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Tendring Education Strategic Board

Page last updated: 15/03/2023

​The Tendring Education Strategic Board (TESB) commenced in January 2020 with the purpose to:

  • raise educational outcomes for the children and young people of Tendring
  • impact on the wider society of Tendring through the improvement of education
  • influence other programmes to support children and young people and their families
  • connect with other organisations to target funding and initiatives towards Tendring e.g. lottery funding, commissioned contracts
  • identify and deliver collective solutions that increase the consistency of best practice and offer for children and young people in Tendring.

To meet the above objectives, the board have targeted their focus for 2021/22 on 4 key areas:

  1. Recruitment of high-quality staff into the district
  2. Retention of high-quality staff within the district
  3. Improved pupil attendance and engagement of children, young people, and their families in education
  4. Supporting the teaching of language and communication

There are two sub-groups; one working on the development of the Post-16 local offer. as well as a regional/national barriers subgroup looking at solutions to any potential barriers raised by the board.

The board and working parties involve partners including:

  • Essex County Council
  • Tendring District Council
  • Tendring Education Settings
  • Career Ready
  • IntoUniversity
  • Department for Education
  • Enable East
  • Teach First
  • NHS
  • Colchester University
  • University of Essex
  • North Essex Teacher Training
  • Alpha Teaching School Hub
  • CHANGE Schools Partnership
  • Academies Enterprise Trust
  • Sigma Trust
  • Academy Transformation Trust

The board and working parties meet at least 4 times a year. The chair is Philippa Holliday, Assistant Director of Education North East. The vice chair is Rebecca Morton, Tendring District Council.

For any further information please contact in the first instance.

Activities of the Partnership/Board

The above goals will be achieved by undertaking the following activities:

  • establishing a working group for each of the priority areas agreed each academic year
  • undertake data analysis to understand the issues in each area - this will include obtaining updated data from schools and settings
  • determine appropriate, ambitious outcomes for each working group
  • determine the performance measures for each outcome
  • develop pilots to test and learn in targeted areas
  • present opportunities and findings to the board
  • put in place new strategies and initiatives to make sustainable progress against the identified outcomes
  • provide annual updates on outcomes

Governance Structure

Please see the TESB Memorandum of Understanding 2021 to 2022

Activity in 2021 to 2022​

The TESB received funding to support its work via a twinning partnership arrangement with Ipswich and Norwich Opportunity Areas, funded by the DfE. This has enabled the following to be put in place:

Communication Champions:

Overall, by the end of this academic year, there will be over 100 Elklan trained Communication Champions working in Tendring schools:

CC Hubs:

  • The first Communication Champion network meetings will take place in April 2022.
  • Invites have been sent to: all the Communication Champions from schools, settings and family hubs; members of the local EY SALT Teams and ECC Quadrant colleagues.


  • 15 Learning Behaviour Leads have completed the 7 training sessions with Unity Research School. They are now putting their new learning into practice by planning and implementing an intervention or series of activities over 6 weeks, monitoring pupil's engagement and assessing impact.
  • LBLs are being supported through this process by Eileen (the training provider), Evidence Leads in Education and either their SENDCo or member of SLT.
  • Each LBL will work with approximately 10 pupils over the 6 weeks.


  • 27 TAs across 21 schools In Tendring including one special school (14 primaries and 4 secondaries schools) have attended this training.
  • ELSAs are due to start working with children at the end of April following the final training day. An approximate estimation is that each ELSA supports at least 3 children over the summer term, this would be a minimum of 81 children supported, and we will hopefully have case studies to share from this.
  • ELSA offers the children and students a place to build a relationship with a trusted adult that will help the child to learn how to build relationships, restore relationships when things go wrong and repair and grow from mistakes that are made. 

Recruitment Working Party

The recruitment working party has secured funding to create a promotional recruitment video with the aim of attracting teachers to work in Tendring.  A professionally produced video created by an award winning marketing company, the video will also be broadcast and promoted on social media platforms thus raising the profile of Tendring, celebrating all it has to offer and the opportunities teaching in Tendring provides.  We have also commissioned a bespoke CPD package, free to all teachers in Tendring, to support the induction, recruitment and retention of teachers and leaders in the Tendring area.  Additionally, Tendring District Council have provided a 25% discount to leisure centres in Tendring for all educational staff. ​

Retention Working Party

Leadership Wellbeing Support Offer

Attendance: This working party has focussed primarily on establishing the ongoing challenges that schools in the district are facing when seeking to engage families who remain concerned about the pandemic and where these concerns continue to impact the attendance levels of the pupils concerned. The group are in the process of collating case studies which showcase the different approaches which have been taken that have successfully reengaged pupils in their education. These will be shared with schools across the district as soon as possible. ​

Early Help Drop-in North

Tendring District Council Support for Schools:​

Tendring Junior Ambassadors​ ​(Word Document)

Further Support Within the District:

Education | Alpha Teach​ing School Hub | Colchester, Ipswich, Tendring, Babergh

Venn Essex Maths Hub | Running Professional Development for Mathematics

Myland English Hub | Myland Community Primary School