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Infrastructure Delivery

Page last updated: 03/02/2020

​​​​​The Infrastructure Delivery Team deliver the council's capital programme by administering and project managing the spend of capital budgets on a wide range of infrastructure including schools, highways and waste.

School Property and Maintenance

Working with schools and consultants, the Infrastructure Delivery Team uses building surveys to prioritise and deliver the annual school building capital maintenance programme.  School condition surveys were last undertaken in 2013/14 by MITIE Compliance and are available to schools. More information and guidance can be found on the Property and Maintenance section of these Infrastructure Delivery pages, including access to the School Property Handbook.

Capital Funding

The extent to which priorities can be met depends on maximising the funds available. An important part of the team's work, therefore, concerns the overall management of the LA's capital finances - bidding for resources, managing expenditure in line with capital approvals and dealing with relevant standards fund grants and other specific funding initiatives. More information can be found in the Funding section of these Infrastructure Delivery pages. The Project Notification/Landlord Consent form can also be accessed here.

Project Management

The most tangible evidence of the team's work comes in the form of capital schemes to provide new and re-modelled facilities at schools. These are primarily ‘Basic Need’ schemes which are part of the Council’s approved capital programme. A small team of project managers works with schools and consultants to help develop schemes that meet the long term strategic planning needs of schools within the resources available. Their work ranges across the preparation of school development plans, initial feasibility studies, commissioning consultants and the management of project design teams to help ensure that schemes are managed and delivered to approved timescales and budgets.

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