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School Property and Maintenance

Page last updated: 30/03/2021

​​Information about school property and maintenance can be found in the School Property Handbook

ECC is only responsible for funding school capital maintenance. This is maintenance that, as a rule, would cost more than £10,000 (though there are some exceptions). ECC Infrastructure Delivery is in a partnership with Mitie to run annual capital maintenance programmes. Schools are able to report capital maintenance issues directly to Mitie by calling 01245 435517 or emailing: Schools are responsible for revenue maintenance which, as a rule, is defined as that costing less than £10,000. Again, there are some exceptions.

Schools are required to make School Contributions if a capital maintenance project is planned at the school.

Schools need to strongly consider retaining the services of and developing a relationship with Property Consultants. These companies will often be happy to work with schools to identify revenue and capital maintenance issues. If capital investment is required, property consultants are often well placed to communicate this to ECC. Please refer to the Schools Property Handbook​.

Please address all enquiries to​