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Purchase Card (P-Card)

Page last updated: 14/05/2020

P-Cards are corporate charge cards, which look and are used similarly to the personal debit or credit cards.  Essex County Council operates a VISA Government Procurement Card (GPC) with Barclaycard and an online system, Fraedom for the management of P-Card transactions.

Before applying for a P-Card applicants and budget holders should ensure that they can meet the requirements of the Policy, have access to an email address, the Internet and a scanner.

Any Central Payments School employee can hold a P-Card, designated to a specific individual in their name.  Academies and Local Bank Account Schools cannot hold an Essex County Council P-Card.

Benefits of using a Purchase card

  • Easy to use
  • Reduces admin processes for buyers
  • Offers buyers the flexibility to make on-line and retail purchases
  • Enables officers to purchase subsistence where authorised
  • Cost effective method for low value purchases
  • Enables emergency purchases and can reduce delivery times
  • Reduces the need for petty cash, cheque requests and one off purchase orders
  • Quicker payment times for suppliers who are paid by the card provider within four days - ECC then pays the card provider within 37 days
  • Provides a clear audit trail for ECC expenditure

P-Card Holder Quote

"We purchase site certificates, domain name registrations and Oyster Cards.  In the past it was very difficult, negotiating with suppliers and raising complex order over the Internet.  The benefits of having a P-Card are speed of transaction, and immediate payment from a supplier perspective, lower administrative overhead, sometimes it was only way we could get what we wanted."

If you wish to apply for a P-Card you are required to complete and submit an application form.

P2P Customer Service Helpdesk details:

The Helpdesk is available Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm
Tel: 033301 35859 or Email:

​ System ( ​              Card Administration
Login to Fraedom             Application form
Subsistence Checklist             Amendment form
How do I complete a purchase card 
transaction on Fraedom?
            Cancellation form
How do I use the email functionality
on Fraedom?
            Delegate form
How do I know when i have completed
my transaction?
            Request for reporting role form
How do I make changes to my account?
Reporting Manual​

How do I claim VAT correctly?

Purchase Card VAT Guidance


 Terms and Conditions​​  Further Assistance​​

 Barclaycard Terms and Conditions                      ​

P-Card timetable 2020-21

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