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School Effectiveness Team - Core and Traded Offers

Page last updated: 21/09/2021

​Core Offer 2021 to 2022

All schools, to include:
  • support for schools during inspection
  • support for new headteachers to post and or to Essex
  • support for schools as part of a critical incident
  • support for schools due inspection
In 2019-20 academic year there are different levels and allocations of support from the school effectiveness team depending upon the level of need for each school. The range can be found in the Supporting Success: Enabling Excellence (September 2019) documents:
Support and collaborative working with SLIS partnerships, to include:
  • ensuring there are leadership and government development plans in place across all levels
  • ensuring there are definitive and clear governance arrangements in place
  • a focus on outcomes across the partnership for disadvantaged and SEND pupils
  • analysis of partnership school data
  • facilitate the development for any other key bespoke priorities agreed with the partnership schools
  • to facilitate the developing maturity of the partnerships
  • support with mapping
  • support with mapping school improvement capacity across partnerships

Support and collaborative working with MATS, to include:

  • support to review outcomes of vulnerable pupils
  • support for a key bespoke priority agreed with the MAT
  • sustaining and further development of relationships with MAT CEOs

Traded offer September 2021 to 2022

The school effectiveness team can deliver a number of traded activities for schools beyond the core work. Traded additional support for leaders to support self evaluation processes and preparation for inspection is available to all schools. This could include:

  • coaching leaders through the reflective education conversation with the lead inspector
  • support for reading, including early reading, 'deep dives' with english leaders
  • support for curriculum area and departmental 'deep dives' including SEND and disadvantaged
  • support for quality assuring peer reviews
  • reviewing the quality of education, safeguarding or any aspect of school improvement

All schools

​The traded work is competitively priced. Please take a look at the School Effectiveness Partner Pen Portraits to book the SEP you require. Further information about traded activities that may be of interest to schools can be found below, along with booking details.

What's included

The SEP Team are able to offer a range of traded activities which schools may find of use. Traded work will be classed as anything which is not part of a SEPs core work plan. Examples of such traded activities could include:
  • Headteacher performance management
  • Headteacher Recruitment (in addition to ECC statutory responsibilities)
  • Deputy Headteacher / Leader recruitment
  • Reviews of Governance
  • Collaborative reviews
  • Support for challenging parents
  • Support to Governing Bodies
  • SEN Reviews
  • Safeguarding Audits
  • Quality Assurance of self-evaluation / school action plans
  • Conferences
  • Curriculum Support
  • Support for Assessment 
Any schools/partnerships wishing to discuss traded work beyond the above list, please contact your allocated SEP who will be able to advise on costs and the skills needed for this work. 
The School Effectiveness Team have a number of highly skilled practitioners whose Pen Portraits can be found on The School Effectiveness Team​ page. Please feel free to browse this page if you would like to request a particular member of the team to work with you. 
Please note as part of the charges for traded activities, the planning, preparation and administrative time will be calculated and included as part of the rate.
All materials produced by the School Effectiveness Partners / team will remain the property of Essex County Council.

How to book

To book a School Effectiveness Partner (SEP) to visit your school to carry out traded work, please complete the SEP Traded Services online booking form​.

Before booking, please read the Terms and Conditions. You will also find our costs there. You must then tick to confirm you have read and understood everything. 

Costs for Traded Activity

Please note preparation, planning and additional paperwork linked to any traded activity will be factored into the rates. 

Please also note: rates differ for Essex schools (including Academies) and non-Essex schools.

There is no increase in fees for SEPs traded services this year (Sep 20-21).

School Effectiveness Training

In light of government COVID-19 guidance advising of travel and social contact only for essential activities, we await further government instruction before committing to alternative dates or events for face to face training. We are continuing to plan our future traded offer and will advise of any future training when available.

Essex is working closely with the Department for Education and the Department for Health, monitoring the COVID-19 situation on a daily basis.

Updates from Essex County Council to Schools are being published on the dedicated COVID-19 page which can be found under the School Management tab.

Updates from Essex County Council to early years and childcare providers are being published on the Essex County Council Provider website COVID-19 – Coronavirus page.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.