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School Organisation Service and Pupil Place Planning

Page last updated: 08/09/2020

​​This service makes sure that there are enough school places in Essex. It monitors whether any provision is surplus and supports proposals that make changes. 

The broad functions of School Organisation are:
  • Ensuring there are good school places for every Essex child who requires one 
  • Ensuring there is a diverse and rich mix of provision to meet the needs of all young people ​ 
  • Commissioning new provision where required 
  • Discussing the need for places at faith schools the diocesan education boards 
  • Deciding whether places delivered by schools with concerns over standards are still required. 
  • Supporting Free School proposals 
  • Supporting school conversions to Academies 
  • Supporting the implementation of innovative new models of school organisation and governance 
  • Supporting public consultation processes relating to proposed changes to school organisation 
  • Publishing statutory proposals for school organisation changes 
The broad functions of Pupil Place Planning are:
  • Producing an annual document setting out its strategic plan for school places
  • Managing the production of accurate forecasts that show the expected demand for places
  • Ensuring Essex County Council fulfils its statutory duty to provide enough school places
  • Promoting diverse provision, ensuring increased choice through the production of accurate pupil forecast
  • Deciding how more school places new housing developments will need, and how we will fund them.
  • Monitoring the supply of school places in Essex​​​

Find more information about the service on the Essex County Council​ website.