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School Crossing Patrol Service

Page last updated: 10/10/2023

​​​​The School Crossing Patrol Service is a discretionary service. School Crossing Patrols are very popular. Where provided they are a valued asset to the School Community.

How to request a School Crossing Patrol

A request for a School Crossing Patrol should only be for a difficult crossing location. School Crossing Patrols are not provided for inconsiderate driving or poor parking.

Email the School Crossing Patrol team at

We will need the following information from you:

  • Details of the area of concern

  • Details of any previous or ongoing problems

  • Details of a specific location point at which most pedestrians cross the road

What happens next?

We will undertake a count of traffic and pedestrians. This is to determine if the site meets the initial criteria. Once we have the result of the criteria check, we will inform the requesting school of the outcome.

If the count meets the initial criteria, we will discuss the next steps for having a School Crossing Patrol.

If the criteria is not met, we can recommend measures that may be available. These could help to promote/support safer journeys to school.

How to make a complaint about a School Crossing Patrol

Go to Essex County Council's Compliment, Comment or Complaint area.

How to contact the School Crossing Patrol Team with a general query


Telephone: 03330 139788