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Reporting School Closures

Page last updated: 15/04/2019

​​​​School closures related to severe weather, site issues or exceptional circumstances should be reported via the "Report School Closure" link on the My School Page in the secure area of ESI. 


Notifications will be published on the Emergency School Closure​ page. Please read the information below before submitting a notification. There is also a printable version of this information.

How does the notification system work?

  • You can submit a notification up to a month in advance (if the closure is planned) or on the day of the closure. Closures entered in advance will show on the Closure List​ from 3pm the day before the closure. However closures submitted for the current day will appear immediately.
  • Closures can be submitted by any colleague with access to the MySchoolPage/Secure Area, with a valid username and password. It is recommended to arrange a process with colleagues so that only one notification is submitted and that colleagues have access to their log in details at home and at work.

How do I access the notification box?

Log in to the secure area of Essex Schools Infolink with your username and password to access your 'My School Page'. Once you have successfully logged in you will be able to see the "Report School Closure" link. By clicking on this it will take you to the School Closure form where you will see that your school name appears automatically.

If you need help with logging on please contact the Schools Communication Team who can provide username and password assistance.

If you have not got login details please complete the Secure Nomination Form and return it to the Password Team.

My school details are displaying incorrectly?

If your school name on the notification form is displaying incorrectly please inform the Schools Communications Team at​. Please provide the incorrect name and the correct name so that it can be changed. Please inform the team also if the area or postcode is displaying incorrectly on the Essex County Council website.

How do I notify that my school is closed today?

The name of your school will automatically appear in the Notification form. Ensure today's date is showing in the 'Closure Day' box, choose the reason for your closure and click 'Notify Closure'.  

When your notification has been received it will be displayed automatically on the Closure List until 3pm that day.

Please take care when submitting a notification as it will go live on the Closure List immediately. Notifications made by mistake can not be deleted unless you contact the Schools Communication Team. Deletions can take time and the closure will remain live until the notification has been deleted.

How do I notify that my school is closed, in advance?

Use the drop down menu in the 'Closure Day' box to choose the required date. After choosing the reason for closure, click 'Notify Closure'.

Closures reported in advance will show on the Closure List from 3pm the day before the closure until 3pm the day of the closure.

What reason for closure should I use?

The options are listed below, with further information and examples to help you choose the correct reason:

Weather - choose if your school has closed due to severe weather conditions
Examples: Snow, flood

Site Issues - choose if your school has closed due to an issue on site which needs to be fixed
Examples: No water, gas or electric, structural damage to the building including water damage

Industrial Strike Action - choose if your school has a planned industrial strike action day coming up and your school is closed, or partially closed for this.  If partially closed use the Notes section to provide further details 

Other - choose if your school has closed for an exceptional reason which is not in relation to the options above.
Examples: Funeral for a member of staff or pupil​

I have made a mistake, what should I do?

Great care and attention should be taken when submitting a closure as the live feed on the Closure List automatically and instantly updates when a notification is received. 

If you only need to change the reason for closure then you can submit another closure notification. Once submitted the reason for closure will update.

If your school is not closed or you have used the incorrect date you need to contact the Schools Communication Team as soon as possible on 01245 434745 (9am-4.30pm). The team will process the deletion, however this can take time and the closure will be displayed continuously until it is deleted.  ​​

What if I can't get in to school / have no internet connection?

You can access Essex Schools Infolink from any computer, tablet or mobile device as it is a public website. You do not have to be on school premises to access the site. You will just need your username and password, so it is recommended to have access to it at all times wherever you are.

As all users with access to the secure area can use the "Report School Closure" link, it is recommended that your school has a hierarchy of people responsible for completing the notification process. Therefore, if one member within this group does not have internet access, another colleague can report the closure. You may want to arrange this hierarchy as part of your emergency communication plan for staff, so that colleagues only submit a notification if they are asked.  

If all colleagues with secure access are unable to login you can contact the Schools Communication Team via telephone on 01245 434745 (Mon - Fri 9am-4.30pm).  ​

Where should I direct parents so they know my school is closed?

It is advised that schools update their school website as this would be the first place parents would check.  Alternatively parents can see the full list of closures on the Closure List which is available on the Essex County Council website. The list can be accessed using the link or path below:

Website link: 

Path: Visit Essex County Council's homepage at search for Emergency School Closures or click in to the Education and Schools area, click Schools, click Dates and click Emergency Closures.

The Emergency Closures page will update as and when notifications are received, therefore it is recommended to continue to check or refresh the page.   

Can I use the notification system if there is strike action?

In the event of industrial action schools are requested to submit a "Report School Closure" notification. Please see "What reason for closure should I use?" and "How does the Notification system work?" for guidance.  
The Department for Education often requests Essex County Council to provide data regarding school closures up to 3 days before the industrial action take place. Schools are therefore requested to notify the team as soon as a decision is made.   ​

For further information

Schools Communication Team

0333 013 9880