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School Organisation Service

Page last updated: 06/08/2018

School Organisation are responsible for planning and commissioning a sufficient and diverse supply of school places, managing surplus school capacity and supporting school organisation proposals.

The broad functions of School Organisation  are:

  • Ensuring there are good school places for every Essex child who requires one
  • Ensuring there is a diverse and rich mix of provision to meet the needs of all young people
  • Commissioning new provision where required
  • Liaising with the diocesan education boards in relation to the provision of places at faith schools
  • Providing commentaries on the need to maintain, or otherwise, provision at schools causing concern
  • Supporting Free School proposals
  • Supporting school conversions to Academies
  • Advising on and supporting the implementation of innovative new models of school organisation and governance, including the UTCs and Studio Schools
  • Supporting public consultation processes relating to proposed changes to school organisation
  • Publishing statutory proposals for school organisation changes