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Page last updated: 17/09/2019

​Scope of Broadband Support Service

The following contact arrangements apply to the resolution of faults on the broadband network, up to and including the router in the school. The suppliers involved are not paid to resolve problems occurring on the network within the school.

Essex County Council encourages its suppliers to develop diagnostic systems that can determine whether a fault lies on the broadband network or within a school's own network and, in the latter case, are likely to advise a school to refer the problem to its own ICT support supplier or to its in-school support staff. In the exceptional circumstance that a school disputes the broadband supplier's diagnosis, the school should contact the Schools Broadband Manager.

Contact guidance

If you have an issue with your internet connection, call the DUC Ltd help desk. DUC Ltd will undertake some preliminary diagnosis to assess whether the fault lies:

  • On DUC Ltd broadband network
  • Filtering services provided by Protex/RM
  • Within a school's own network

DUC Ltd will accept calls in the first category and, in the other cases, advise whether schools should refer the fault their own ICT support supplier or other third party.

DUC Ltd Helpdesk

Tel: 0800 0283011 or 01737 827030

Microsoft Office 365

Tel: ​0800 0326417
Please be aware the Microsoft Team may require you to prove ownership of your email account.


Tel: 01865 332244

Schools Broadband Team

After reading this guidance, a school is still unclear as who to call, or unable to get a supplier to take ownership of a fault on the broadband network, raise the issue with the Schools Broadband Team.

Tel: 03330 137084

SMS Text Messages Notifications

Essex Schools Broadband services are now able to offer SMS text messages for any issues or incidents which may impact your school’s service.
To sign up your school for this service, please complete this flyer: SMS Text Messages.docx and send to

​​ ​ SCH BB contact flow chart.JPG

printable version of this chart is also available.