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Data Sharing Between Schools and Health Providers


Schools recently received an email from Lauri Almond, Business Consultant Information Governance Operations regarding an Information Sharing Protocolbetween schools and Community Health Providers. 

The purpose of the Protocol is to support all schools and health providers' to share personal data about pupils joining or leaving schools on a monthly basis to enable them to update their records and ensure that pupils receive the universal health services that they are entitled to. 

The Protocol between schools in Essex, and Provide and EPUT is to support the data sharing, ensuring that each school can evidence that they have the right arrangements in place, as required by the GDPR; and that the data is shared securely.

To ensure the data is shared securely, Provide have arranged a secure method of transfer, and schools should refer to Appendix 1 of the Protocol for details on how to use this method. If any school experiences any difficulties on using the secure process, they should contact Provide who will be able to assist on 0300 303 9999 or email

The Protocol content describes why, how, when and under what legal basis the data is shared. If you would like more information or assistance in understanding the Protocol, please email

Action Required: Schools that have not already signed and returned a copy of this Protocol need to:
  1. Ensure you are happy with the content, contacting with any queries
  2. Complete Section 14 with the name of the Headteacher and the school
  3. Send the completed Protocol to​
  4. Ensure that you capture this data sharing in your Records of Processing Activity as required by GDPR, showing that a Protocol is in place, and there is a link from your school website to the WEISF​ website where the agreement is published. 
Any further queries, please contact the Information Governance Team on or 0333 013 9824. Alternatively visit the Information Governance​ Infolink page. ​