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Guidance on Academy Converion

Page last updated: 05/08/2022

​​​​When a Local Authority maintained school converts to an academy, it has to send us a return showing its final closing position.

We need to receive this within four months after the conversion date.

We then have one month to agree the accounts and forward the school's closing balance to the new academy.

For central payment schools, we transfer the closing ledger balance. For external bank account schools, we transfer be the closing cash balance.


As soon as a conversion has taken place, we send a letter and guidance document to the converted school.

The letter details the return we need from converted schools. You can find a template copy of this letter can below.

The DfE guidance document gives further information. It covers the procedures and legislation relating to the transfer of balances.

We need to raise a charge to new academies for costs we incur during the conversion process. The letter below gives further information on these legal and property charges.


Academy Conversion Return Form​