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Checklist and Processes for School Amalgamations, name changes and new builds

Page last updated: 17/09/2019

When an infant and junior school decide to become a primary, a school changes its name or a new school is created then there are a number of things to consider relating to your IT systems. You may want to discuss the following items with your IT Support representative.

If you require any clarification as to which of the below would apply to your school then please contact the Schools Broadband Team - / 03330137084

Broadband Internet Line

  • Currently you will have two lines for the internet, one to the infant school and one to the juniors. You will need to consider which line will remain after the amalgamation. This will be dependant on where the lines enter the buildings
  • Please contact the Schools Broadband Team for advice once you have made a decision

Network IP Address Ranges

  • If you are going to join your existing infant and junior networks together, your IP addressing scheme will need to be redesigned
  • Currently you will have four IP ranges, two for curriculum and two for admin. Depending on how many devices you have in total on both networks, you may need to request new larger ranges and return the existing ones
    • Discuss your requirement with your IT Support
    • Discuss your decision with the Schools Broadband Team
    • Make a request to have your IP address ranges altered by emailing the DUCL Service Desk 

New Website and Email Domain

  • First you will need to decide on a new domain for your school. For instance '' or ''
  • You will now need to register this domain with the company Nominet. They will advise you of when your existing infant and junior domains will expire.
    • Tell Nominet the new domain you wish to register - there is a discounted fee of £5 to register a new domain for schools
    • Make sure to specify that the TAGs for the domain are assigned to ESSEXCC
    • Telephone: 01865 332244 (Lines open 8am - 6pm)
    • Nominets terms and conditions can be found on their website
  • Contact the Schools Broadband Team with the date that the new domain will go live and they will advise you of the process for setting up MS Office 365 email for your new domain and repointing your website
    • Have the IP address of your new website ready (or specify if you wish to reuse the current infant or junior site)
    • Decide on the email accounts you want created on the new domain (admin@, head@ etc.)

New Builds

The document below details all of elements that need to be consider for new school specifies which are provided by the Schools Broadband Team and who should be contacted for anything else.