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Records Management

Page last updated: 25/08/2020

​Good records management is essential for efficiency and compliance with information legislation. It protects information from:

  • ​loss
  • duplication
  • over retention
There is a clear link between information rights and information management. The government has issued the Section 46 ​Code of Practice​ . Failure to follow the code can result in a Practice Recommendation from the ICO.

Things to consider when creating records

  • Manage them according to their sensitivity and risk
  • Make clear distinction between fact and fiction
  • Records must be identifiable
  • Records must be easy to find and retrieve
  • Records must be secure
  • Access to records must be controlled
  • Record requests for access

Essex County Council (IGS) can provide you with support. To find out more please visit Information Governance Support; email or call 0333 032 2970.