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Page last updated: 15/05/2020

Public Duties Claim Form

This form can be used to claim for the cost of covering staff absences arising from jury service, county court meetings & union duties.

Forms for Central Payment Schools

For any queries on the use of these forms, please contact the Purchase 2 Pay Team:
  • ​Batch Header – to be used when submitting invoices and other payments documents to P2P for processing
  • Immediate Payment Batch Header – to be used where an urgent payment is required, e.g. query on an invoice delayed submitting it for processing – max 5 per batch
  • GC55X Petty Cash Claim – used to submit a claim for the reimbursement of petty cash expenditure – must be batched
  • School Travel Expenses claim form – used to reimburse non-staff travelling or related expenses, e.g. volunteers or governors – must be batched
  • School Payment request form – used to make payment when no invoice has been provided, e.g. payments to attend a conference or voluntary group – must not be used in place of an invoice for services or goods provided – must be batched​​​