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Project Notification and Landlord Consent

Page last updated: 10/08/2021

​​​​​​​DFC1 Project Notification Form

The school should download and complete the DFC1 Notification of Proposed Expenditure to apply for their DFC. The DFC1 Project Notification Form confirms to the Local Authority:

  • ​Proposed scheme(s)
  • Proposed costs
  • Proposed project Programme dates
  • When the Grant will be spent.

Please allow a minimum of two months for the review and release of the DFC Grant following issue of your completed form.  

LLC1 Landlord Consent

Any 'works' being undertaken in Community and Voluntary Controlled schools may require approval from ECC ahead of commencement. The approval procedure is called the Landlord Consent (LLC) Process. 

This process has been updated to provide greater support to schools to ensure safe project delivery as well as a much earlier “in principle" decision on the outline proposals ahead of the need for a school to expend significant funds. For a detailed explanation of the new process including which types of works require approval and a flow diagram of the different stages, please download and review the Schools Property Handbook document. 

It is essential that schools follow the process as set out and schools must achieve approval for relevant works.  Ahead of, and during, the delivery of any such works, schools must also read and comply with the Checklist for School Building Projects. Please visit the Supporting Documents ​page for any documents referred to in the Checklist.

The first stage of the approval process is to download and complete the LLC1 Stage 1 Landlord Consent Form which should be submitted for any intrusive work to the school building grounds (see see guidance for a full list of applicable works). This form should be emailed to for consideration by ECC.  Further approval stages may be required as set out in the guidance depending on the extent of the works proposed.

Please submit a signed and scanned PDF copy of the completed form, with supporting documentation to

Please allow a minimum of two months for the landlord consent process, longer may be required for complex schemes or during periods of peak demand traditionally during the summer term.  These timescales allow for further enquiries where insufficient detail has been provided. 

Schools should not commence the proposed works or commit any expenditure until full approval has been given as set out in the guidance. 

Landlord Consent does not constitute technical approval of the project and should not be used for this purpose.  Any technical review of the proposal by ECC is purely for the purposes of landlord approval and suitable technical expertise must be employed directly by the applicant to ensure all standards are achieved.  Further information about securing technical expertise is included in the Schools Property Handbook 

Schools shall independently manage their own capital schemes funded from their DFC. 

​When delivering projects, schools must comply with the tendering, procurement and other contractual requirements to obtain value for money and comply with Financial Regulations. 

Should your Project affect the school's capacity, (i.e., provision of new teaching accommodation and/or the conversion of teaching accommodation to non-teaching, or vice-versa), the project should be agreed with the School Planning and Admissions Adviser prior to the submission of this form​