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School Offer (SEN Information Report)

Page last updated: 30/09/2019

The following documents have been developed by the School Offer ( SEN Information Report) Steering Group. The group is made up of Head teachers, school facilitators, parent group representatives and the Local Authority and has worked to present information and supportive materials to schools to aid the development of the school approach to meeting the new legislation and Code of Practice through their school offer (SEN Information Report) and to improve outcomes for children and young people with SEND.
Producing your school 'Offer' (SEN Information Report)  (Word Format)
Includes production of your school 'Offer' and development of a school 'Offer'
Evaluation Guide for producing your schools "Offer" on SEND (Word Format)
Includes development of your school 'Offer' and evaluation guide 
Conference resources 
The New SEND Framework (PowerPoint)

Junior schools 
Junior Example of School Offer Evaluation Tool (Word Format)

Secondary schools 
Schools local offer Secondary Template (Word Format)

Special Schools
Special Schools local offer model for SEND (Word Format)

Potential Text for a Parent’s ‘School’s Local Offer’ Booklet (Word Format)
Schools local offer for Parents (Word Format)

For further information: 
Contact: Karen Woolhouse, Standards and Excellence Commissioner - SEN 
Telephone: 07500990356