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Fischer Family Trust (FFT)

Page last updated: 14/08/2019

FFT Aspire Training for School Leaders

Please send the completed booking form to by Monday 19 November 2018.

FFT Subscription Renewal for ​2018/19:



ECC FFT training courses are available for booking via the EES CPD portal. Details of future courses will be posted here once they become available.

Spring and Summer training from FFT

New FFT Aspire Summer 2017 Programme - now available

This summer, join us on our new hands-on computer based FFT training courses. Whether you are new to FFT Aspire or looking to develop your skills and use further, FFT has a range of introductory and advanced courses to suit your needs.

All our courses are designed with practical school application in mind. They focus on understanding all the key elements of Aspire – evaluation, benchmarking, target setting, collaboration and student explorer dashboards – and applying this knowledge to practical and successful implementation in your school.

To book a place or find out more about any of our courses, simply click one of the links below. Alternatively you can email us at or telephone 01446 776262 (option 4).

Still available this spring

If you can't wait until the summer term, there are still a few remaining places available on our Spring training courses:

Introductory courses
21st Feb – London East (Rainham, Essex)
22nd Feb – London West (Hayes, Middlesex)
7th March – Derby
9th March – Bristol
15th March – Coventry
21st March – London
28th March – Manchester
29th March – Birmingham
Advanced courses
14th March – London (secondary schools)
15th March – London (secondary schools)
22nd March – London (primary schools)
23rd March – London (primary schools)

All our full day courses are led by a member of FFT's training team and cost £290 + VAT.

FFT Aspire Introductory training

Providing a full day's overview of all the key Aspire dashboards, reports and features, this hands-on computer based course is perfect for those new to Aspire or looking to gain an understanding of its capabilities.  

During the course you will interpret your own school data and learn how Aspire can be used in school to improve target setting, self evaluation and rapid intervention in a life after levels.

All our full day courses are led by FFT's experienced training team and cost 
£290 + VAT.


4th – London
16th – Peterborough
17th – York
18th – Bournemouth
23rd – Manchester
24th – Birmingham


6th – Newcastle
7th – Torquay
27th – London South
28th – Manchester
29th – Birmingham


12th – Liverpool
FFT Aspire Advanced training 




Working with the FFT expert, you will explore FFT Aspire in greater depth and gain a thorough knowledge of your school’s performance data. 


The full day course will also cover the latest research, accountability and Ofsted changes and explore how FFT statistics can inform and support your work with robust and reliable evidence.

All our full day courses are led by FFT’s experienced training team and cost £290 +VAT.



3rd – London (Primary)
5th – London (Secondary)


No courses running in June


4th – London (Primary)
5th – London  (Secondary)


To book a place or find out more about any of our courses, simply click on of the links above.  Alternatively you can email us at training or telephone 01446 776262 (option 4).  

What is FFT Aspire?

FFT Aspire is a data tool for schools and Local Authorites (LA) to present complex school performance data, target setting and bench marking information which will allow insightful self-evaluation to assist with enabling pupils to achieve their full potential. The data and information provided is viewed as a key element of Essex County Council's school improvement strategy. FFT Aspire tools also provide:
  • dashboards and reports which analyse pupil results and pupil progress
  • estimates of future pupil performance to support target setting
  • data to assist in-depth preparations for Ofsted inspections 


Schools part of the LA subscription arranging for payments to Essex County Council as follows:
  • Infants and any school with less than 80 pupils - £93
  • All Junior / Primary schools, and Secondary Schools with less than 650 pupils - £145
  • Secondary schools - £580
Access to Aspire will only be arranged for schools once payment has been secured. To subscribe for 2017/18, please complete and return the subscription form​.

Gaining access

We recognise that there are some fundamental differences to the previous FFTLive site which have clearly been causing schools a number of difficulties in creating their FFT Aspire accounts. 
Creating administrator accounts is a two stage process designed to ensure secure access. Schools will initially receive an activation email containing a unique link to set up your school’s administrator account.
Emails will be sent to headteacher addresses where possible (school email addresses only, no personal email accounts); otherwise they will be sent to the school’s generic email address. Schools will then be provided with a separate activation code required to complete the set-up of the account, each activation code is unique and is connected to the unique link you receive in your activation email. Please keep an eye out for these emails over the coming weeks as the link within them will expire after 14 days.

Release dates

2018 FFT KS1 Early Results Service


"If only I could have my FFT dashboard before the end of term!"

It's what many schools have requested and something we've always wanted to do. So, for the first time this year FFT are offering a free KS1 early results analysis service to all Aspire Infant and Primary schools.


What will schools receive?


Participating schools will be able to download a  2018 KS1 results analysis from Aspire on 12 July. This will include:

  • An early analysis of their 2018 KS1 Teacher Assessment AND scaled score results
  • Comparative national analysis (based on other FFT schools taking part)
  • Whole school, pupil group and subject-specific reports
  • Early 'EYFS to KS1 value added progress' analysis using FFT estimates
  • Early KS2 estimates for Year 3 pupils at the start of September

What will schools need to do before 29 June?

By 29 June 2018, Aspire users with a Headteacher or Data Manager account will need to login to FFT Aspire and upload their KS1 Pupil results.  We'll do the rest!


How can you help?

This is a free service to all Aspire schools and the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive.  Our greatest challenge is making sure that schools know about the service as quickly as possible.

We would be tremendously grateful if you could help us by simply letting your schools know about this year's FFT KS1 early results service.


How can I find out more?

Email or telephone our support team on 01446 776262 (option 1) 


What is new about FFT Aspire?

Unlike FFT Live, FFT Aspire is split over two sites, one just for administration and creating of accounts, the other for normal school users to access their data. Once administrators have been set up, they will need to create school user accounts for for the data site, to allow users be able to access the school's data. 
These sites can be accessed using the links below:

Accessing support

To access the FFT 'Help centre', please log into FFT Aspire and select the '?' symbol towards the top right corner of the screen.
For any additional support required, please contact or telephone 01446 776262.
FFT have released dates of training sessions available shortly.  For details please refer to the flyers below:

Example dashboards

Available resources

FFT training resources will be available online from the new Aspire toolkit once you have gained access. However, some support materials for the new system are also available below:

Useful are the presentation slides and questions and answers from the recent training sessions:

To find out more about FFT: 
General: FFT website
Updates: News and Research

For further information please use the below contact information:
For payments email​
For access queries and advice or telephone 01446 776262.