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Welcome to New Headteachers!

Page last updated: 08/08/2017

Using this page, you should gain an understanding on some of the services that are available to support you and your school, and how the school communications team will be of use to you.

Below you will find a list of different services/resources available to you, linking to their own individual page where you are able to find out more information about t​hem!

Secure Area

The Secure Area has been designed to ensure that the site has the capability to contain secure information, which also includes other areas/pages that are not accessible without a login and password. To get login and password details, you will need to submit a Se​cure Area Nomination Form which can be found on the homepage of Infolink​


​The Safeguarding pages have been designed to inform schools about their role in relation to safeguarding and to provide them with access to relevant information and resources to support them with this.

Education HR

​Education HR is part of EES for schools and offers advice and consultancy on employee relations issues. Education HR provides a dedicated advice line, model policies and a range of training packages.


There are two Finance Teams supporting schools:

The Schools Finance Team has a statutory role in calculating delegated funding for schools and also monitoring schools' budgets including challenging and supporting schools in financial difficulties.

The Education Finance Support Team​ is a traded service offering a range of professional, high quality financial management services to schools and academies including a helpdesk, a range of training options (including course and bespoke) and financial support services.


The majority of information, documents and services provided for children and young people with Special Education Needs and Disabilities can be found on the Essex Local Offer for both professionals and families. There is a section on the Infolink for SEN which has further documents and information.  There is also a section on the SEN Information Report that details the requirements of the schools responsibilities. There is also a weekly e-bulletin (that is in the weekly Education Essex newsletter) for SENCOs and those with an interest in SEN.​ 

Health & Safety

The Health & Safety service is provided as a statutory service for Community and Voluntary controlled schools. However, Academy, Foundation, Voluntary ​Aided and Independent Schools are able to buy into this service.

Education Essex Newsletter

​Education Essex is the weekly e-newsletter sent out via email, every Monday to all Essex schools during term time, and is our primary communication channel with schools. You are able to subscribe to this so you receive it directly to you!

Critical Incidents

​This page provides various information on what to do if a critical incident happens within your school.

Standards & Excellence Service

The Standards and Excellence Service aims to work in partnership with all Essex schools in the essential task of raising standards and narrowing the achievement gap between different groups and individuals.  A SEC list is produced which can be found on the Standards and Excellence homepage, which shows you the Standards and Excellence Commissioner for your school. 

Termly Conferences

  • There are Termly Conferences for Headteachers with the Director of Education and Learning and staff.
  • Dates and details are posted in Education Essex and on Infolink, as well as the ASHEEPHA, and ESSET​ websites

EES for Schools

EES for Schools provide a range of world-class support services in the following areas:

  • Academy Conversion
  • China Education Links
  • Clerking
  • Education Finance Support
  • Education HR
  • Education Support
  • Education Visits
  • Essex Outdoors
  • Essex Teacher Training
  • Governor Services
  • School Effectiveness+
  • School Library Service
  • Schools' Recruitment
  • Target Tracker
  • Training and Developmnet

There is a weekly e-bulletin for this service in the weekly Education Education Essex newsletter.

Take a look at the Information on the new headteacher programme and other support for new headteachers​​​

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the Local Authority communicate with my school?

A weekly Education Essex newsletter is sent to schools, which all staff members are able to subscribe to.

Infolink is another communication method used for schools, providing various information and services.

Letters from the Director of Education are sent by email to the Headteacher email that we have on file.​

2. Who do I contact at the Local Authority if Ofsted are inspecting my school?

Contact your School Effectiveness Partner. 

3. Who do I contact if there is a Critical Incident at my school?

You should contact the Schools Communication Team on 01245 434745. Further information can be found on the Critical Incidents page.​

4. Who do I contact if I have Safeguarding concerns?

For advice on specific safeguarding / child protection incidents or cases, please contact the HUB on  0345 603 7627. For advice about other school related safeguarding matters, please contact Jo Barclay, Schools Safeguarding Adviser on Further information can be found on the Safeguarding page.


5. I can't access the secure area on Infolink. Who do I contact for a username and password?

For username and password queries, you should contact the password team on

6. Where can I access support and advice to ensure Health and Safety compliance?

Support and Advice is available from the Corporate Health & Safety Team. Guidance, policies, forms etc are on the Health & Safety pages of the Schools Infolink. Direct advice can be obtained through the Health & Safety support desk:

Corporate Health & Safety / 0333 013 9818​

The Health & Safety pages are on the secure area of the Schools Infolink. There is no charge for Community or Voluntary controlled Schools (as ECC is the employer in terms of Health & Safety). Other schools can subscribe to the service.

Full details of the service and subscription details are available on the Health & Safety front page which does not sit in the secure area.​


7. Where can I access Professional Development for staff?

Professional Development for staff can be accessed on the EES portal.

The School Bus

​​The SchoolBus offer schools a national perspective on all matters of schools management from governance to teaching. It's entirely solutions based and does not take users off site.

Unique features include:

  • ​3-minute Reads in PowerPoint style for ease of use with the Board of Governors / Trustees and SLT
  • Unique bespoke document service via the Need Further Help offer that guarantees a turnaround in no more than 3 working days.
  • 3,500 plus downloads on site.
  • Harvard referenced information ready for immediate use without recourse to any 3rd party for permission
  • Built in due diligence is part of the unique service to schools
  • Information is made up from accurate up to date policy information and is not taken from other schools
  • Single pricing point at £350 for a primary and £750 for a secondary
  • No joining fees and no additional costs
  • Enough licenses to meet all the schools demands

The Key

​The Key provides impartial, trusted leadership and management support to nearly half of schools in England. The two information services and events help busy school leaders and governors work with increased confidence, knowledge and capacity.

School leaders and governors can trust and depend on the key. They are the market leader and have been supporting schools since 2007, so their knowledge base, experience and reach into the sector are unparalleled. Their expertise, rigorous approach to quality and complete independence mean that school leaders and governors can fully rely on them for support that intelligently matches their needs.

Members of The Key for School Leaders and The Key for School Governors have access to:

  • ​4,500+ online articles, with information and resources on all aspect of school leadership and governance. 
  • 1,500+ examples of policies from schools and other organisations
  • Downloadable template forms, reports and checklists
  • Case studies from the teaching school partners and insights from national leaders of governance
  • QuickReads summarising new government policies and legislation
  • Unlimited 'Ask the Expert' service
  • Help with preparing for Ofsted inspections
  • ​Need-to-know alerts, and both daily and weekly round-ups of the latest education news
  • Exclusive video clips of expert talks from events
  • Discounts on conferences and training courses from The Key

Useful documents/links: