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Page last updated: 23/05/2018

​Welcome to the new website!

Starting with the new site design, the Essex Schools InfoLink team will be making regular upgrades to the functionality of this website over the coming weeks. These changes are a direct response to user feedback, and we hope that you will find the website easier to use as we introduce these new features.

Click on the drop-down menus below to read more about each new feature.

Site design

​The most noticeable part of the changes is the makeover of how the site looks. We hope the site feels cleaner and lighter, making the content easier to read. We've increased the font sizes slightly, and a review and clean-up of the content is underway.​


The left hand menu bar has been augmented by a more traditional menu along the top of the site. This currently shows two levels of menu (the horizontal list, with items dropping down), but will later show three levels to allow you to get to items with a single click. For the time being the left hand menu bar will remain, but ultimately it will be removed - once everyone has got used to the new menu.​

Expanding menus

You will notice that expanding menus have been introduced across the site in the same format to this one. We hope that this will make it easier for you to find answers to questions and locate specific information on a page.

Login changes

​We are implementing a new authentication system. You will be able to login from a panel on the top right of every screen (just under the Essex logo). Once logged in, you will see your name here, instead of your ZS* username. For the time being you can only see a small status message here. But once fully implemented you will be able to login at the top of the page using your normal username and password.​

On-going work

​We have some exciting improvements to the functionality of the site, and those will start to be rolled out over the coming weeks.​​ This includes improving the site search.​