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School Effectiveness Team

Page last updated: 15/01/2020

​​​​​​​The School Effectiveness Team aims to work in partnership with all Essex schools in the essential task of raising standards and diminishing the achievement gap between different groups and individuals.

What does the service do?

The service works to raise the standards and achievement of all pupils in all schools, this includes support for academies. The aim of the service is to ensure that we focus on our moral purpose to meet the needs of all pupils through our collaboration with School Led Improvement System (SLIS) Partnerships. The service will provide challenge and support to ensure this aim is met. ​

What are the service's priorities?

1.    To achieve the highest outcomes for children and the quality of schools

2.    To develop and embed the maturity of the School-led Improvement System and develop ASHE and ESSET engagement

3.    Inclusion – a system that can  meet the needs of all children “Inclusive Essex – securing positive outcomes  for all through partnership working

4.    To ensure we have the highest skilled leaders and governors

5.    To develop a successful traded service

6.    To ensure we are skilled in cross phase working and inclusion

7.    To launch EMAT and develop a sustainable school landscape

8.    To ensure strong partnership working across Essex and the region and to define the role Essex plays through moral purpose and actions​

How does the service support schools?

​The service monitors standards and commissions support across schools in Essex. Each school has a designated School Effectiveness Partner (SEP) who will provide a bespoke service to meet the needs of partnerships and commission appropriate support. The SEP will also support the school throughout the Ofsted inspection process.

Essex schools are responsible for their own improvement. The expectation is that all schools will monitor and evaluate the quality of education they provide and the standards they achieve for all children; however the local authority (LA) is required to challenge and intervene when relevant.

How do schools support schools?

Where schools are being given more autonomy and therefore expected to take more responsibility for their own improvement, many are working in partnerships where schools work together on "self-improvement".​ School Partnerships​​​​ (a termly updated spreadsheet) shows the different partnerships, including LA recognised formal groups, across Essex.

Schools are asked to contact Nicola Woolf​ to advise of any errors or where they join/leave a group, or if the lead changes.

What other teams are in the School Effectiveness Team

​​​​ School Effectiveness Partners​ Schools - SEP lists are split into quadrants:

​School Effectiveness Team - traded and core support available from SEPs​ - information and booking details

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