Disadvantaged Champion support offer, in 2023 to 2024 free of charge. This is available to those already involved and for new schools/champions to sign up. In order to receive this support please complete the Summary Reflection Tool by Friday 29 September 2023. The full version can be found below for those that would prefer to submit the more comprehensive version. This tool is helpful for completion of the Pupil Premium Strategy Statement and for reporting to governors. 

Reflection Tool Sections:

  • Section One - expectations are high for all pupils

  • Section Two - data is used to identify tightly focused improvement priorities

  • Section Three - appropriate evidence-based teaching, academic intervention and wider approaches are used to address the root causes of underachievement

  • Section Four - school leaders train and support staff to deliver and sustain quality first learning for all pupils, addressing pupil need in the classroom

  • Section Five - there is a long-term, well specified, stage-by-stage plan for addressing disadvantage

  • Section Six - schools set clear outcomes for the impact of disadvantage strategies and monitor progress and quality using robust and pragmatic measures

  • Section Seven​ - the disadvantage strategy aligns with the school's overall mission, goals and whole-school strategy