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Financial Information for Broadband and Telephony Services

Page last updated: 23/05/2018

Value for Money

At the request of Schools Forum an independent Value for Money Report was commissioned.
The report that was presented to Schools Forum in July 2016 can be found here: Essex Schools Broadband Benchmarking Findings Report 2016.pdf

LA controlled Schools

Your broadband connection is funded by monies being withheld at source on a per pupil basis, as requested by schools forum.

Special schools

The DfE changed the Schools Funding Formula for the 2013-14 financial year and this introduced the three block funding method (Early Years, High Needs and Schools Blocks).  ECC are only allowed to de-delegate funding from schools funded through the Schools Block, that is maintained primary and secondary schools.
Therefore the special schools will be charged directly either by invoice or journal transfer for their broadband provision moving forwards.

Academy schools

You will be billed annually for the service. A quote will be sent to the school in the second half of the autumn term and an invoice will be sent on 1 April. As from April 2018 the change is calculated on how much it costs for the service to be delivered to your school plus a per pupil charge.

If you wish to terminate your service this needs to be done via a letter from the head teacher to the Schools Broadband Manager. The next break point in the agreement  is at 31st March 2020. We require 3 months' notice so the letter of intended termination needs to be received by the last day of Autumn Term 2019 (20th December 2019).
As of 1 April 2015 termination is subject to a decommissioning charge which can be advised on request by email to the Schools Broadband Team.

Schools converting from LA control to Academy status

When you convert to an Academy, Schools Finance return the monies centrally on a prorate basis. The schools broadband team will then invoice the Academy directly for this amount, so the academy continues to pay on a per pupil basis for the remaining part of the first financial year.
An indicative quote for the following full years charges (1st April to 31st March) will also be sent

Telephony “one bill” charges

​From 1 April 2014 you will be charged directly by DUCL (Daisy Updata Communications Limited).


For further information:
Contact: Schools Broadband Team
Tel: 03330 137084​